Notification of Restoration of Pension by KPK

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Government of Khyber Pakhtunkha has issued Notification No. FD (SOSR-II)4-92/2015 dated 14-07-2015 in connection with Notification of Restoration of Pension.

According to this Notification, all the civil servants/civil pensioners of the Provincial Govt of KPK , who retired or would retire on or after 01-12-2001 shall be entitled to the benefit of Restoration of Commuted Portion of Pension in lieu of Gratuity/Commutation in accordance with the applicable rules.

The pensioners who retired between 01-07-2001 to 30-11-2001 and they opted the Revised Pay Scales 2001, shall also be entitled to get the benefit of restoration of pension.


Notification of Restoration of Pension by KPK


Restoration of Pension KPK


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6 thoughts on “Notification of Restoration of Pension by KPK

  1. Sir my father was retired in 1986 after service 25 years as octroi muharrar in town cometty employees but when his comuted portion restord into his pension in 2013 that was only the comuted part .I mean that may he be ellegible to draw his pension with equal to his net pension according to the court discussion.

  2. dear mam
    If somebody is retired on 25-06-2001 means means 5 6 days earlier then what can he do?? Is somebody has gone to court regarding this issue that upon which criteria Govt has not included them.. Any Update??

  3. Madam
    The Punjab Government has up graded the post of superintendent BS-16 to BS-17 w.e.f. 10.09.2014. Please guide, can one premature increment is awarded on up gradation. if so please send a copy of notification issue by the Punjab Government.



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