Baluchistan Civil Servants (Seniority) Rules 2008

Baluchistan Civil Servants Rules 2008 in connection with the Seniority of the Employees were made and produced by Notification No. No. SORI.1 (17) S&GAD/2007/929-1030 dated 25th August 2008.

I have already published the article on the seniority list of employees as general and on request of the employees of our dear province Baluchistan; I have published the same as these employees were since long complaining me that the news and notifications of their province are not published at my site. These seniority rules are also helpful for the other provincial employees as well as the Federal Govt Employees. You can read the detail on the following topics in this seniority rules:

  • Seniority on Initial Appointment:
  • Seniority on appointment by transfer
  • Seniority on promotion
  • Seniority on merger of Department
  • Change of cadre on one’s own request
  • Seniority of officers of the Armed Forces on induction in civil posts
  • Inter-se seniority of civil servants appointed in the same calendar year

This Post is delivered by Fayyaz Ahmed Butt.


Seniority 1

SN 2 SN 3 SN 4 SN 6



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4 thoughts on “Baluchistan Civil Servants (Seniority) Rules 2008

  1. dear madam
    ak employee jo contract per appoint hua ha us ki initial recruitment ki date seniority me count ki jay gi ya us ki date of regularization se us ki service seniority me count ki jay gi

  2. Dear Madam

    Kindly guide me regarding ACR (Annual Confidential Report). Who is reposible to genarate and when it is generated for non gazetted officers. Kindly guide in detail.


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