How to Prepare Duplicate Service Book?

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As I mentioned in the previous posts relating to Maintenance of Service Book, Service Book is an important document for the Non-Gazetted Employee. All the entries of Annual Increment, Changes in Pay due to Revision of Pay Scales, Advance Increments, Selection Grade, Move Over to Next Scale, Premature Increments etc are made in the service book of a Non-Gazetted employee. In the same way, entries of Earned Leaves, Extra Ordinary Leave, Annual Service Verification, Transfer/Postings etc are also made in the service book. The detailed method for preparing Duplicate Service Book is as under:

Procedure to Prepare Duplicate Service Book

Today I am going to explain the method of Duplicate Service Book. It is also necessary as it is of great value if the original service book is lost. As you know the original service book is always in the custody of the DDO. You can get the original service book from the DDO and make all the entries of original serve book in the duplicate service book. Then get all the entries signed by the present DDO. Keep the duplicate service book in your own custody. Whenever a new entry is made in the Original Service Book, the same entry also be got made in the Duplicate Service Book and got signed by the DDO. You can also get the photocopied of the Original Service Book so that it may be helpful.

If the Original Service Book is Lost and there is no Duplicate Service Book Available?

It is an important question that what the solution of the service book is if the original service book is lost. In my opinion, the solution is that get all the relevant documents from the personal file or other sources. Some main documents that really can help to prepare duplicate service book are as under:

  • Appointment letter (s)
  • Transfer/posting orders
  • Joining reports
  • Relieving reports
  • Pay fixation proformas,
  • Leave record
  • Pay Slips
  • Annual Increment Orders

Just find the person whose pay and allowances went parallel to the concerned person. The data from his service book is really so helpful. Just submit these possible documents to the Higher Authorities for proper sanction for the preparation of the Duplicate Service Book.  This is all that is to be done for the preparation of Duplicate Service Book.


Duplicate Service Book

Some more suggestions that I have got from Mr. Waseem Jaan & Mr. Shaheen Rehman, have been published same as I received, these may also be helpful in other cases.

Mr. Waseem Jaan says,” In this connection the duplicate service book is made under the rules. (1) Permission for D/S is required from higher authority i-e administrative head. (2) No objection certificate regarding any dues/advance drawn before must be singed in first page of D/S, (3) all entries must be add in D/S from individual’s personal file (PC file) or record held in office or HQ. However it is suggested to all Govt. employees to make Duplicate service Book and prepare regularly/yearly.”

Mr. Shaheen Rehman says, “Although as a principal, it is compulsory to maintain 2-copies of the service book of government employees, one to be kept under safe custody and official SAFA/Chest and the other may be utilized for common practices, but no one take headache in this regard. It is stated that now service book completely can be preserved by scanning or photo copied. However, to maintain fresh service book, medical certificate copy is must. It is not necessary that the duplicate copy of the service book may be got signed from the officers incharge of that time, but the competent authority concerned on chair can sign the service book after consulting the record. As per AG/District Accounts Office, they will verify such service book under proper letter from the competent /inchage of the office. However, during verification by AG they will clearly note that no arrears will be allowed if due to the concerned employee. It is not necessary that the service book be signed from concerned officers of that time, but it can be signed by the present officer after consulting & verification of record.It is also necessary that an inquiry must be conducted about the misplacement of the original service book and must be the part & parcel of record.”

Other Visitors helped in this article are: Mr. Bilal Kausar Bilal, Mr. Waseem Jaan, Mr. Amer Mahmood, Mr. Chequo Jolly, Mr. Nadeem Mazhar, Mr. Fareed Ahmad.

Important Note: These are only suggestions for some departments, these may vary from department to department.


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46 thoughts on “How to Prepare Duplicate Service Book?

  1. Hi,
    My concern is for my uncle who is partially handicapped. My grand father was a plantation worker and my uncle has problems regarding pension. My grandfather’s service book is lost and there is no duplicate of the service book. The concerned department says the pension is not possible without the service book. Could you please suggest how to reconstruct the service book and the correct approach for the same.

      1. Sir My Appointment Order is Lost in my Service Book How Can I do

        Please soon reply i am from kpk govt department sir it is very urgent matter please quick response

        my what’s app no 03442337015

          1. Sir office are not give me my personal file what can i do he is tell me you bring your appointment order we have not responsible sir i apply for job my employ son quota now i win the case in high court my two brother is appointed open not employ son quota i apply for employ son quota now the department tell me bring your brother Appointment Order but i have no. please reply soon


        1. Sir G Mara ek bai marya walid k retirement k bad open merit may appoint howa hay ky yai emply son quota may tu nai ata hay please confrm me hanks

          1. Salam Sir G Sir Court nay mari haq may faisla kya hay ab departmnet nai manta may kya karo plese ab department mujay khta hay k tumaray 2 bai emly son quita ma owa hay

  2. hi im hewan my dad was a govt employed under westbengal state government working on hospital however my dad service book is lost from the office as they said there is no other alternative for another service book to reconstruct coz we doesnt have joining or appointment letter at hand coz he doesnt maintain a file like we do this days. help needed

  3. Dear, AOA.

    Sir, Hamara Adjustment/appointment Howa from 04 scale to 11 as Junior Clerk on dated 01.10.2018 kia main annual increment 1.12.2018 ka haqdar how ya na. Please reply me.

  4. I have lost my service book the original one. There is no duplicated copy. When I asked the concerned authority to make another service book they said that police verification and permission from the higher authority is needed. Is it true procedure.. What should i do. Plz suggest me

  5. in this connection the duplicate service book is made under then rule(1) permission for D/S is required from higher authority

    plz tel ya rule (1) kis ka hy DDO kay ya phir kisi aur ka

  6. i need some information regarding that a few pages in my service book are missing . how to get entries of those pages again in duplicate. xerox copy of the service in maintained.

  7. Justice / Equality in Pay scales of the UDCs (Federal Govt) VS (other Provinces) like:-

    LDC – BPS-09
    UDC – BPS-11
    Other Provinces
    LDC – BPS-11
    UDC – BPS-14
    Please update any info about the matter???

    Muhammad Tanveer

  8. Hi,

    My self Ayub Khan, my father is a telegram messenger in telegram dept. He is expired on duty due to some health problem.
    My problem is when I am asking my father service book the dept members are saying service book is missed from our office…i make many requests them but they are saying cockable stories…
    Can you please tell me the procedure how to get my father service book original/duplicate.

    Thanks& Regards

    Ayub khan
    Mail:[email protected]

  9. Aoa,

    Hi miss, regarding this post, can you explain what would be the procedure if we do have the certified photo copy of service book, but original has been misplaced and no duplicate service book is been maintained by employee or the DDO office….?? and can the attested copy be considered for the retirement purpose as required along with the pension papers….?


  10. Sister many thanks for keeping us ever abreast. I have one question for you, can you tell me any post/designation in Pakistan who is in BPS-16 and is not gazetted and what are the entitlements of a BPS-16 officer in Pakistan (Federal Government)?

    I shall be thankful.

    My regards

      1. AOA sister,
        i am abbas waseer from multan. i am graduate but have not job since 2008 i want to study more now but i have not enough money to study and no job for my & my family exp. plz help to find any suitable job

  11. I have a letter regarding the preparation of duplicate service book .in which detail procedure has been mentioned but due non availability of scanner i could not post him

  12. Wht abt the Service books of Gazetted especially … thr is gr* query still to-date in our organization that whether the upgraded Stenographers i.e. APS are Gazetted Officer or NOT ..

    wht is the status of the APS… are they Gazetted or Not ?

    wht abt the updating of their Service Books and ACR/ PER….

      1. Still U think Ma’m , I ‘ m really surprised.

        Thank u for ur such quick reply.. U’r almost thr , when i need ur help. Thank u again for ur being so nice. I want the clarification in form of notification or some helpful documents.

        Finance Division O.M No 1(110)R-1/2012-124/13 dt 28 Feb 2013, regarding Re-designation of Stenographer as APS, it was mentioned in last line of the OM that Re-designation is with immediate effect, subject to Amendment in Uniform Recruitment Rules of ministerial posts. That last line is so confusing in our Officers’ eyes. they r asking for These Rectt. Rules.

        V can’t teach them. V can’t make to able to think Neutrally, they r still trying to degrade/ treat APS as just NOTHING…

        1. Mst. shumaila Kamal you are wrong Stenographer / APS are not gazetted. They are gazetted class-II they cannot attest the documents. However, they can have their stamp
          class – Gazetted posts Correspondng Grades
          (1) Class I………………….(1) Grade 17 to 23.
          (2) Class II………………..(2) Grade 16.
          (Authoristy.-Estt.Division D.O letter No.5/1/73-ARC.II dated 30-10-1973].

          APS is like Auditors in the AGPR or other offices cannot attest


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