Notification of Upgradation of the Post of Superintendent in Sindh from BPS-16 to BPS-17

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Government of the Sindh Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD(SR-IV)2-35/2014 dated 06-01-2015 in connection with Upgradation of the Post of Superintendent in Sindh from BPS-16 to BPS-17.

Upgradation of the Post of Superintendent in Sindh


According to this Notification the post of Superintendent has been upgraded from BPS-16 (10000-800-34000) to BPS-17 (16000-1200-40000) with effect from 1st January 2015.

The pay of the existing incumbents of the post shall be fixed in higher pay scales at a stage next above the pay in the lower pay scale.

The expenditures incurred on the upgradation of the posts shall be borne by the respective Administrative Department from their existing budgetary allocation for the financial year 2014-2015.

Whether the Post of Superintendent in Sindh is Upgraded or Given Next Higher Time Scale?

In the copy of the Notification of Upgradation of Superintendent in Sindh, there is no word of Time Scale has been used. And at all the places the word upgradation is used. It means that the post is upgraded not given next higher time scale.

If the post is upgraded then why there is allowed only the next stage of the higher scale for the purpose of fixation? It is a question mark that needs your comments to clarify the same situation.


Upgradation Suprintendent Sindh


Upgradation Sindh Suprintendent



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60 thoughts on “Notification of Upgradation of the Post of Superintendent in Sindh from BPS-16 to BPS-17

  1. Still waiting for your response that either Administrative officer post has been upgradated by Government of Sindh at any institute/sub-department at any level or not.

  2. At FGEI the post of Administrative Officer is BPS-17. Moreover, all the three Provincial Governments upgraded the post of Administrative Officer from BPS-16 to BPS-17, but unfortunately Government of Sindh still lacking behind.
    Let me know, in Government of Sindh in any Department the said post being a supervisory post is in BPS-17.

  3. Respected Sir,
    The case of Upgradation of Senior Superintendent was decided from BPS-16 to 17 in the then PPP Govt during 2012. Estalishment Division & Finance Division issued Orders for the same but not implemented as yet by WAPDA.

    Mr. Ishaq Dar Finance Minister has announced only the facility of BPS-16 to BPS-17 to the Senior Superintendent during the Budget Speech of 2013-14 and Establishment & Finance Division, Govt. of Pak. Islamabad issued ORDERS for the same BUT not implemented by WAPDA for their Staff.
    Kindly instruct them to give Upgradation from 2012

  4. Respected madam we need any supporting document regarding maitainence of seniority of superintendents in bps 17 any notification order etc plz if available send on my email plz plz plz

  5. Thanks for the ptecious information
    I will request futher for such notification copy or any supporting document in this connection. If available kindly send it on my email it will be kind enough.
    Hope your will help in interest of our service career

  6. Dear madam either seniority sup.bps 17 will be maintained in grade 17 or in grade 16 kindly let us know there is confusion here at our university

  7. I am working as Assistant accounts officer (BPS-16) in Health Department, Government of Sindh, the post office superintendent have been upgraded. We are working in same scale at same place under one roof, this is the violation of rules that one post have been upgraded where other post have not up graded.

    Kindly inform the latest status for the up gradation of Assistant Accounts Officer.

  8. I was grant Time scale upgradation from BPS 07 TO11 on 13.03.2007 ( during senior clerk) with no premature increment.
    the post was upgraded by GOVT from 07 to 09 on 01.07.2007
    latter on one premature increment allowed to all those whos posts were upgraded but the same has not been given to me up till now
    therefore it is requested to plz help me whether I am entitle of one premature increment w,e,f 01.07.2007 from the date of upgradation of post or other wise

  9. Letter to All DDOs of Jamshoro
    Subject:- Up-gradation of Superintendent from BPS-16 to BPS-17
    In pursuance of Sindh Government letter No. FD (SR-IV)/2-35/2014 dated 6/1/2014 the post of Superintendent has been up-graded form BPS-16 to BPS-17 with approval of Chief Minister Sindh.
    The Finance Division /Department (Regulation Wing) issues policy notification, where in its pursuance the Administrative Department issues office orders for its compliance after fulfillment of requirement.
    (He wrote various references of Estb. Division)
    The Superintendent of BPS-16 of various department of this office come to this office requesting to issued pay slips in BPS-17 up-graded post enclosing the above notification of Finance department without approval of competent Authority are irregular
    More-over, already issued pay slips in BPS-17 are treated as provisional subject to the approval from competent Authority and will be cancelled/withheld if no under in the favour of incumbents is received within stipulated time.
    We all are aware that all Office Superintendents are working in BPS-16 were promoted by the competent Authority at the time of their promotion , hence at this stage there is no more need of any approval, as DAO Jamshoro desired.
    This is delay tactics for open doors of more corruption, so we demand from Authorities to Stop these unnecessary hindrances to releases of salaries of OS in BPS-17 with all arrears

  10. A.O.A
    Dear Tell what about Assistant Accounts Officer upgradation who still working in B-16 in Education Department in Sindh and promoted from the post of Superintendent B-17 to B-16 since long the appeal pending at high up but no kind of heed paid its joke superintendent b-17 got their promotion as Assistant Accounts Officer B-16 instead of B-18

  11. Asslam o alikum madam,

    Pls tell me that Personal Assistants BPS-16 getting special allowance of 150 are eligible for up-gradation of BS-17.

  12. It was news in national dailies that education department punjab has issued the notification for upgradation of superintendent from bs-16 to bs-17. Have you any information regarding upgradation in other departments of Punjab?

  13. Respected Madam,
    I have gone through the comments above, and also through various websites to observed either the post of Administrative Officer has been addressed at any forum for upgradation from BPS-16 to BPS-17, but unfortunately still unaware about it.
    Kindly inform, if any notice has been issued or addressed at any forum please


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