Detail of Maternity Leave Rules for the Government Employees

I am here sharing the Detail of Maternity Leave Rules for the Government Employees. Maternity leave may be granted to the female government employee on full pay. These leaves will not be deducted from the leave account. This leave is granted to maximum 90 days.

Maximum 45 days leave is pre-confinement leave and hence maximum 45 days leave is post-confinement. This leave may be granted in combination or continuation of extraordinary leave.

Punjab Govt also grants one week paternity leave for the male employee twice in his whole service.


Maternity Leave Rules

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33 thoughts on “Detail of Maternity Leave Rules for the Government Employees

  1. A. O A. Kindly provide me notification of 10 days leaves fore male employee whose wife delivery.
    And full Guzeat of Pakistan extra jan 9 2019 part ii in pdf format

  2. dear i need a clarification
    as it is mentioned in contract appointment policy 2004 that there is only one maternity leave allowed in a period of 05 years, what if a female teacher is availing maternity leave with effect from 06.12.2019 and then she get regular on 13.01.2020 how would be this leave sanctioned? will she enjoy the benifit of salary or not?

  3. after 2012 notification, Maternity leave rule has been changed
    Female can avail total 90 days M/L and 45/45 days rule ic cancelled.

    Male now can avail 10 days Paternint leave

    Please verify my comments

  4. Fedral Governament Ka ten day paternity leave ka ghazzit page to mojood ha leken us ka official notifacation mojood nahi please Send copy of official notifaction Thanks

  5. Sir prime minister Asstance package ki femalles employees ka lia maternity leave rules kia ha. Wo bi avail kr skte hn leave 90 days with full pay.

      1. where it is written that Conveyance Allowance will be deducted during Maternity Leave/ Paternity Leaves.. can you please provide me any letter under the Punjab Govt?


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