Promotion News of Female College Lecturers by Government of Punjab

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I am sharing here the latest Promotion News of Female College Lecturers by the Government of Punjab. According to the news, DPI Colleges pays attention to promotion cases of 450 lecturers out of 900 Lecturers. DPI Dr. Ansar explains the promotion-related cases of 900 lecturers. He tells that to solve these cases the department has sent an appeal and summary of recommendations to the Chief Minister of Punjab. These cases take serious attention and need urgent solutions.



The Latest Promotion News of Female College Lecturers by the Government of Punjab


DPI colleges observe the 900 vacant seats of lecturers. The department should fill fully or partially as per the needs of the department. He expedites the mystifying promotional cases of anxious female lecturers. All female lecturers feel worried as DPI asks for 450 cases out of the complete 900 cases. These unsettled cases should observe fully. They should also resolve this as soon as possible to reduce the distress of lecturers. For the new appointments of lecturers Punjab Govt has already issued. Vacancy Statement for Male and Female Lectures in Punjab Government Colleges,



Training Sessions Related to Promotions of Lecturers


DPI informs about the completion of Training sessions in connection with the Promotions of Female Lecturers. DPI sent an appeal and recommendation summary to accelerate this process.


Lecturer’s Appeal to Chief Minister Punjab


All concerned lecturers make appeals to the Chief Minister of Punjab regarding observing incomplete promotion cases. According to an Education reporter in Lahore Female lecturers demanded to finalize all cases instead of taking notice of partial cases.

Chief Minister Punjab gives direction to settle these cases of lecturers as soon as possible.


Settlement of 900 Female Lecturer’s Promotion Cases


According to DPI government has completed the training sessions regarding this issue. All 900 lecturers the department will promote in two steps. Related Director Colleges forwards all cases and information required in this regard.


Completion of Process of Promotion


After keen observation of all cases and recommendations about solving this serious issue the process of Promotion will be completed in almost 1 month. It is a good step for all concerned female lecturers. The process is accelerated by the competent authority.


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Promotion News of Female College Lecturers by Government of Punjab

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