Discussion on Medical Allowance for Employees of BPS-16 & Above

I am going to discuss with detail about the Medical Allowance for the employees of BPS-16 & Above. Various visitors of GLXSpace.com (Galaxy World) aroused a question that they have been upgraded/promoted from lower scales to BPS-16 and above but their Medical Allowance is the same as they were earlier availing. They asked why the Medical Allowance is not 15 % of their Basic Pay.

I will illustrate  with examples about  Medical Allowance. In the revised pay scales 2011 notification it is clear that Medical Allowance to Civil Servants in BPS-16 and above @ 15% of the existing pay in Basic Pay Scales 2008 shall continue to be admissible at the frozen level of its admissibility as on 30-06-2011. All the new entrance in BPS-16 and above shall be allowed Medical Allowance @ 15% of the minimum of relevant Basic Pay Scales 2008 on notional basis with effect from 01-07-2011 till further orders and shall stand frozen at the same level.

It is clear that an employee who enters in BPS-16 after 01-07-2011 will get Rs. 909/- PM as Medical Allowance. Initial Pay of BPS-16 according to Revised Pay Scales 2008 is Rs. 6060/- and its 15% is 909/- but after the anomaly notification No. F.1 (12)/Imp/2011-290 dated 17th April 2012 by the Finance Division minimum amount for the BPS-16 & above as Medical Allowance became Rs. 1000/-

This anomaly says, “BPS-16 and above officers/officials may be allowed medical allowance @ 15% of the basic pay of BPS-2008 subject to minimum Rs.1000/- PM.

It is clear from the above examples that a new entrant employee in BPS-16 after 01-07-2011 will get Rs. 1000/- as Medical Allowance. However if any employee above BPS-16 has more  pay according to BPS-2008 whose 15% is greater than 1000/- he/she will claim more than 1000/- as the amount is admissible of the 15% of the pay of BPS-2008.


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76 thoughts on “Discussion on Medical Allowance for Employees of BPS-16 & Above

  1. Madam Shumaila, AOA. I am going to clarify a point relating to medical allowance for the first time. Actually, my daughter was performing her duties in B-15 as Theology Teacher wef 2007 till 10-03-2017 and was getting medical allowance of Rs.1500/-.She was promoted to the post of Senior Theology Teacher wef 11-03-2017 and was allowed medical allowance to the tune of Rs.1250/- and still getting at the same rate. Please confirm as to whether her medical allowance will be enhanced to Rs.1500 Or she will get Rs.1250/- for ever in B-16. Please reply me via email id “[email protected]” or through WhatsApp No. 0333 503 7766 if possible.

      1. Dear madam, thanks a lot for your reply that it should not be less than 1500/- for Punjab and Federal government employees. But, we belong to the KPK so I would like to request you as to whether there exists a difference between the KPK and Federal or Punjab government . Actually, there are many teachers and other employees of the B-16 who are getting Rs.1500/- but the DAO, Battagram says that the new entrants are allowed minimum of Rs.1250/- and will remain on the said stage for ever. So I need clarification of this point as to whether it is in the relevant rules or based on like/dislike basis. Please upload a copy of the relevant notification.

          1. Madam, I have another question about the restoration of pension. If you have any knowledge about it, plz reply me , I will submit my details. Thanks and regards.

          2. Madam. AOA. Do u have knowledge of pension and its related problems so that I may submit my case for scrutiny. Thanks and regards

          3. Madam. AOA. Can I get necessary information and details about my pension restoration from you at this platform. Thanks and regards.

      2. AoA.

        in 2020 or 2021 if any employee is promoted in BPS-16 to BPS-17 what about the entitlement of Medical Allowance in BPS-17.

        medical allowance on promotion bps-16 to bps-17 is changed or the same which is draw in BPS-16

  2. hi mam hpe u fine there.

    I need notification regarding minimum medical allowance for BPS-16
    my apponted 24-01-2014 in bps -16 till serving in same scale. and getting 1136 medical allowance

  3. Aslam o Alaikum Madam shumaila me Ahsan
    Madam me assistante 14 se 16 me aaya ho madam please yeh bataiye k ab me kon kon se allowances millage or medical kıtna hoga me 2010 appionte howa ho

  4. sis aslam o alaikum iam AHSAN
    sis shumaila me 14 se 16 grade me aaya ho me appointed 2010 ör mere basic 18600 hi Dear ab kon kon se allowances me farák aaiga or Medical all kıtna hoga

  5. AOA, madam, if an employee is upgraded from BPS-14 to BPS-16 after 01-07-2011, he will get Medical Allowance 15% of the Basic pay that he was drawing on 30-06-2011. And subsequently if he will be promoted/Upgraded to BPS 17 or BPS 18 after some time then what will be the Medical Allowance same as on 30.6.2011 or Minimum of the new scale of 2008?

      1. Dear Madam, you mean Medical Allowance will be 15% of the minimum of the concerned pay scale of 2008. e.g., 15% of initial of BPS 17 if he will promote to BPS 17 from BPS 16.

          1. But my Dear Madam,
            if medical allowance, of an employee who upgraded/promoted from B-14 to B-16 or B17, 15% of B.Pay on 30.6.2011 is higher than the medical allowance of 15% of intitial of B-16 or B-17, then what will be the medical allowance?
            And subsequently if he is promoted from B-16 or B-17 to B-18 and likewise 15% of pay on 30.6.2011 is higher than 15% of the initial pay of the new concerned Pay scale 2008. Then what will be the correct Medical Allowance? Plz

          2. Dear Usman Khan, the Medical Allowance will be that which is higher in these three conditions. These are two conditions:
            1- 15% Initial basic pay of the concerned pay scale
            2- 15% on the pay as on 30-06-2011
            3- Minimum Medical Allowance Rs.1000/-
            The employee will get the medical allowance which ever is greater in these conditions.

  6. Dear Madam
    Main ne ye pucna tha k mere basis pay 10800 ha aur mere appointment 01-07-2013 se ha grade 16 ki muje kitna medical allaownce mila ga


  7. dear shumaila sahiba AOA ,i,m teacher and was permoted from grade 15 to 16 on 28-5-2011.i,m receving 1000 med all.pls tell me med all .my basic pay on 28-5-2011 in grade 15 was11520.thankas

  8. It is mean that On 30-6-2011 in BPS-15 my pay was Rs.11100/- 15% medical allowance will be Rs. 1665/- without premature increment of upgradation of post of BPS-16 w.e.f. 23-11-2011

  9. According to the Office Memorandum dated 21-10-2013, issued by the Finance Division, My pay was in BPS-15 Rs.11100/- Now I am serving in BPS-16 as Assistant Private Secretary (S/G) w.e.f. 23-12-2011 what will be medical allowancea dmissible ?

      1. Dear Madam! Thanks for reply, a premature increment had applied on upgradation of post w.e.f. 1-7-2007. Is it applicable and merge after fixation of pay from BPS-15 to 16?

  10. Muhammad Zafar Bhatti · Edit

    AoA Shumaila Kamal Sahiba

    It is a great advantage for us being a Govt employee that you provide help and legal guidance with rules and regulations in service matters.
    Please guide about the criteria for admissibility of charge allowance to SST holding temporary charge of Headmaster of High School due to transfer of regular Headmaster or proceeding of long leave. Who is competent to sanction it, what will be rate of the allowance and upto what period sanction will be valid? Please guide with references for the Punjab Government employees.

  11. AoA
    I am serving in BPS-18 (lecturer) in Gov University Islamabad, my wife is also in same university and same Grade. What medical allowance should we get? both 100% or both 50% or one person=100% and other =50%?

  12. I am a Federal Govt Employee working in an attached deptt as APS, we have got a letter frm MoD that we are entitled to get 15% Medical Allowance on the Pay we were getting on 30-06-2011. But still it is not fixed by our deptt.. As they are going to fix it through CNA but since when it is not cleared.

    Should it be since July 2011 when it was freeze…????

    Kindly do help me ?

  13. Muhammad Shahzad Anwer · Edit

    Dear Madam finance devision has issued notification dated 28.02.2013 regarding the re-designation of stenographer in BPS-16 (slection grade) as assistant private secratary in BPS-16 what are the effects of this thing and do you have any knowledge about the computer allowance is the same is admisible to the stenographers of BPS-16

  14. Dear Shumaila, AoA

    I think there is no criteria, because many of stenographers who were up-graded, working in different ministries/ divisions/departments are getting medical allowance more than Rs.1000/-, i have evidence i.e. copies of pay slips, how they are getting this benefit?

  15. Dear MA anomaly that you posted it is issued by the Faderal Govt while we are working under the Provincial Govt. so please clarify that it will apply for all of us? mean lower amount to receive in Medical Allowence is 1000 while in current we are receiving 909.
    waiting your good response with notification no if ant isseued by the Punjab Govt…

      1. Then it is useless for all of us that are working under the Punjab Govt… you are here by requested to please upload notification here sepretally mean Faderal or Provincial.


        M. Basharat

  16. A.O.A.
    Behan Shumaila sahiba I am working in bps 16 since 2009 but I am getting Medical Allowance @ Rs 909 pm. What is the exact amount of m.a. for me?

  17. But I think, this is injustice, to bring someone, who is promoted from lower scale to BS-16 or above, at the minimum level of higher scale in respect of Medical Allowance. The colleagues who are promoted before in or before 2011 are getting near Rs.3000/- and new promotee gets Rs.1000/-. But i think, lawmakers have not time to see the problems of others.

  18. Dear Shumalia

    It is to clarify that 15% medical allowance is allowed on running basic pay and not on initial basic pay. On upgradation and promotion the medical allowance will be allowed to him on his running basic pay against basic pay scales 2008.

      1. Shumaila i heard the news about fourtier formula in fgei cg according to which benefits are given from 2001. The notification copy is in the Regional office Gwa as seen by some people. can u publish the same copy for all viewers of ur site?


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