Group Insurance of the Employees of School Education Department and Payment on Retirement

Government of the Punjab School Education department has issued a circular No. SO (A-I) 8-20/2013 dated 24th April 2014 to the Secretary Government of the Punjab Finance Department, Civil Secretariat, Lahore in connection with Claim of Group Insurance on retirement of the Employees of School Education Department and Payment on Maturity Retirement.

According to this letter deductions for Group Insurance are being made from the salaries of the Govt Employees/Officials/Officers of School Education Department. The claim of Group Insurance is only given to the employees who died during service. The Teachers Associations have met with the authorities of School Education Department and they have demanded that the payment from State Life Insurance Company may also be made on Maturity/Retirement other than death claim.

It is requested to take up the said issue with the quarter concerned and appropriate steps may be taken to satisfy the rightful demand of the teacher’s community.


Group Insurance Retirement




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16 thoughts on “Group Insurance of the Employees of School Education Department and Payment on Retirement

  1. Assalamo elekum.
    You are serving retired as well as employees working in Govt/ semi Govt with sincerity for which we pray Allah Almighty bless you.I retired from CAA in April 2012.Am I entitled for group insurance in the light of Supreme court judgement .kindly make available the judgment of supreme Court/govt notification on your web.

  2. Abdul Rasheed Khan · Edit

    please up date about payment of group insurance to Punjab govt servant on completion of 25 years of qualified service.I retired on August 2016 please inform me what is my status,

  3. Please implies the group insurance maturity claim for school education department immediately.
    Sh. Mudassar Hussain EST Teacher Sialkot

  4. sir my father was sst at govt high scool , retired in 12-31-2013 and died on 22 oct 2017 …can we claim greoup insurance ? if yes then plzzz guide me

  5. میرے ولد محکمہ پنجاب پولیس سے میڈیکل بورڈ ریٹائڑ ہوے اور بورڈ ہونے کے چند ماہ بعد رضاء الہٰی سے وفات پاگئے کیا ہم لوگ گروب انشورس کے اہل ہے یا نہیں برائے مہرابانی فرماکر اس سلسلے میں میری رہنمانی فرمائے۔۔۔۔۔

  6. Assalam.o.Alaikum
    Dear maam,
    is there any document availble for seniority count of contract period . As we are contract lecturers of 1998/1999 and regularized in dec 2014 n still at no bottom of seniority list. please guide if our contract period would be counted any supporting document.

  7. Dear Admin plz update and guidance about group insurance to civil servant of kpk after compelation of 25-30 years service.According to Act.2014 titled Khyber Pakhtunkhaw civil servant servant retirement Benefit and death compensation Nov;15,2014 as per provided schedule in percentage system. How can apply the case and Prescribed application form is dire need

  8. Dear Admin,Please update about Payment of Group Insurance to Punjab Govt.Servants on completion of 25 years of qualified service.As State life Insurance corporation gives lum sum amount upon maturity of Policy,those employees who served 25 years and deduction was made in the name of Insurance but after retirement noting is paid to them except those who die in-service or incapacitated.What efforts are made to convince Punjab entertain such requests made by ex-servicemen and their Unions……………………………….

  9. dear madam,
    how many benefit or economically grant by government servant after retirement

    please tell me in deeply. for example gratuity GP fund pension etc. and also tell me group insurance what is this.


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