Assistance Package Revision Notification by Establishment Division

Government of Pakistan, Establishment Division has issued Notification No. No.1/39/2013-E-2 (Pt) dated 01-12-2016 in connection with Assistance Package Revision Notification.

According to this Notification, the undersigned is directed to refer to Establishment Division’s 0.M of even number dated 3rd August, 2016 on the above noted subject.

It is clarified that Federal Government employees who died during service w.e.f 01-07-2005 and survived by two or more widows and/or children from these widows, the families of such deceased Federal Government Servants, the right of contract, appointment under the Assistance Package shall be decided on the same analogy/criteria as already notified by this Division vide 0.M of even number dated 3rd August, 2016 as referred, above.


Assistance Package Revision Notification



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7 thoughts on “Assistance Package Revision Notification by Establishment Division

  1. A.A. Sir,
    My father (Late Ashiq Hussain SA/3897) was retired on medical ground dated: 01-06-2004, & died on dated: 01-11-2004 .
    the type of his retirement was invalid .
    Am i eligile ?
    may i apply in PMAD through ‘Assistance package for families who die in service’ ? or
    another package for us?
    Please! inform me.

  2. With due respect ..
    I am a contract employee of PMAD and appointed through assistance package on Sept. 2012.. Kindly suggest me what should i do for my confirmation..


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