How to Maintain History of Gazetted?

I am going to tell you here with detail the process of maintenance of History of Gazetted PAFA-358. This history sheet is maintained for the Gazetted Officers only. As you know that Service Book is maintained for the Non Gazetted Employees and if any one is promoted or upgraded to Gazetted Scale then his/her service book is closed and the History of Gazetted Sheet is maintained for such employee.

In gazetted history all the detail of Pay, official duty and leaves taken by the employee are recorded. There are many columns in the history of gazetted. The 1st column is for the station of duty; second one is for the substantive post i.e the actual designation of the employee. Third column is for the date, this date is generally the date at which the employees pay is changed, or official duty is changed. The fourth column is for Officiating post, if the employee is performing some specific duty then it is mentioned here i.e if a TGT/SST is performing the duty of Headmaster then his duty of Headmaster will be shown in this column. Next column is for the date, the employee performed the officiating duty. The sixth column is for the pay, the pay of the employee is mentioned here that he/she is actually drawing. In seventh column the other duty allowances are mentioned. Column 8 & 9 are for the leave the employee availed. It is not for casual leave yet it is for earned leave. The last column is for the remarks. The remarks such as “Annual Increment”, Promoted”, “Upgraded” etc are given here.

Before submitting the History of Gazetted to the higher authorities for approval/countersignature, it is to remember that supporting documents such as previous history of gazetted if any must be attached. For a fresh history of gazetted it is better that appointment letter, joining report or promotion letter or upgradation letter must be attached for the convenience of the higher authorities.

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