Clarification Regarding Upgradation and Time Scale Promotion

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has already issued Notification on 26-03-2018 in connection with Clarification Regarding Upgradation and Time Scale Promotion. Detail is as under:

Kindly refer to your memo No.PF/HM/3186 dated 06.02.2018 on the subject cited above.

2.      Seriatim reply to the queries raised by the District Accounts Officer, Faisalabad, vides his memo No.DO/FSD/P.Fix/HM/360 dated 11.11.2017 is as under:

Sr.No. Query of DAO, Faisalabad Reply of Finance Department
i) Finance Department has issued the following circular letters: No.FD.PC.40-80/2015 dated 26.07.2017 regarding up-gradation of certain posts including Sub-Engineer from BS-11 to BS-14 No.FD.PC.40-80/2015 dated 26.07.2017 regarding time scale promotion to incumbents of all promotion / non promotion posts in BPS-5 to BPS-15    In terms of notification No.FD.PC.40-80/215 dated 26.07.2017, the post of Sub Engineer has been up-graded from BS-11 to BS-14. In terms of notification No.FD.PC.39-14/77(Pt.IV)(APCA/2008)(Provl.) dated 04.01.2016, all technical / non-technical employees holding posts from BS-5 to BS-16 which are isolated / stagnant (i.e., having no promotion propects), and have 10 years’ service to their credit in the respective pay scale, were up-graded to next pay scale w.e.f. 01.01.2016 and further to next pay scales after earning each 10 years of service (Annex-A),. In supersession of letter dated 04.01.2016, time scale promotion to employees in BS-5 to BS-15 holding promotion / non-promotion posts, where none or only on time promotion on the entire service is prescribed in the rules, was allowed on satisfactory completion of each 10-yers of service, as under vide notification No.FD.PC.40-80/2016 dated 26.07.2017. 1) BS 5-10 3 steps 2) BS 11-15 2 steps 3) Auto CAD Operator (BS-12) 3 steps 4) Data Entry Operator (BS-12)   3 steps 5) Sanitarian (BS-9) 4 steps 6) Surveyor (BS-11) 4 steps   

Further details are available at the copy of the Notification. Special thanks to Mr. Abid Saleemi for sensing the copy of the letter of Clarification Regarding Upgradation and Time Scale Promotion.

Upgradation and Time Scale Promotion
Clarification Upgradation and Time Scale Promotion

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