Detail of Move Over With Example of Stenographers

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Today I am giving here the detailed description about the Move Over with the example of stenographers. As many visitors of mine site inquired about the move over frequently, so I requested Mr. Shaheen Rehman to write a detailed note on it. With his efforts I am able to publish the same here.  



 As per Punjab Civil Servants Pay Revision Rules, 1977, S.No. 8 (1) A civil servant holding post in Revised National Pay Scale No. 1 to 15 who has reached the maximum of a Revised National Pay Scale shall be allowed the next higher Revised National Pay Scale with effect from the 1st day of December of the year in which he completes one year of such service at the said maximum as counts for increment under the rules, subject to the conditions that:-

(i) there is no adverse entry in his Annual Confidential Reports for the last four years. If this condition is not fulfilled, he shall wait at the said maximum till he has earned in succession four Annual Confidential Reports without any adverse entry. His move over to the next higher Revised National Pay Scale shall take effect from the 1st day of December of the year in which he fulfills this condition.

As per pay Revision rules, 1983,  (i) The existing provisions regulating the concession of move-over without promotion to the next higher pay scale of employees in Revised National Pay Scale 1(B-1) to Revised National Pay Scale 16 (B-16) shall continue to be applicable in this Scheme.


BPS-15 employees are entitled to consecutive and automatic grant of move over on reaching the maximum of their Pay Scale, subject to the condition that they fulfill other requirements.  In their case neither D.P.C. nor Move Over Committee has any role to play.  However, the grading/standard of their A.C.Rs is to be ensured by respective administration.

However, as per Move Over Policy of the Government of the Punjab, vide No. FD.PC-1-1/77 Dated 31/8/1989, It has been clarified “The Administrative Department is advised that the restriction of two or more successive Move Over applicable to employees in BPS-16 & above”.

Further as per Government of the Punjab Industries & Mineral Department Notification No. SO(TECH)2-97/95 Dated 3/2/1998, regarding clarification of Successive Move Over holding Post BS-1 to BS-15,  addressed to the Managing Director Punjab Small Industries Corp. Lahore, it has been narrated that:-

“I am directed to refer to your letter No. PSIC/ Admn /A.D. (A)/ Misc-219/9645, dated 15-1-1998, on the subject cited above and  have to clarify that since the official is working as Stenographer BS-12 and drawing pay in Selection Grade BS-15,  is not an officer of Grade-16 and above, therefore, he is entitled for  Successive  Move Over as the restriction of 2 or more successive Move Over applies to the employees in BS-16 & above only, in accordance with the instructions of Finance Department contained in their U.O. No. FD.PC-8-1/77, dated 31-1-89”.


Stenographer BS-12, granted Selection Grade BS-15 (Based on the seniority of Stenographers BS-12), was allowed Move Over BS-16 (2535-197-5490) w.e.f. 1/12/1994.  After grant of Annual increments due on 12/1995, 12/1996, & 12/1997, reached at the maximum of BS-16 Rs. 5490/-, and thus in the light of notifications quoted above, eligible for the grant of Move Over-BS-17, w.e.f. 1-12-1998.

Although Mover Over BS-17 was allowed by the competent authority w.e.f.1/12/1998, but the District Accounts Officer Vehari, has not honored this order, with the plea that as the BS-17 is a Gazetted scale, therefore, it cannot be granted to a Steno as Move Over, returned the fixation case in Service Book with the remarks that “the official is already in Move Over BS-16 and holding the Non Gazetted post, so BS-17 is not admissible till the regularization of BS-16.

            Keeping view the all above facts and notifications, the Stenographer was entitled for the grant of Move Over BS-17, w.e.f. 1/12/1998, but due to objection raised by District Accounts Officer Vehari, deprived from the grant of BS-17 as Move Over and thus facing financial hardships continuously, and may be up to the retirement.  

The Punjab Esta Code 2008, also reflects the policy of move over with dissimilarity that BS-17 cannot be allowed to those who granted Move Over BS-16, till they are promoted to BS-16 on regular basis, vide No.FD.PC-8-1/83 Dated the 4th October 2001, having the subject as : CLARIFICATION REGARDING AWARD OF CONSECUTIVE MOVE-OVER, it has been cleared that “I am directed to refer to the subject noted above and to state that a doubt grant of consecutive move-over to BS-17 was prevailing for employees drawing pay in BS-1 to BS-15.

2. It is clarified in consultation with the Federal Government that such employees are entitled to the grant of move-over upto BS-16 only. They are not entitled to further move-over to BS-17 till such time they are granted BS-16 on regular basis.

The above notification thus conceal the move over policy stating that successive move over can be granted to the employees of BS-1 to BS-15, because as per this Esta Code Notification, the policy must be replaced that successive move over can only be granted to the employees of BS-1 to BS-14, but BS-15 employees for only one time? 

Due to non award of Move Over, the annual increments being at the maximum of BS-16, (and non grant of Mover Over BS-17) due on 1/12/1998, 1/12/1999, & 1/12/2000 could not be availed.  However, on revision of pay scales 2001, and discontinuation of Move Over Policy, was fixed in  original Selection Grade BS-15, (Seniority still fall under Stenographer BS-12) and now availing the annual increment benefit after the fixation of pay in BS-15 w.e.f. 1/12/2001. 

It is mentioned over here that had the BS-17 granted as Move Over, then ultimately on discontinuation of Move Over Policy 2001, the stenographer would have to be re-fixed in his original Grade BS-15 (Selection Grade). 

            Further, the status of posts i.e., gazette/non gazetted are ever declared by the Government, but the grant of scale never mean their automatic conversion as Gazetted, as clarified vide Government of the Punjab No. FD.PC. Dated Endst. No. & further endorsed by Director (Field) Water Management  Multan No. 14268-91 Dated 13/7/87: (a) the officials who have been given BS-16 by Move Over or those who get BS-16 as selection grade are  allowed BS-17 by Move Over, shall continue to draw their salaries through pay bills used for government servants classified as Non-Gazetted. (b) where the posts have been placed/upgraded to BS 16 on regular basis, the incumbent will draw their salaries on pay bills used by the category of Government Servant formerly classified as gazette officers. 


             It is therefore necessary that this ambiguity in grant of Move Over BS-17, to all such employees must be removed and cleared, so that the financial benefits due to them can be availed by them.


Mover Over



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21 thoughts on “Detail of Move Over With Example of Stenographers

  1. All above complete case of Move Over was sent to you by me but now titled with your own name, which is not justified. Minimumly the issue was to be shared with my name
    Shaheen-ur-Rehman Retired Stenographer.

  2. Please attach Notification/Order regarding status of employees who were awarded Selection Scale 16 before 1.12.2001, whether those employees were/are Gazetted or Non-gazetted.

  3. Dear Sis ! A.A. ap ne sirf BS 15 k move over ka zikr kiya he. Kaya Steno with BS 15 regular & BS 16 move over milne k bad 02 consecutive move over policy k teht 1-12-1998 se BS 17 move over nahi mil sakta. Please guide me.

  4. was Move over or selection grade in BPS-21 or 22 allowed to educationists lecturers after reaching maximum pay prior to 2001?

    Is orderly allowance aplicable to only Person who is promoted to BPS-20 or the person who is enjoying selection grade in BPS-20 can also avail orderly allowance?

  5. Dear Madam,
    I am Military Pensioner. During the BPS-2001, as I had already moved to BPS-15 since Dec 1999, and I was retired after obtaining my parent BPS-14 and was retired during 2002. Has such frozen move-over emoluments have been enhanced or otherwise. As I have known through the source that such left over benefit are being provided to all entitled Military Pensioners. Will you be kind enough to guide my on the issue, instantly, with documentary proof. It will be a great favour. I shall be very thankful to you on this act of kindness.

  6. Respectable Shumaila

    I need your guide in matter of getting time scale for APS as APS,PA etc designation in different department is different. Some are in now B-17 like election commission, HEC, Islamabad high court, time scale for teacher, time scale ps b-18 and then 19
    under what rules we should put up our case for removing this discrepency as the service if time scale not allowed will pass in the same grade.

  7. asakan-o-alaikum, Madam, please clarify my matter. History is I am working as stenographer in lower judiciary Sindh. I was appointed as stenographer BPS-12, selection grad BPS-15 was awarded to me in 1993, I was moved over in BPS-16 in the year 2000 and in the year 2001 after revision of Pay scales 2011 I was refixed in BPS-15. Recently upgraded in BPS-16. Question is that whether I am entitled move-over in BPS-17, if yes, w.e.f?

  8. Nadeem Ahmad Awan · Edit

    on 01.12.2000, I was on the maximum of B-6 by virtue of Move-Over. I was supposed to be granted move-over to B-7 on 01.12.2001, but due to introduction of Basic Pay Scales 2001, I was not granted B-7 and instead simply my pay was fixed in 2001 Scales and then fixed back to my original post’s time scale i.e B-5. Interestingly, neither I was granted annual increment for 2001 nor moved-over to B-7 before fixation of my pay in B-5.

    I presume that there would be an anomaly for the employees who were deprived-off from annual increment 2001, due to discontinuation of move-over policy.

    Would you please help me to search out the said notification/anomaly?

  9. aoai am a pst in punjab govt in bps-9.due to moveover i was fixed in ,. 3060 on 30-11-2010 on 1-12-10 .i was fixed on 3165 in 30-11-2000 i was in 3265 in bps 10.iwas fixed on 30-11-2001 on rs.3265 in bps-10.but on 1.12.2001 i was back in bps-9 as in 3351 rs.and was fixed on revised pay scale i eligible for move over?(2)in 27-5-2003 i was promoted as svt in bps i also eligible for pre mature?

      1. salam madam , move over ke brief note me 2 cheezain mention nahi hoin , first faeooq leghari ne sirf ek case me move over ke liy 12 month ke stay ko regret krte hoay , june me maximum pe pohnchne wale ko move over allow kya tha , 2nd, main ne facebook pe ap ke in box me msg bheja tha keh , federal mohtasib ne pak railway ke official ko maximum pe pohnch janay ke ek saal baad sirf higher pay scale me adjust krne ke bjay pre mature increment dene ke advice ke the , aur os official ne pre mature le the , ye 2 reference mojhe chahiy the , if you can help pls. regard

    1. Dear Sapna Mover Over policy was stopped wef 01-12-2001, however still there are many employees who are still deprived of it and many of these employees have passed away waiting their move over.

    2. Syed Muhammad Ansar Shah · Edit

      A. A. I’m working now as senior Head Master in BPS… 18.
      I was awarded move over on 1-12-2001 from BS-16 to BS-17 Now I have been awarded one increment due to my untrained period. Now revised pay has reached maximum on1-12-2000.
      Wether I will have to get new move over orders in these days year 2020 or my previous order will be consider as 1-12-2000.
      Please clear my confusion. Thanks


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