Revision of Rates of Special Pay

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Finance Division Regulation Wing has requested to calculate the financial implications involved in the proposed increase in the rates of Special Pays in respect of Personal Secretaries and Personal Assistants working with Ministries/Divisions/Attached Departments/Subordinate Offices/Autonomous & Semi-Autonomous Bodies under the control of Federal Govt. This requested has been submitted to Controller General Accounts vide their U.O No. F.2 (1)R-3/2007-433/2012 dated 11th March 2013.

The estimates have been calculated by the Office of AGPR vide their letter No. PIFRA/F.1-Misc/2011-12/313 dated 13-03-2013 and the estimates are as under:


Designation Existing     Rates (PM) Proposed Rates (PM) Difference Yearly Impact
P.S to Minister/Minister of State 1000 2000 1000 564,000
P.S to Secretary 800 1600 800 1632,000
P.S to Additional Secretary 600 1200 600 679,200
P.A to Minister/Minister of State/ Secretary/ Additional Secretary/Senior Joint Secretary 400 900 500 84,000
P.A to Joint Secretary 320 700 380 29040


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4 thoughts on “Revision of Rates of Special Pay

  1. Dear Sister

    Hope you would be fine and best of your spirits. I want your kind advice on the issue that in our deptt POF, audit authorities are reluctant to consider anomaly cases of those government servants who have earned qualification increments during their service. Contrary to that, some of employees who have gone to FST and has achieved verdict in their favour have been granted anomaly increments but they are refusing to all others who did not lodged cases with FST. I need your kind help to clearly indicate the rule position in this regard, whether stance of audit authorities is right or otherwise, kindly do provide some supporting documetns/ruling, if you have any. I shall be highly thankful to my sister, please

      1. Many thanks for your prompt response sister, is that be enough, our accounts deptt insists that they have sent the case for advice to Min of Finance and untill then they are reluctant to entertain anomaly cases of those who have earned increments on account of qualification, any other advice, please


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