Decision Copy February 2014 of 20% Special Relief Allowance for All FG Employees

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The Islamabad High Court has again issued the orders on 4th February 2014 in connection with the 20% Special Relief Allowance 2013 to all the Federal Govt Employees and the deadline has been given till 28-02-2014. Some points of this decision are as under:

Official in attendant submit that the summary with regard to Special Allowance @ 20% was submitted to the Honourable Prime Minister for approval and there were certain quarries, however after answering the same summary has been again submitted to the Honourable PM for taking final decision about the matter. Further submit that they are not in position to tell any specific date for the approval of the summary, however showed their expectance that the same will be returned within three weeks. Officials in attendant are directed to submit follow up letter in terms of order passed by this court so that this issue may be settled as the employees of different departments are lurking in the arena of uncertainty since long and approaching the court time and again. It is expected that the authority shall take the final decision by the end of this month i.e 28-02-2014.

In view of the matter, it is held that all the Federal Govt Employees and the employees of other allied departments are equally entitled to 20% special allowance which has been given to the employees mentioned in the Notification.

This post has been delivered by Mr. Azmat Ullah Yousufzai, Administration Directorate Main Office, National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

 Special Relief Allowance





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123 thoughts on “Decision Copy February 2014 of 20% Special Relief Allowance for All FG Employees

  1. Mam, It is suggested that the case of 20% allowance may be taken up right now as N league is under pressure and it will not disobey any court decision.

  2. محترمہ،
    اس بار گورنمنٹ نے تقریباً 300 ارب روپیہ تنخواہوں کی مد میں رکھا ہے،
    کیا اس بار پے سکیل روائز ہو رہے ہیں ؟؟؟
    اگر گورنمنٹ 20٪ والا الاؤنس لگاتی تو 100 ارب کا اضافی خرچہ ہوتا۔

    کیا خیال ہے ؟؟؟

      1. گورنمنٹ نے اس بار 300 ارب روپیہ تنخواہوں میں افافہ کے لئے رکھا ہے

        15 ٪ تنخواہ بڑھے تو اتنا بوجھ تو نہیں پڑتا ؟؟؟

  3. M. Hanif Choudhary · Edit

    Dear Madam
    What is the next date of Intra Court appeal. Secondly, The decision of Single Bench is in June 2013 and how it is possible for Govt. to appeal in double bench whereas more than 03 months has been passed. Because appeal can be made within 03 months after the decision of Single Bench.
    With regards.

  4. Deer Madam
    I am govt employee pl conform that for the purpose of house acquisition the owner of the house can nomenite the wife of the occupant as special power of attorney for the receving rent in this rggard any notification of Govt of pakistan.

  5. I think 20% case is shutdown completely. no hope for restarting . any answer with its update … two weeks passed no regular updates on it.

  6. Madam, Kindly intimate that after suspension of 20% Special Allowance order. Now what will happen whether it will go in the favour of Government or Employees?
    Waiting for your valuable comments.

    1. IHC suspended orders of 20 percent increase in the salaries of all federal government employees

      Islamabad (Faisal Kamal Pasha / The News Lahore / Tuesday, March 18, 2014) – A division bench of Islamabad High Court (IHC), comprising Justice Riaz Ahmad Khan and Justice Noorul Haq N. Qureshi, has suspended the orders of another single bench that on June 18 last year ordered 20 percent increase in the salaries of all federal government employees on account of ‘special allowance’ in accordance with the employees of secretariat.

      Islamabad High Court – IHC LogoThe federal government through Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Sheikh Mohammad Yaqoob challenged the June 18 orders of Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui saying that the said allowance would cost Rs50 billion per annum to the national exchequer that the government could not afford.

      The DAG said 20 per cent special allowance was approved for those employees of the Prime Minister’s Secretariat who sat late in the office and were frequently asked to work even on their weekly off days.

      The federal government is already paying 300 per cent special allowance to the superior judiciary’s employees and 100 per cent to policemen and the staff working at the presidency, the DAG further said.

      He argued that the IHC single bench in its order did not exclude the departments where the employees were already getting the said allowance and directed the government to pay additional allowance to the tune of 20 per cent of their basic salary to all employees of federal government and its allied department and ministries.

      The DAG prayed to the court to set aside the June 18 decision. The former government of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had approved the special allowance on March 6, 2013 for the employees of Prime Minister’s Secretariat.

      The employees of the Federal Government College Teachers Association, Capital Development Authority, Pakistan Council of Science and Technology, the National Archives, the Departments of Communication Security and of Libraries, the National Centre for Rural Development, Pakistan Public Works Department and the Cabinet Division had challenged the increase and prayed that they be also given the same increase.

  7. 20% special allowance which was challenged by the Government in intra court has been suspended by the double bench of Islamabad High court. The news source is express news. Now dear wait for the orders.

  8. AoA Dear!

    Today at near about 6 PM at Dunya NEWS channel ticker was running ” That decision regarding 20% SPA has been suspended (Faisla Moatal Ho Gia hy) i could’t get more about the news. Please Get latest update and clarify that what happened Today 17 Mar 2014.

  9. Asalamualikum, any news regarding 20%, approval hogae 20% ki? ya case in hearing hai?knsi date ko hearing hai?1 month hogaya koe to news honi chahye is forum pe. thanks

    1. I saw breaking News on GEO News today about 6pm regarding 20% that Government has filed an intracout appeal which Government win the case and court suspend the decision of Justice shoukat Aziz.

  10. Dear Maaaaaaaaaaaaam,


    Salam… Is there any update regarding date of hearing of intra court appeal filed by govt against 20% special allowance……? was it heard on 12 March, 14 or not? Wats latest?

  11. Dear Mam


    Salam… Is there any update regarding date of hearing of intra court appeal filed by govt against 20% special allowance……?

  12. میڈم شمائلہ

    میں نے آپ سے ایک درخواست کی ہے۔

    میرا مطلوبہ لنک یہاں شئیر کر دیں۔


  13. Dear Mam,


    We know that on 28 Feb, 14 notification was not issued but what step /action has been taken by the court against govt / finance division on violation of dead line given by the court? Kindly update if possible….


      1. Thanks…. Now its a matter of two months (April & May)…. In June Govt will announce some package keeping in mind this 20%……

  14. السلام علیکم، کیا کسی کے پاس ایسا کوئی چارٹ ہے،
    جس سے یہ پتہ چل سکے کہ
    پے سکیل کس کس سن میں ریوائز ہئے تھے
    اور ریوائز ہونے کے بعد
    نئی سکیل کے مطابق ابتدائی بنیادی تنخواہ کیا تھی؟؟؟؟

  15. Aslamualaikum, kisi k pas koe news nahi k 28feb ko kya hua , date extend hue ya koi faisla . one week hogaya koe update nahi.?

  16. Dear Madam!
    Is there any update about 20% court hearing after non implementation of court order of 4th February. When will be the next date of hearing?

  17. Dear Madam,


    I read the remarks of Muhammad Hussain and felt sorry…. Becoz he could not recognize your sincere efforts… Hope is a key to live and you always make us hopeful…..Hope u will continue the same …… Regards

          1. Dear hame pata hai end main ap yehi keti hain .ye govt employees k khilaf hai .ab ap jb tk notificatin na ho jaye pls kuch mat btana

          2. Dear Mohammad Hussain, mera kaam sirf aap ko info karna hay, mera kaam Notification jaari nahin karna hay. Jo bhi update aati hay main share karti hoon baaqi aap ki qismat hay keh implementation hoti hay ya nahin.,

  18. Asalamualikum, I am computer lab incharge B-12 under FDE, Islamabad. recently govt. issued order for upgrdation order for non.teahing staff. for my upgradation service structure/SRO is required. Can u upload S.R.O of Computer lab incharge B-12 of Establihsment/Punjab Govt./Sindh Govt/KPK or Balochistan GOvt. that may help to make my structure. Thank You Very Much

  19. I have been searching for the notification about MINIMUM WAGE DECLARATION FOR FEDERAL GOVT EMPLOYES 2013. I haven’t find any notification yet. However finance minister announce the increase of minimum wage from 8000 to 10000. I need this notification can any body help me in this regards

  20. itny bary dil k nai hain aur naa he sharif hain ishaq dar aur p.m sahab k 20% abhi den aur budget main again increase karen. jahan poora sal nikal dia wahan three month kia hain inky liye

  21. Respected madam

    The honourable court orderd on 4th Feb 2014 to implement this decision more than two weeks ago but govt has not issued any notification. What does it mean and what will be the next step of the honorable court.


          1. yes mere bhai govt isi pe tarkha de gi court ka order bhe obey ho jae ga or employees ka monh band karne ki valid reason mil jae gi mean 1 teer se 2 shikar

  22. Thnx for such a benificial post .. Mam can you plz give any information about the notification of not exetending the contract of federal govt employes…..if have plz share.

  23. AoA Dear!

    Last Mar may announce howa tha ye allc or pir Mar aa gia hy Insha Allah Jun may yehe 20% de kar Jan Chora leni hy Mian and Company ne jab tak Ishaq Dar hy no hope for good.


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