Departmental Notification of Upgradation of TGTs from BPS-16 to BPS-17

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FGEIs (C/G) Directorate Rawalpindi has issued Notification No. 0409/42/2014-FGEI(PS) dated 19th June 2014 in connection with Departmental Notification of Upgradation of TGTs from BPS-16 to BPS-17.

In pursuance of Finance Division (Regulation Wing) O.M No. F.No.9(6)R-I/2014-165 dated 14th May 2014 conveyed by Ministry of Defence U.O No. 4/3/D-22/2010 dated 20th May 2014 and on the recommendations of Departmental Promotion Committee in its meeting on 13th June 2014, the following Trained Graduate Teachers (TGTs) are hereby upgraded to the post of Secondary School Teachers BPS-17 with effect from the dates mentioned against each.

Special Thanks to Mr. Sabir Afridi for proving the information.


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TGT Upgradation


Now available Clear Full List of Upgradation of TGT English Medium Male




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86 thoughts on “Departmental Notification of Upgradation of TGTs from BPS-16 to BPS-17

  1. Can any body have seniority list of Urdu Medium Male T.G.T (2007-2008) or (2008-2009).Please send me as soon as possible.I shall be thankful to you.

  2. Dear Madam
    I Shakil Nayyar(T.G.T) BPS-16 retired on 09-06-2011.If I bestowed up gradation promotion.I want to know my arear’s amount and fixaton of pension till up to now.Please reply in detail soon.My particulars are as below:
    1. Gross pension on 10-06-2011 was Rs 12,467
    2. Portion of pension commuted Rs 4363
    3. Pension payable w.e.f 10-06-2011 Rs 8104
    4.Medical allowance 20% = Rs 2712 p.m w.e.f 10-06-2011
    5.Basic pay on 09-06-2011 Rs 17,340+470(For the pension purpose only)
    6.Current pension Rs 23,293

    1. Dear Shakil Nayyar I can only fix your pay as the calculation u mentioned is a long process, Plz email me the details at mine email address alongwith basic pay Thanks

  3. Dear Madam
    In up gradation promotion case, i want to know my arear’s amount and fixation of pension (in detail).My date of retirement is 09-06-2011.My current amount of pension is Rs 23,293. Thanks

  4. dear shumaila my basic pay was 7000 as tgt in jan 2011 plz tell me what will be my basic pay now as a sst and what will be my full pay now?

  5. AoA
    Dear shumaila can u plz calculate my pay and arrear , I’ve been upgraded from 16 to 17 scale.plz tell me your email address to send my pay on 31-12-10

  6. dear mam where do we get urdu medium tgts upgradation list??? plz plz upload these lists by ur resources as you upload the previous lists, we asked to our scols bt still not reach there.

  7. Dear Madam the list of Urdu medium TGTs is still awaited you are requested to kindly as soon as the same will receive by u please upload in your site.

  8. Dear Madam,
    I retired on 09-06-2011 as TGT (BPS-16) but very sad why i have been neglected in up-gradation. Please let me know the reason (criteria) in detail as soon as possible. Thanks

  9. Ms shumaila ap ko baqi pages nhe mile ya upload he nhe ho sake. akher ap ko pura notification to upload kerna chahye. ya ye pages kisi pakoron ya samoson wali dukan se mil gae , ( as it looks no serial continuty)

  10. Salam Sister;
    I am Muhammad Ali Shah working as TUGT in FGEI(C/G). Sister i wan to know that the upgradation list of TUGT and MTT is available. If any i shall be very much thankful to know about our names wether we were upgraded or not.
    Your brother Muhammad Ali Shah


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