Clarification Time Scale Promotion BPS-16 & Above Officers Punjab

Government of the Punjab Finance Department has issued Notification on 10-07-2019 in connection with Clarification Time Scale Promotion BPS-16 & above Officers having stagnant posts. Detail is as under:

I am directed to refer to this Department`s letter of even number dated 19th April, 2019 on the subject and to state that there are certain queries regarding modus operandi of implementation of the aforesaid letter.

Queries and Clarification Time Scale Promotion BPS-16 & Above Officers

  1. The case has been examined and observed that the policy ibid is applicable to the case of an officer/official who has completed 10 years’ service in a basic pay scale but has been promoted because of insufficiency or non-availability of posts reserved for promoted in the next higher pay scale in the cadre. Such Officer/official is entitled to be given time scale promotion, with effect from 01.02.2019 to the next higher basic pay scale.
  2. In view of Para-2(i) of the Finance Department`s U.O. No.FD.PC.39-12/77(Pt.IV)(APCA/08)(Provl.) dated 09.08.2015 read with letter No.FD.PC.39-14/77(Pt.IV)(APCA/08)(Provl.) dated 04.01.2016, the time scale promotion is allowed without DPC.


  1. Mr. Zafar Iqbal
  2. Rana Muhammad Arif
  3. Mr. Afraz Hamid


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Clarification Time Scale Promotion

Clarification Time Scale Promotion BPS-16

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4 thoughts on “Clarification Time Scale Promotion BPS-16 & Above Officers Punjab

  1. AOA. Kia iss notification k mutabiq un logon ko bhi time scale milay ga jin ki post 2016 mn up grade hui thi lekin un ki promotion 25 saal se nahi hui. un ki appointment junior clrk hi hui thi or aj bhi wo junior clerk hn. plz zarro clear krain tanks


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