How to Increase Google Page Rank

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Google Page Rank is a scale to measure the rank of your website as compared to all the sites online. It depends on the back links that are in other sites and they point to your website. If you have more back links then your Google page rank will be greater. Here are few tips for you to help you increase your page rank.

Seven Steps to Increase Google Page Rank

1. Joining in Forums: If you join forums and submit your site link there it will be great helpful to increase your Page Rank. It is better you join those forum sites that are related to your website. If not related to your website you ll also get a back link from there but it is better if you join the sites related to your site.

2. Search Engine Directories: It is very useful if you submit your sites to Search Engine Directories. It is a very good method to have back links of your sites in these directories. It will also help you to bring u at the top of some search engines. The higher the back links you have the more chance your website have to be given better Google Page Rank.

3. Ezine Ads: If you use ezine ads it will also increase your site’s presence and hence you have more visitors and then chances are for your site to have higher page rank. Ezine also have a chance for you to give you more back links.

4. Article Submitting: Articles are a back bone of your back links. If you submit articles to various sites then you have a back link. Remember you must put your signature in these articles. These articles if published there can bring you traffic and you have a back links from there. In this way you have a chance to have higher Rank on Google for your website.

5. Commenting: If you give more and more comments along with your signature in as many websites as you can then it will be a great chance you have more back links and hence higher page rank for your site.  Try to submit your comments in those sites that have better page rank but it is not in loss if you give comments in lower page rank sites. It will must give you a back link if accepted your comment by the admin of the site.

6- Updating the Site: Try to update your site every day. It will also helpful to you to increase your Google Page Rank as well as Alexa Page Rank.

7- Trading of the Site: Trade your site link with others site. They will put your site link in their site and you put the site link of their site in your site. In this way both will have back links.  This is also a better way to have higher Google Page Rank.



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