Accommodation Allocation Rules & Application Form for Allotment of Govt Accommodation

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The Govt of Pakistan Ministry of Housing & Works made the Accommodation Allocation Rules 2002 dated 30th October 2002 for the allotment of Residential Accommodation to the Federal Govt Servants.

Accommodation Classification & Entitlement at Islamabad and Rawalpindi


Basic Pay Scale of FGSClass of accommodationCategory ofaccommodation
BPS-01 to BPS-04AV-VI
BPS-05 to BPS-06BV
BPS-07 to BPS-10CV
BPS-11 to BPS-15DIV
BPS-16 to BPS-17EIII
BPS-21 to BPS-22II


The allotment of A to I class of accommodation shall be made in accordance with the pay scale of the Federal Government Servants as per their entitlement.

Accommodation Classification & Entitlement at Other Cities Rather Than Islamabad and Rawalpindi


Basic Pay ScaleOld ClassificationNew Classification
BPS-01 to BPS-04HA
BPS-05 to BPS-06GB
BPS-07 to BPS-10FC
BPS-11 to BPS-15ED
BPS-16 to BPS-17DE
BPS-21 to BPS-22I


You can read the full detail of Eligibility for the Accommodation, Pool Accommodation, Detail of Maintenance of General Waiting Lists, Detail of Mode of allotment, Description about Hiring of private accommodation &  Self hiring, Occupation Of allotted accommodation by the Govt Servant, Vacation of Accommodation by the Servant, Change of accommodation by the Employee, Use of allotted accommodation, Sharing Of allotted accommodation etc , Retention Of Accommodation, Subletting and Possessing more than one accommodation by a Government Servant at the notification copy attached.

Further details about possessing accommodation both by husband and wife who are Govt Servant, Making structural changes in allotted Govt accommodation, Not residing in allotted Government accommodation, Non-payment of rent by the employee, Provision of wrong information to obtain undue benefits by the official or Officer, Allotments made in violation of rules, Illegal occupation, Rent of residence, Reporting of transfer, retirement and posting abroad are also available at the notification copy attached. This post is delivered by Shafi Gujjar.


Allotment of Accommodation


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14 thoughts on “Accommodation Allocation Rules & Application Form for Allotment of Govt Accommodation

  1. AOA is it mentioned in the rule that rent will be paid in advance every month . if you know kindley send me notification of any other document

  2. what will be the status of house rent deduction if a residence is alloted to two officers with family by dividing it into two half portions? any relevent order to get relief?

  3. Dear Madam. According to above referred notification, Govt Accommo entitlement/category concerning of BPS-16 & 17 is “E” /III which means SAME entitlement for allotment of Govt accommodation. My question is; Why” NO change in Entltlement/admissibility of Rental Ceiling ” is mentioned at Para-2(iv) of Supdt(BPS-16) Notification? Similarly when there is no change in scale /Cat of accommodation, why the incumbents are insisting on Rental Ceiling instead of allotment of Govt Accommodation already allowed especially in Subordinates Offices like, HIT< POF Wah,PACB Kamra, etc. Please your expert comments are requested.


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