Notification of Revised Rental Ceilings of Residential Accommodation for PBC Employees

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Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Headquarter Islamabad has issued Order No. AVII-8(34)/2003-Pt dated 29-10-2014 in connection with Revised Rental Ceilings of Residential Accommodation for PBC Employees.

With the approval of the competent authority it has been decided to revise the present monthly rental ceilings of residential accommodation for the staff and officers of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation. The detail is as under:


PBC Scale Islamabad Other Cities
Existing Rates Revised Rates Existing Rates Revised Rates
1 & 1-A 3765/- 5083/- 3310/- 4469/-
2 5625/- 7594/- 5035/- 6797/-
3 8485/- 11455/- 7360/- 9936/-
4 & 4-A 10660/- 14391/- 9305/- 12562/-
5 13135/- 17732/- 11785/- 15910/-
6 & 7 14110/- 19049/- 12310/- 16619/-
8 16290/- 21992/- 14860/- 20061/-
9 20635/- 27857/- 18310/- 24719/-


The revised rental ceilings will come into force with effect from 1st October 2014 and will apply on all cases of hiring subject to the terms & conditions mentioned in the headquarter order No. AVII-8(34)/2003 dated 10th April 2008.

The existing instructions issued on the subject from time to time will remain in force with the above modifications.

This issues with the approval of the Director General.


Rental Ceiling PBC




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10 thoughts on “Notification of Revised Rental Ceilings of Residential Accommodation for PBC Employees

  1. Dear Aapi,
    Whenever our clerk sent Staff Statement to regional office he mention me as of Urdu Meduim Cadre. While I was appointed under Induction 2014. What you will suggest me? I have discussed clerk that new appointees are of English Medium Cadre, but he refuses. Describing me as of Urdu Medium Cadre by clerk, can effect me or not? Plz guide me.

  2. Dear Aapi,
    F. G. E. I. ( C/G) main induction 2014 main appoint hone walay M. T. T that are now upgraded as E. S. T., unka Cadre kon sa hai? English Medium or Urdu Medium?


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