Congratulations Notification of Upgradation of Accountants Issued

Last Updated on August 20, 2013 by ShumailaKamal

Finance Division of Pakistan Regulation Wing has upgraded the Accountants of FGEIs from BPS-11 to BPS-14 with immediate effect vide Notification No. F.No.(3)R-I/2010-67  dated  30th October 2012. These Accountants are working in various Federal Government Educational Institutions all over Pakistan. Now Upgradation of Accountants of FGEIs finalized.

It is to add that the Accountants of these institutions were deprived of their up-gradation at the time when the clerical staff was upgraded wef 01-07-2007. UDCs, LDCs, Assistants, Junior Auditors and Senior Auditors were upgraded at that time but the Accountants of FGEIs were not upgraded. The Accountants filed a case in FST in this regard and later on FST (Federal Service Tribunal) gave a decision in favour of Accountants. And the said case was then taken to Finance Div Regulation Wing Islamabad that remained there for a long period facing various objections and their settlements. But now these Accountants have been given their right of Upgradation.


Special Congratulations to all Accountants of FGEI (C/G) from:


Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad (Bursar)

FGEIs (C/G) Dte Rwp


Mr. Nisar ul Mustafa (Accountant)

FG Fazaia Sec School PAF Chaklala Rwp


Lutaf Ali Solangi (Accountant)

FGEI Haidarabad


Mr. Muhammad Islam (Accountant)

FGEI Peshawar


Mr. Muhammad Arshad (Accountant)

FG Boys High School No.1,Multan Cantt




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12 thoughts on “Congratulations Notification of Upgradation of Accountants Issued

  1. please tell me about when the superintendent will be upgraded as the establishment division sent the case to PM and still is pending in PM secretariat.

  2. Dear Sister Shumaila
    Assalamo Alakaium

    Has the punjab gov issued LPR encashment for 365 days revision notification like that one of federal govermnent. If so how could I get a copy of the same. If you could send me the one, it would be a great help and for this I would be extremely thankful to you.

    with warm regards.
    [email protected]

  3. AOA
    please tell me whether I have to apply for upgradation of (selection grade)steno to appointing authority or the administrative secretary or any other authority. so that I may be able to be benefited. I shall be highly beholden of your kind advice and oblige.

  4. Dear all Accountant we are waiting for by name notification by FGEI Dte. Case is sent to Ministry of defence and ministry sent it to establishment division on 7th january for changing the reqruitment rules. After by name notification we inshallah start efforts for B-16. All Accountant keep themselves motivated.

  5. Dear Sister Shumaila kamal

    Could you kindly let me know that :
    (1) Have these upgradations of accountants been implemented by Punjab Government.
    (2) Have upgradations of Stenographers (as announced for Federal Employees) been also implemented by the employees working under Punjab Government/Autonomous Bodies.

    With best regards and thanks in advance. ([email protected])

  6. i am working in a University, which is under punjab governent,on the post of accountant. as Federal Governemtn upgraded the post of accountant from BPS 11 TO BPS-14. please tell that is it also applicable on the Punjab Governmeent employees who are workding on the post of accountant. if yes then ok. if not then how our post will be upgraded or to whom we have to contact for the upgradation of our post from BPS-11 TO BPS 14


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