Notification of Fixation of Structure for Upward Mobility of SSTs Punjab Govt on the Basis of Working Strength as on 1st December Each Year

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Punjab Govt School Education Department has issued Notification No. SO (SE-III) 2-16/2007 dated 15th February 2013, regarding grant of fixation of  structure for upward Mobility of SSTs by the respective EDOs (Edu) on the basis of the working strength of SSTs on first December of each year instead of 01-09-2007.

The amendment in the Notification dated 24-09-2007 will be effective prospective and no teacher will claim higher scales retrospectively. As per Para 3(ii) of School Education Department Notification No. SO (SE-III)2-16/2007 dated 06-11-2009, the number of posts for each level of higher scales /upward mobility is to be fixed by the respective EDO (Edu) on the basis of working strength of of teachers as on 1st December every year and shall be notified by them.

However the date of 1st December of each year is for determination of available seats on working strength for the award of higher scales under Upward Mobility Package. But the award will be allowed wef the date of issuance of order by the concerned competent authority after the recommendations of the respective DPC. Other conditions as laid down in the notification bearing same number dated 24-09-2007 will remain the same.



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