Committee for Regularization of Contract/Contingent/Daily Wages Federal Govt Employees

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Government of Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat, Cabinet Division has issued Notification No. F.2/3/2014 dated 02-04-2015 in connection with Constitution of Committee for Regularization of Contract/Contingent/Daily Wages Federal Govt Employees.

Regularization of Contract/Contingent/Daily Wages Federal Govt Employees

In pursuance of Islamabad High Court orders passed in WPs No. 1703/2013 and 965/2013 on 10th and 11th September 2014 receptively and with the approval of Prime Minister.

The Committee shall examine the cases for regularization of Contract/Contingent/Daily Wages employees of the Federal Govt.

This post has been delivered by Mr. Adnan Satti.


Contract Employees Regularization



Regularization Contract Employees


Notification No. F.2/3/2014-Lit dated 25-05-2015 has also been issued regarding Regularization of Contract Employees.


Regularization Contract Workers



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66 thoughts on “Committee for Regularization of Contract/Contingent/Daily Wages Federal Govt Employees

  1. Recruitment policy 2017 of federal government is not implemented in its true letter and spirit by the autonomous bodies specially in the cases of contract employees of BPS-17 & above. Even the courts are not issuing clear directions in favor of employees and matter again sent to the departments just for consideration.

  2. A.O.A . Dear Madam
    Gilgit Baltistan may 28 Departments may about 6000 CPS mulazim aur in ki biometric be hoggai hai but abhi tak koi case nai bana regularization k liye. kia karain hum ne dharna bhi diya tha about 16 days on minus 10 at Gilgit city….. but hameh aik jhoota notification kar kay tarkhaya gaya ab hameh phir dharna dena ho ga shayad yeh wahid hall hai agar aap kay pass solution hai tu kindly detail may email kardian.

  3. AOA
    sir i am working at Civil Services Academy PAS Campus Lahore more from more then 5 year and my father also served in this department 28 years but i am still daily wager and some employees of hour department serving form 8 to 10 years and they also daily wagers yet now can i submit or i eligible for submit to application for regular employment in my respective department please confirm me i am so worries about my feature thankx

    1. The employrees ofServices and genl administration punnjab govt have been regularized from the date of joining ie from 2006 instead of 2009. contact free help BA Noori Narowal 03084682712

  4. السلام علیکم۔۔۔۔۔۔جنب میں ایک معذور آدمی ھوں۔۔مارچ2013میں ایک سماجی شخص نے مجھے ضلع حکومت کے ماتحت ایک یونین کونسل میں عارضی نوکری دلوائی اور فکس پے ماھوار5000لیتا رھا۔
    بعد میں ضلع حکومت کے قیام اورمحکمہ بلدیات کے ویلج کونسل کے لئے نائب قاصد کے لئے درخواست جمع کرائی۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔جنا مجھے نوکری نہیں ملی اب میں بےروزگار ھوں۔
    مجیب الرحمان ولد کچکول سکنہ گوھاٹی محلہ سیری ڈھیری تحصیل و ضلع صوابی صوبہ خیبرپختون خواہ

  5. i am working in PIA since 2014 on daily wages through M/S FULCRUM PVT LIMITED, The salary is only 12000per month and there is very bad situation in PIA daily wages staff, as you know the minimum wages as per Govt of Pakistan is 15-16thousand but the cruel management of PIA only paid Rs 12000per month to daily wages staff.

  6. Kindly confirmed me Daily wages staff regulaizred according USC 342 dt 17.05.2017 same ministry.Industry & Production
    I requested to enthectic notifcation send me e-mail regarding industry & Production

  7. AOA
    I am working in Sui Northern Gas Pipelines as a computer operator since December 2014 to till now and 82 other employees are working there from five six years.

    Please do.somthing for regularization

  8. i am working in Federal department of General Post office(GPO) in Gujranwala since 01-09-2012 as a daily wages till to date, my services not regularized plz do some thing for me.

  9. Sir, I am working in Mardan Development Authority Mardan since 2011,, against a vacant post of lab technician, labor court decided to regularize me with all back benefits bt dept ,have filed appeal in pesh high court,,,in this situation courts decision is very necessary fr me , fr declared as a permanent employee, with back benefits,any decisions of supreme court, or High court are available so provide me sir,,,i shall be very thankful fr this kindness

  10. Salam.madam we 250 officers working in ogdcl as daily wages since 5 ogdcl is pure fedral gov organization under ministry of petroleum. Is
    there any order any hope any procesure about our permanent.becouse ogdcl in not helping us about permanent.

  11. I am a employee in a Private Factory in Lahore Punjab

    Suited in Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate Lahore

    Our Company not confirm to employees last 12 years near about
    Many employees on contract or monthly wages

    You help to regarding confirmation

  12. Aslam o Alaikum
    with reverence, it is stated that i had been appointed purely on contract base project term in Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Ltd. is there any procedure to be claimed for confirmation.


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