Appointment of an Officer of Lower Grade to a Post of Higher Grade and Grant of Pay of the Higher Post-Notification of Sindh Govt 2006

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Government of Sindh, Finance Department has already issued Notification No. FD/SR-I/1(63)/2005 dated 7th January 2006 in connection with the Grant of Pay of Higher Post to the Officer of Lower Grade appointed on the Higher Post.

According to this Notification, the courts held from time to time that where a civil servant is called upon to discharge duties and responsibilities of a higher post, he is entitled to pay of the higher post. The Law Department in their U.O No. OP (23)/86/378 dated 26th October 1986 issued necessary guidelines in this regard. To further clarify the matter, it has been decided that the pay of the higher post will be admissible to Civil Servants during the period of appointment on higher post subject to the following conditions:

  • The officer has been appointed on higher post by the authority competent to make appointment on that post.
  • The officer is fully qualified in every respect to be appointed to that higher post.
  • The officer discharges all the duties and responsibilities of the higher post independently and serves all connections with his lower post.
  • The pay of the higher post will be fixed presumptively with effect from the date of officer assumes the charge of the higher post and it will include the increments of the pay scale of the higher post for the period of higher post appointment on that post.
  • On relinquishing of charge of the higher post or on transfer or on regular promotion to that higher post, the pay will be re-fixed with reference to original scale of pay of the officer and increments earned (if any) on higher post will count for increments in his original scale as per provisions of Rule 50 of SCSR Manual (Vol: 1).
  • The pay of the higher post will be given only with the concurrence of Finance Department.

All Administrative Secretaries to Government of Sindh are advised that only those cases may be referred to Finance Department which are covered under sub-paras (i) to (iii) of para-I above and pay of the concerned officers may be fixed/re-fixed in terms of sub-para (iv) and (v) above after obtaining prior concurrence of the Finance Department.


Higher Post Pay


Higher Post Pay




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4 thoughts on “Appointment of an Officer of Lower Grade to a Post of Higher Grade and Grant of Pay of the Higher Post-Notification of Sindh Govt 2006

  1. Dear Sir,

    Hopes you will this message with good health.

    Sir, I was working in BS-16 and after that I was selected in BS-17 (Selection) in same institute through proper channel. I joined in BS-17 on 31-07-2013 and same day I relived from BS-16 (No Service Break). But there in no annual increment in December 2013 was given to me of BS- 16 or BS-17.

    Finance departments of my institute says that your service in BS-17 is less than 6-Month.
    It is therefore requested that some help, advise, or any notification etc may kindly be provided for the same. (Because there is no service break in service in the same institute.)


  2. Madam, I am recently retired from govt service. I was appointed as additional principal veterinary officer (a post of grade 19) own pay and scale, on 24/06/2014 by the order of chief minister Punjab. Order was issued by secretary L&DD Dept. Punjab. On 14/10//2014, Provincial selection board gave his recommendations to promote me and many other officers to grade 19 on regular basis. On 23/05/2015, Secretary L&DD issued orders of promotion to grade 19 with approval of Governor Punjab.I was allowed to work on same post and same place.I got pay of grade 19 w.e.f.23/05/2015 while I had been already working on the post of this grade since 24/06/2014. I got retired on 14/10/2015. I could not get the benefit of notional increment on retirement because of less than 6 months period of grade 19. I request please tell me what should I do to get the benefit of grade 19 from earlier dates.Hoping to be factor with reply.


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