Minutes of the Meeting of Secretaries Committee Regarding Increase Salaries Federal Govt Employees

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Government of Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat Cabinet Division has issued memorandum on 13-01-2020 in connection with Minutes of the Meeting of Secretaries Committee Regarding Increase Salaries Federal Govt Employees.  The meeting of secretaries held on 9th January 2020.


Minutes Increase Salaries Federal Govt Employees

  1. The matter was again discussed by some member of the Secretaries’ Committee during its meeting held on 13-11-2019. The members had requested that the report of the Sub-Committee may be placed for consideration in the next meeting of the Secretaries’ Committee.
  2. The Secretaries’ Committee, during discussions in the meeting held on 19-12-2019, Strongly urged that sub-committee may be requested to present the report in the next meeting of the Secretaries’ Committee.
  3. The matter was once again deliberated upon in the current meeting. The members unanimously proposed that there was no point in further delaying the matter, and strongly urged to place the proposal before the Prime Minister of his consideration and approval.
  4. Secretary, interior Division gave a separate presentation on the subject matter. He informed the members that be giving incentives to select Ministries/Divisions/Departments, certain islands of prosperity have been created. He referred to the hefty amount officers of specific Divisions were receiving as Board remuneration. Such a huge disparity in pay package was discriminatory and would lead to de-motivation and a sense of deprivation amongst the officers and staff of the rest of the Divisions. The need to create a level playing field for everyone was extremely vital, he underscored. In view of these facts, he put forward following proposals:-


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a) The payment made to the officers of the Ministries/Divisions are ex-officio members of different boards may be discontinued forthwith, being discriminatory and against the principal of natural justice.

b) Since honorarium equal to one month of basic pay is admissible annually, Ministries/Divisions/Department, granting honorarium beyond one month’s basic pay, shall discontinue this practice forthwith.

17- During the discussion some of members endorsed the proposal of Secretary Interior while certain disagreed and few were in favour of capping the remuneration received from the Boards. However, majority of the members were of the view that this, being separate issue, should not be linked with the raise in salaries. It was suggested that a fair and equitable salary structure, considering the allowances being offered in provinces, may be proposed by Finance Division without any further delay. The Secretaries were critical of Finance Divisions’ unenthusiastic response towards this pressing issue.

Agenda Point 17: The committee decided to recommend that all distortions in packages and emoluments shall be removed. A uniform system of pay package and emoluments need to be introduced for everyone, across the board. It was further decided that Finance Division should move a proposal in this regard, recommending an allowance reasonable enough to mitigate the disparity between the pay packages of Federal and Provincial Secretariat employees.


Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan for sending the copy of the minutes of the meeting.


Increase Salaries Federal Govt Employees


Increase Salaries Federal Govt Employees




Federal Govt Employees Pay Increase


Federal Employees Salary Increase January 2020


Minutes of the Meeting Secretaries


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  1. Similar pay package to all Govt employees should be implemented, and yes upto 20% increase in current situation shall not fulfill the requirements of Govt employess


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