Notification Copy of Revised Leave Encashment for 365 Days Punjab Govt

Last Updated on September 14, 2013 by ShumailaKamal

Govt of the Punjab Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD-SR-II/2-141/2012 dated 9th September 2013 in connection with the Leave Encashment for 365 days instead of 180 days. Earlier the benefit of leave encashment for 180 days was granted to the employee who retired on Leave Encashment basis and now the employees retiring on leave encashment bases would get the benefit of 365 days leaves.

Federal Govt of Pakistan has already issued the Notification of Leave Encashment for 365 days and now the Punjab Govt has also adopted the Notification No. S.R.O.70 (KE)/2012 dated 29th August 2012 issued by Finance Division Regulation Wing Islamabad. This post is delivered by Mr. Faisal Queshi.


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15 thoughts on “Notification Copy of Revised Leave Encashment for 365 Days Punjab Govt

  1. Im a practicing company lawyer and i wanted to know what formula majority of Private sector companies in Pakistan are using to encash the leaves. Is it basic salary or gross salary jis pe it is calculated.
    Kindly state reference of the compaies aswell.

  2. Madam.A O A.Mera teacher 19-5-2014 ko fot ho ki DOB.16-3-1964,DOA.10-9-1985,BPS No.14,basic pay ki kul service 28 year-8month he.kul earned leave 345.availed leave ki leave encashment kitni bnti he.formula send kr pr 180 day ka formula drj he. [email protected]. 0346-7720374

  3. Dear Sir,
    I am employee of Federal Government, i availed 150 days Earned leave, the account branch deducted 120 days convene allowance and 30 days full pay.
    120 days E/L (just convene allowance deducted)
    30 Days E/L (Leave without pay)
    Sir many friends told me that this rules is not valid.
    Sir please give me some guidence as per leave rules.

    1. Dear Naeem, Nadeem plz email me with these details:
      1- How many leaves were there in ur credit of leave account?
      2- What was their reply on doing so?
      3- What was ur mode of leave? Medical or others.
      If they did so due to less leave balance then you can convert the leaves on half pay rather than full pay.

  4. Dear Sister,
    My father passed away on 22-03-2011, where as his joining date in Federal Govt Service is 1988.
    So the total duration of service is (round about 23-years)
    As per rate of leave 12 leaves per year.
    276-leave in his account.

    Now please guide me that can v apply for Leave Encashment or 365-days leave in account is must for applying.?????

    Almas Malik
    [email protected]


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