Increase in Salaries Punjab Govt Employees According to Budget Speech 2016-17

Govt of the Punjab Announced the Budget today on 13-06-2016. Detail of Increase in Salaries Punjab Govt Employees According to Budget Speech 2016-17 is as under:

Government of the Punjab has announced to increase 10% increase in salaries & pension of the Punjab Govt Employees. This increase will be according to the formula adopted by the Federal Govt.


Increase in Salaries Punjab Govt Employees 2016


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8 thoughts on “Increase in Salaries Punjab Govt Employees According to Budget Speech 2016-17

  1. Jab Allowances Merge hoty hain Basic main to scale revise ho jaty hain, Punjab same as Federal e kary ga so please focus on the duty!

    and Wait for NOTIFICATIONS!

  2. Dear Friends,

    I want to ask from your good self the following clarifications regarding pension/gratuity;

    1. Is someone can opt for 100% pension instead of 65/35%.
    2. Is this way he will get almost double pension.
    3. Is he will receive a lesser gratuity, half or otherwise.
    4. What effect it will bring on his family pension, whether his pension would be restored?

    Kindly help. I shall be thankful.



    1. Dear Shahzad

      Yes, the retiring person has the option NOT to get any part commuted, and thus to receive 100% Gross Pension as his monthly take home pension always

      Yes, then all future increases will be on that Gross Pension as that would be also the pension actually being received.

      There is no question of any gratuity, half or quarter, if the pensioner opts NOT to get any amount commuted. Lump sum is admissible only if some percentage of Gross Pension is commuted. If there is no commutation, there is no lump sum payment.

      Since there is no commutation, there is no question of any restoration. Only that part is restored which has actually been commuted (up to 35%). And if nothing is commuted, nothing is restored.

      If more info is needed, please study my Urdu book on Family Pension.

      Agha Amir [email protected]

    2. 1. Yes, every public servant has the option of either commuting up to 35%, or Nil, out of Gross Pension. If he opts for No Commutation, he will receive the full Gross Pension throughout. And all increases will also be given in future on that Gross Pension.

      2. No! No question of double pension. He will continue to receive 100% of Gross Pension. If his Gross Pension is Rs.100, he will get that. [if 35% commuted, then he would receive only 65%].

      3. If no commutation, no lump sum commutation value payable. Only death during service cases, 25% of Gross Pension will be surrendered against gratuity. And that would be restorable upon expiry of relevant number of years.

      4. Please appreciate that if there is no commutation, there is no restoration also.

      Agha Amir

      [email protected]

  3. Kindly tell us abt the special convaince allowance in Punjab for disabled persons. Baqi singh aur federal me laga ha what about Punjab????? Punjab Disabled convaince allowance???????


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