Notification of Minimum Pension 2010 by Sindh Govt

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Govt of Sindh Finance Department O.M. No. FD/(SR-III) 3 /230- 2010 (C) dated 21st July 2010 was issued in connection with the Minimum Pension for the retired employees as well as the family pension to the family of the died employee.

Before the issuance of this O.M the minimum pension was Rs. 2000/- per month and according to this O.M the pension has been increased from Rs. 2000/- to 3000/- PM wef 1st July 2010. In the same way minimum family pension was increased from 50% to 75% i.e from 1000/- PM to 2250/- per month.

It is also clarified here that commutation of any part of this increase allowed will not be admissible. A post by Atiq ur Rehman Kaim Khani.



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5 thoughts on “Notification of Minimum Pension 2010 by Sindh Govt

  1. A-O-A

    The Distt.Try. Office N.Shah is creating confusion in the matter where my Khala who is getting family pension when approached the said office for allowing 75% pension in place of existing 50% in view of government announcement in 2010, but she was told that since she had already been allowed restoration of the commuted value of pension, so she would not be entitled to increase at 75%. Kndly elicit your opinion in the instant matter.

  2. PPP Ki Hakumat Ne Apne Dor Main Salery 50 percent Increase Ki thee Aur Pension Sirf 15

    percent increase ki gai is lea mujooda hakumat say darkhwast hay k vo b pensionors ke

    pension main 50% izafa karay aur old pensioners widows orphans say duaain lay

  3. Asslam-o-Alaikum,

    1. Kindly let me know that what is the difference between Pension & Commutation. Elaborate please.

    2. What is capitalized value of pension/proportionate pensioner y share & how it can be calculated if a civil servant has served more than one department/autonomous/semi autonomous organizations.

    Thanking you & hoping to hear from you very soon.

    with best regards

    Abdul Rauf Qazi Senior Assistant

    Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences for Women, Nawabshah(Sindh)

    1. Dear Abdur Rauf, Commute is the amount that is paid to the employee at lump sum at the time of retirement that is at present @ 35 % of the total pension while Pension is the monthly amount that is paid to the retired employee. It is @ 65 % of the gross pension. U can read the full detail of the same topic in the Pension Heading of the site. Thanks


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