Notification of Summer Break & Semester Examinations 2020 Punjab University

The University of the Punjab has issued Notification on 14-05-2020 in connection with Summer Break & Semester Examinations 2020 Punjab University. The details are as under:



As per recommendations of Academic Council in its meeting held on 23rd April 2020, approved by Syndicate through circulation, the schedule of summer break & Semester Examinations will be as under:


Summer Break & Semester Examinations 2020 Punjab University

End of Online Classes31st May 2020
Summer Break1st June to 9th August 2020
Compensatory Classes*10th August to 24th August 2020
Semester Final Examinations26th August to 6th September 2020
Provided the Covid-19 situation gets normal & allowed by the Government to have classroom (face to face) teaching.
1.The students should prepare themselves for both Traditional and MCQ based online examinations.
2.In case the Universities open before the start of exams (23rd August), the mode of examinations will be traditional otherwise it shall be online.
3.The students not appearing in online examinations on account of any reason shall have the option to appear in the traditional examinations which shall be held after universities open as per Government policy.


Note: This Notification is valid only for On-Campus Students of University.


Semester Examinations 2020 Punjab University

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