Admissibility of Conveyance Allowance during Training /Study Leave Abroad

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD.SR-I.9-16/81(PR) dated 10-02-2016 in connection with Admissibility of Conveyance Allowance during Training /Study Leave Abroad.

According to this Notification, kindly refer to your letter of the dated 14-12-2015 on the subject noted above.

The case has been examined in the Finance Department and it is observed that Conveyance Allowance is not admissible during training/study leave abroad  vide letter No. F.D/S.RI-9-16/81 dated 16-12-1983.

Special thanks to Mr. Shaheen Rehman for sending the copy of the letter.


Conveyance Allowance during Training

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5 thoughts on “Admissibility of Conveyance Allowance during Training /Study Leave Abroad

  1. Dear Ms Shumaila I have a question here about conveyance allowance deduction in a Vacation department (FGEI Schools to be precise):How long the vacation should be for this deduction? I mean if there are only 5 to 7 days of winter vacation(which sometimes is the case) is the conveyance allowance for this small period going to be deducted?Can you kindly cite the relevant notification etc?Bcoz someone told me that its not deducted in the FG schools of Islamabad…but our school is doing it.Waiting for your reply please.

  2. admissibility of conveyance allowance in Fed.govt during training/study leave not allowed as per my opinion. if allowed in fed.govt. i dont know


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