Calculation Procedure TA/DA 2018-19 on Transfer, Temporary Duty and Retirement

I am here sharing the complete detail of Calculation Procedure TA/DA 2018-19 on Transfer, Temporary Duty and Retirement. The procedure is same for the Federal and Provincial Government Employees. Detail is as under:


Calculation Procedure TA/DA

I shall describe full detail of TA / DA Calculation on the event of Transfer of an employee, Retirement or on temporary duty.


Rates of Daily Allowance for Various Cities

BPSOrdinary RatesSpecial Rates
01 to 04496800
05 to 11624880
12 to 1611201440
17 to 1820002560
19 to 2024803280

List of Special Cities

List of Special Cities for the purpose of Daily Allowance is as under:

There are different Daily Allowance rates for the various cities. There are Ordinary Rates and Special Rates.Special rates are for the following cities:

  1. Islamabad
  2. Hyderabad
  3. Karachi
  4. Sukhur
  5. Lahore
  6. Multan
  7. Dera Ghazi Khan (DG Khan)
  8. Gujranwala
  9. Bahawalpur
  10. Sargodha
  11. Sialkot
  12. Rawalpindi
  13. Faisalabad
  14. Peshawar
  15. Quetta
  16. Northern Areas
  17. Muzafarabad
  18. Mir Pur AJ&K
  19. Gwadar

Calculation of TA/DA on Temporary Duty

Calculation of TA/DA on temporary duty may be different depending on the conditions of the duty and facility provided to the employee.

If you are provided with residence then you will claim only Daily Allowance & TA. If you are not provided with residence then you will claim TA, DA and Hotel Charges. Normally the Hotel Charges are 2x dailies claimable.Chart of daily allowance is given above.

Calculation of TA/DA on Transfer

If you transfer at your own request or locally that you have not the right of TA/DA.  You will get the following benefits on transfer/posting by the department:

Daily Allowance


1x Basic Pay

Luggage Charges

Daily Allowance

Rates of daily Allowance are as given above. Family members above the age of 12 years will get the full Daily and the Children below the age of 12 will get half daily allowance.

Basic Pay

The employee who has been transferred will get 1x current basic pay for the purpose.

Luggage Charges

The formula for the luggage charges is as under:

Luggage Charges = Weight x Distance x 0.02

BPSWeight(With Family)Weight (Single)TA Facility
BPS-01 to BPS-10760 Kg380 KgEconomy
BPS-11 to BPS-131500 Kg760 KgAC Lower Ordinary or Above
BPS-14 to BPS-163000 Kg1500 KgAC Parlor or Above
BPS-17 & Above4500 Kg2240 KgAC Sleeper or Higher

TA/DA on Retirement

Formula for TA/Da on Retirement is same as on transfer but only DA will not be admissible to the employee or his/her family.


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21 thoughts on “Calculation Procedure TA/DA 2018-19 on Transfer, Temporary Duty and Retirement

  1. Daily Allowance

    Family members above the age of 12 years will get the full Daily and the Children below 12 years age will get half daily in Transfer TA.

    Please send/attach the proof/ Notification of the above.
    Some people say that Daily Allowance admissible is only Half Daily on transfer (e.g., if we travel from Lahore to Sargodha, we will reach in 4 hours, and hence only half daily is admissible). Please explain

  2. i have promoted from bps-16 to 17.distance of new station is about 50 km with in the i can claim transfer grant and TA.please guide me in detail.

  3. Dear Sir,
    Assalam u Alaikum

    I am regular employee in BPS 17 of federal Government under Ministry of Federal Educaation and Professional Training. I have been transferred from Bahawalpur to Sheikhupura. My family is resident of Lahore, kind prepare TA./DA of Transfer from bahawalpur to Sheikhupura

  4. aoa
    I am government servant in Punjab health department bps 20 will I get transfer allowance I am a resident of Lahore and will retire from Lahore also

  5. On 16th Apr 2002, I was drawing basic pay of Rs. 3300/- in BPS No. 5. On 17th Apr 2002, I was appointed UDC in the same Department. How my Basic pay will be fix ???? On 3420 (next above stage) stage in BPS No. 7 or on 3540 (Next above with premature increment).


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