Upgradation/Promotion of Lab Assistants-Decision of the IHC

The Islamabad High Court, Islamabad has issued its decision on 14-07-2015 in connection with the Upgradation/Promotion of Lab Assistants. The summary of the same is as under:

Petitioners are Laboratory Assistants BPS-07 in Federal Directorate of Education. They are aggrieved by the role of their employer department for not framing rules to carve a promotional avenue for their career advancement due to which they are stuck in one grade for the last about 38 years.

It is admitted position that petitioners are stuck in one grade for the last 40 years which amounts to depriving them of the right of pursuing better career prospect. It is established law that right to earn livelihood through a legitimate occupation is analogous to right of life which has been guaranteed under the Constitution. Moreover, it went un-rebutted that vide Notification dated 03-09-2014 issued by the Provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the same post of Laboratory Assistant BPS-07  with equal responsibilities and nature higher post of Se. Lab Assistant and onward upto the Lab Superintendent, therefore, denial of equal treatment to petitioners would be discriminatory.

In view of the above, the petition is allowed in terms that respondent No.1 shall expeditiously peruse the amendment in rule on the pattern of the provincial government and shall submit progress report after three months through the Registrar for perusal in Chambers.

Special thanks to Rana Sahab for sending the copy of the IHC orders.


Upgradation Lab Assistants


Upgradation of Lab Assistants


Upgradation Laboratory Assistants


Lab Assistants Upgradation


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24 thoughts on “Upgradation/Promotion of Lab Assistants-Decision of the IHC

  1. میڈم ھم گورنمنٹ ھائر سیکنڈری اسکول چھاچھرو میں لیبارٹری اسسٹنٹ کی پوسٹ پر تقریباً دس سال سے کام کر رہے ہیں bps5 میں ہمیں ابھی تک کوئی اپگریڈ نھیں کر رہے جب کہ ھماری پوسٽ کو اپگریڈ bps 7 میں کر دیا ہے اور ٹائیم اسکیل دیا گیا ہے ھماری ڈویژن میرپورخاص والے بولتے ہیں کہ bps5 سے bps7کا نوٹیفکیشن لیے کے آئو پلیز ھماری پوسٽ کو اپگریڈ کرنے کے لیے ھماری ھیلپ کرین شکریہ.



    I m laboratory Assistant Bps 11 in University of Sindh working in computer lab, my Qualification is bs Computer Science laboratory assistants service structure is old isn’t updated but criteria of qualification is changed it requires b.sc for laboratory Assistants our current service structure is initial appointment bps11, thn, 13 last bps 15 which is totally injustice with educationist in education institute like university of Sindh, although b.a pass clerk , library assistant data entry operator which criteria is intermediate can be upto bps 18 initial appointment is bps 11 next 16 and so on now please do justice with lab assistants ,,, Thanks for reading

  3. sir
    i am lab assistant in abbottabad university of science and technology abbottabad and still in BPS 07 and my service was started in july 2007, what can i do for upgradation
    please guide me

  4. AsSalam o Alaikum.
    Nice work YOU are doing. – Stay blessed.
    In University of Sindh, Jamshoro. We are also facing same problems.
    I/We ‘ll be thankful if YOU kindly e-mail IHC decision copy and Other documents (If Any) YOU find good for US.
    Thanks for Co-operation.
    Shuja Khan Kohawar
    Lab. Assistant

  5. A.O.A
    Madam give me some Advice about the post of Lab Assistant in BPS-07, I am working as Lab Assistant in BPS-05 in Works & Services Department, City District Government, Rawalpindi for last 6 Years. How to up-Grade my Lab Assistant BS-05 to BS-07. I am working in Punjab Government.

  6. Dear madam in fata all the lab assistant are working in bs 07 for the last 40 years kindly give me suggestion that what should we do to take our right for service structure

  7. madam, give me some points or letters for laboratory assistant for bps-7
    madam, i am working in wapda water wing as laboratory assistant in bps-5
    last ten years 8 years on a daily wages basis recently last
    2 years i regulrized

  8. dr. shumailla
    i am working last ten year in wapda water wing as lab-asisstant in bps-05 recently regulrized last 02 year please tell me my pay scale all lab-asisstant in bps-07 in pakistan

  9. Plz someone answer
    i worked in bs 9 from 04april2012 with current basic pay 7340 .. after applying through proper channel now i hv joined bs 14 from 29 may onwards.. is there any benefit in my pay due to my previous service plz answer

  10. dr shumaila kamal IHC lab asstt ki copy ap ko sent ki thi Non-teaching warfare association FDE (NTEWA) k General Sectary hon time scale jo PM nay 25-03-2013 ko manzoor kia tha abhi tak AGPR nay ni diya hum koshi ker rahin hain no ho tu IHC may case keren gay Facebook per ap ki employees kay leya jo be kam ker rahin hain hun dill say ap ki koshion ki qadar kertay hain 03365309867


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