Request for Grant of Danger / Risk Allowance to Fire fighting Staff

The employees of Rescue 1122 and others requests for Grant of Dress Allowance, Danger Allowance/ Risk Allowance to Fire fighting Staff on the various grounds as mentioned below. The fire fighting staff in the province of Punjab and others is performing their duties by putting their lives in danger.

It is submitted that services of Civil Defence under the control of District Administration Fire fighting staff are very sensitive as they put their lives in a dangerous situation during the blazing fire in the most combustible & multiple storey buildings With the passage of time, the hazards have come common phenomena in their daily life due to use of the heavy electric appliance, LPG and wooden industries, Hotels and Houses which sometimes resulted in the outbreak of heavy fire. at the district level, only the firefighting staff response quickly for extinguishing, the fire by putting their life in highly dangerous situations.

During the previous years, a number of firefighters sacrificed their lives for protecting the lives and properties general public and as well as government properties. But the staff of fire fighting depriving due to not providing the risk allowance, Danger allowance, dress allowance and overtime etc. It is, therefore, needs to providing Risk Allowance, Dress Allowance and Overtime allowance on the basis of their nature of duty as per their demands, please.

Keeping in view the nature of their duty they may also grant danger allowance/risk allowance as well as dress allowance. The employees performing the same nature duties are already getting the same allowance in the Punjab province and other provinces.

A report by Mr. Amin Khapluvi


Risk Allowance to Fire fighting Staff

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