Download Notification of Conveyance Allowance Punjab Govt Employees

Punjab Govt has issued the notification of Conveyance Allowance for the Punjab Govt Employees of BPS-01 to BPS-19 wef 01-07-2012 vide No. FD.SR.I.9-4/86(P) (PR) dated 04-12-2012.  The payment of 1st Quarter of current financial year ie. July 2012 to September 2012 shall be made along with the pay of December 2012, followed by the quarterly payment of arrears for second quarter i.e October 2012 to December 2012 with the pay of March 2013 and for the third quarter, January 2013 to March 2013 with the pay of April 2013. The payment of Conveyance Allowance shall be brought at per current basis wef April 2013.
The rates of the Conveyance Allowance for the Punjab Govt Employees wef 01-07-2012 are as under:
BPS                                 Existing Rates                                     Revised Rates

01-04                             Rs. 850/- PM                                     Rs. 1700/- PM
05-10                            Rs. 1150/- PM                                    Rs. 1840/- PM
11-15                              Rs. 1700/- PM                                  Rs. 2720/- PM
16-19                             Rs. 2480/- PM                                   Rs. 5000/- PM


Special Thanks to (Pakistan) &  Faisal Hussain Accountant TMA, Khanewal.

Conveyance Allowance Punjab

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21 thoughts on “Download Notification of Conveyance Allowance Punjab Govt Employees

  1. pls sdvise the paragraph number 4 of punjab govt conveynce allowance notification as below,the emploies who are residing in the rsidential colonies situated within work premises are not entitled the facility of conveynce allowance pls is ka mutlib bata den yeh koun say emploies key barey men likha hey.thanks

  2. In this notification grade 1- 19 employees have been mentioned but grade 20 officers who are not provided vehicles and presently getting CA @2480 P.M have been ignored .Can any body clarify?

  3. AA Admin,
    in this notification of Conveynce allowance we have seen the Governor punjab name to notify it, is this the Real notification, from where u did get it.


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