General Principals for Removal of Anomalies of Pay of Junior and Senior Employee

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Govt of Pakistan Finance Division, Regulation Wing, Islamabad has issued Notification No. F.1 (11) Imp/2011 dated 22nd September 2011 in connection with the General Principals for the Removal of Anomalies. The question of determining anomaly of pay of junior Government servant exceeding the pay of the senior Government servant has been examined and it has been decided that anomalies in pay fixation should be established strictly on the basis of the following principals:

  • The senior and junior should be determined with reference to the date of promotion or appointment in the present scale of pay or post in the same pay scale, service group or cadre, or line of promotion in the Ministry/Division/Department/Office where their seniority is being maintained.
  • Any personal benefit of the nature of increase in pay specially granted to Govt servant shall not be treated as a cause of anomaly for others.
  • The anomaly should be resolved by re-fixing pay of the senior equal to that of junior, and if there is no such stage, at the stage next above in his own pay scales.
  • The basis and the principals explained above shall apply in general to cover all cases of anomalies in pay fixation.
  • The basis prescribed for determination of senior and junior is only in the context of removal of anomalies and not for any other purpose i.e promotion/demotion etc.
  • These orders shall also apply mutates mutandis to the personnel including Cadets/recruits of the Armed Forces, Civil Armed Forces and the Civil Servants paid from Defence Estimates.


Anomaly Pay



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12 thoughts on “General Principals for Removal of Anomalies of Pay of Junior and Senior Employee

  1. Employee A (Basic 50000) is senior and recieved higher qualification advance increment and Employee B recieved (47000) without any advance increment. Same notification provided time scale upgradation and fixed on same stage like 51000. What is the for senior becuase A lost advance increment benefit as compare to jounir?

  2. Rana Muhammad Sarwar · Edit

    Dear Madam Assalam o Alaikum. Pl resolve my query.
    If an officer removed the anomaly by adding one increment in his pay between 2nd June to 30th November. If he is eligible for grant of annual increment on 1st December of said year or otherwise. Urgent reply is requested

  3. Assalamualaikum. Respected Madam , I joined Govt Service in 2007 in BPS 17 . My one junior who is was in BS 16 having length of service about 28 years , now has been promoted to BS 17 in 2015. His basic pay is greater then me. We are in same service cadre . My question is that whether an anomaly is here and can I get benefit from this anomaly?

  4. dear madam !
    if a person claim anomaly with junior person on 19-9-2009 , what about his annual increment on 1-12-2009.
    if he is eligible for increment what is auth ?

  5. Dear Ma’m,
    Please provide this notification (Rules)
    its subject is about Cancellation of retirement order

    No. FD.SR.III-4-151/2011
    Dated the 29th Febuary 2012

    Please i need it urgently, kindly help me out


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