Medical Allowance to Upgraded Stenographers Anomaly Clarification

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It is submitted that Ministry of Defence sought the clarification in the matter from the Finance Division (Regulation Wing), which has been clarified by them, vide their Office Memorandum No. F.6(2)R-10/2012-160 dated 10.04.2013.

It is stated in this notification that the employees who were promoted/upgraded from BPS-15 to BPS-16 as Superintendents and Stenographers are entitled to draw Medical Allowance @ 15% of the Basic Pay of Basic Pay Scales-2008, which they were getting on 30.06.2011, subject to minimum of Rs.1,000/-.           

Many employees who were upgraded or promoted after 01-07-2011 from BPS- 15 or less to BPS-16 or greater are drawing only Rs. 1000/- as Medical Allowance. And I think they are also entitled for Medical Allowance according to their basic pay as on 30-06-2007. As there are employees who have basic pay more than 25000/- PM and they were up-graded to BPS-16 but they are still availing Rs. 1000/- as Medical Allowance. A post by delivered by Marghoob Alam.


Medical Allowance Anomaly



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17 thoughts on “Medical Allowance to Upgraded Stenographers Anomaly Clarification

  1. Asalam o Alikum Madam
    I am am permoted as SST in BPS 16 Dated 08-05-2012.I am getting MA Rs1000. will I get 15% or not.PLZ mail me the 15% aour 50% wali clarification notification.

  2. Asalam o Alikum Madam
    Plz tel me about Govt new Purposel Medical Insurance w? happ till yet & w? Future of Medical Insur. and one other q? that w? Happend 20% special allowance.

    Thx B Regards

  3. AoA Dear!

    Please clarify me that 15% Med Alce will be admissible to only Superintendents and Stenographers in BPS-16 or will be granted to all employees those upgraded or promoted in BPS-16 after 1-07-2011. Is there any other notification regarding 15% Med Alce for other employees.

    I am also getting Rs. 1000/- as Med alce will i get 15% or not.


    1. Dear Ayaz Shah it should be for all such cases but i don’t know why only stanigraphers and supdts mentioned in this notification. You should claim according to this notification if your account office don’t admit it then you should also apply for the clarification of the same.

      1. AoA Dear!!

        Thanks for this good advice….. just tell me if our a/c office grant me 15% MA according to this notification than there would be any need to produce any other notification to clarify this in future or is it enough for claiming 15% MA..

        And will i get arrears also or not from 17-12-2012 to date.

          1. AoA Dear!

            I have got knowledge from some sources they said that this will be admissible to only for Superintendents and Stenographers not for others.

            once again a confused notification like 20% SPA

            what kind of people are sitting in the min of fin and what are they doing..

            ” Andha bantay Rewaryan apno may :)”

            Thanx for your consideration.

          2. Dear Ayaz Shah you are right, but u can struggle with the help of this notification. Fin Ministry is willingly doing so. It should issue the same notification in general. It is the main reason that employees have to knock the door of the court.

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