How Much Salary Increase in Budget 2019-20 Should Be?

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Budget 2019-20 is expected to be announced in May 2019. In this regard I am sharing here the topic of How Much Salary Increase in Budget 2019-20 Should Be? All employees are requested to submit their comments in this regard so that the voice of the employees reaches to the Government.

House Rent Allowance / Rent Charges of Houses

As you know Rent of the Houses have been increased many times as compared to the House Rent Allowance granted to the employees.  So House Rent Allowance should be revised.

Increase in Medical Allowance

Rates of Medicines and treatment charges have also been increased so Medical Allowance should also be increased.

Suggestions Regarding Salary Increase in Budget 2019-20

According to my opinion there should be increase the following pay / allowances for the employees:

  1. Basic Pay should be increased by merging existing adhoc allowances  
  2. House Rent Allowance should be based on the Revised Pay Scales 2017
  3. Medical Allowance should be increased to minimum Rs. 5000/- per month
  4. Computer Allowance should be raised
  5. School / College Fees of Children of all employees should be paid by the Government.
  6. Higher Qualification Increments should be restored
  7. Same pay structure should be for all Government employees of Pakistan
  8. Overtime allowance should be granted to all concerned employees
  9. Motorcar, motorcycle and House Building Advance should be granted to all Government employees of Pakistan as per new rates of the items.

What You Think Should Also be more increased in Budget 2019-20

If you think there need other allowances etc to be increased in budget 2019-20, you should comment below so that your voice should also be included.

Salary Increase in Budget 2019-20

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82 thoughts on “How Much Salary Increase in Budget 2019-20 Should Be?

  1. Imtiaz Hussain Soomro · Edit

    1. Merge all adhoc relief 10% 2016,17 and 18 in Basic Pay.
    2. House Rent Allowance should be granted as on 01-07-2017 instead on 2008.
    3. Medical Allowance should be @Rs.10000 per month. Or other-wise all Medical Hospital(s) may be take on Panel for free emergency treatment.
    4. Utility Allowance should be allowed to all employees.
    5. Educational Fees if any should be born by the Government for all Government employees.
    6. Golden Handshake Scheme to all government employees on 15years service.
    7. Departmental/ Government/ Individual House Accommodation for all Government employees.
    8. 15 days salary package should be launched. (Example: salary Rs.50,000 01 month. then Rs.25,000 in 15 days). it will be helpful for low paid employees.

  2. A. O. A
    Dear sir,
    Federal clerk ke LDC & UDC BPS 09 SE UPER kar ke 11 pe or 11 se UPER kar ke 14 may kar deya Jay…. Jo ke humay clerical staff ke Sath pechaly saal se na insafi ho rahi ha…

  3. I request to Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Muraad Ali Shah sahab owing to hike of prices of all objects of life please revise all Allowances 100% as per hike of prices such as Electricity, Sui gas, petrol floor sugar everything of life.hope my suggestion will help you.
    Govt employee Sindh local govt

    Name. Inayat
    Email:. [email protected]

  4. Aoa.Sir Please take step on upgradation of lab assistant scale Bps-07 . Lab assistant is Fsc qualified and working in Bps-07 whereas UDC-Bps-11.UDC is F.A. qualified. LDC is Matric Qualified and working in Bps-09.Please take step on Lab Assistant scale upgradation which should be Equal to UDC which is Bps-11.

  5. House Rent allowance is not applicable to army servant upto BPS-16. Below 17 scale CILQ are applicable which is upto 3200 upto higher rate. Therefore it should be upgraded with the comparatively with HRA rate for servant of lower scale upto BPS-16.

  6. Asalamo Alaikum. Salary should be increased in accordance with the present price hikes. Moreover, it is also suggested that steps should be taken for decreased in prices like patrol and utilities.

  7. ” Technical allowance for engineers working in KpK and Punjab Governments have been awarded/approved by the respective governments @ 1.5 times the basic pay.
    However engineers working in Federal Government Ministries/Departments/Divisions/Bodies are deprived of the same allowance. We pledge that decision must be unified for Federation and Provinces, and this allowance must be awarded to the rest as well. To remove the anomaly, improve work quality, eradicate corruption, and bringing the salary structure of engineers at par with Corporate and multinational companies, and for grievances redressel, this Engineering/Technical allowance should be provided to the Engineers working in federal government.

  8. House rent allowance paid 100% of basic pay 2017
    Medical allowance should be paid bps-1-15 for Rs.5000/-
    and BPS 17 and above for 10000/- per month.
    Equal pay scale to all govt deparments decreasing 22 to 14 pay scale

  9. no one think about minimum pensioners problems, how they survive in this price hike era, i requested to the PM of Pak please increase pension for minimum pensioners to at least 50% that should be Rs 15000/-PM minimum pension, Allah ap logon ko jazaie khair day ameen

  10. now politics have become business. just business. they never work for the welfare of humanity but for himself. they make their position strong. may Allah help us .

  11. Aslam o Alaykum, it is brought to the great notice of Prime Minister that mostly the works officially on the shoulders of Computer Operators and Steno, s which category of the posts in this duration of the IT are most worthiness category of posts, but it is so regretted that in Balochistan Government the category of the posts Office Assistants, Junior Clerks, Senior Clerks have been up graded 2 step higher but the computer operators and the Stenos are still have not been up graded nor any promotion process has made in said categories. so we are request the PM Islamic Republic of Pakistan to kindly up grade the technical level post as mentioned above 2. step higher as made in the other category of posts in last years cuz mostly the computer operators and stenos are elapsing their lives on their mere salaries but the other category of posts the persons who are serving dealing the cash as cashier and earning the commissions which is a corruption and losing the public money so we are once again repeat request to PM kindly up grade the stenos and computer operators 2 steps higher in the coming budget THANKS

  12. The house rent increase have no effect on us as the whole house rent plus 5% of basic pay is taken from office residents in our organisation.
    So basic pay increase is also not favourable.
    I am paying this house rent for a small flat
    Medical allowance increase will be welcomed
    Yes off course children fees should be paid by government as it is deducted from our salaries

  13. Salaries should not be increased but all allowances should be merged in the Basic Pay. In my point of view it will be a historical budget.

  14. Assistants BPS16 and superintendent BPS17 like provincial and 100%salary increase house rent and medical and conveyance allowances minimum Rs10000 each and promotion after 10 years service in cadre

  15. Request to Prime Minister of Pakistan, President of Pakistan & Finance Minister of Pakistan
    we are working in grade 16 since long but every Government neglected us in every budget. Previous Government promoted LDC 7 grade to 11 grade, UDC grade 9 to grade 14 Assistant grade 14 secretary grade 17 to grade 18 & 19 grade etc, but government never promoted all employees of grade 16 working in various posts we are working in grade 16 since long and near to retire
    Kindly promote All grade 16 employees who completed 10 years service in same post.

  16. Grade 16 employees are waiting their upgradtion since long as LDC, UDC Assistant, secretary and other has been up graded in last years but government of Pakistan not doing and this for grade 16 employess

  17. the above mentioned allowances only for federal government employees not for provincial government employees think about it the employees of provincial government are also required all the allowances all the humans are same in the world

  18. It is requested to Govt. of Pakistan to Increase the following allowances, as the low paid employees are badly suffered by Inflation.

    1. HRA @ 50% on Revised Basic Pay Scale 2017

    2. Cash Medical Allowance upto 4000

    3. The Hard Area Allowance may be increased @ 100% of the existing rate for Chitral, Besham, Glilgit & Baltistan.

    4. All the Accounts Assistant Working in BPS-15 may be allowed BPS-16 according to KPK govt.

    It is also requested that the Option for Cash Medical Allowance may be allowed to BPS-16 & above as the same has not so far been introduced in WAPDA

  19. I request to the Govt of Pakistan to please save of lower grade Govt pensioners who are only receiving Rs 10000/-PM this should be increase up to 15000/-PM, so that these lower grade pensioners fight with their life, for Allah shake help of lower grade pensioners by increasing 50% of pension,

  20. AOA, I have to submit few request to PM and Fin. Mins
    1. Clerical staff (i.e LDC & UDC) of Fed Govt may please be upgrade.
    2. Restore of Educational Increment
    3. Spl Allowance for Disable must be increase.
    4. House Rent may be increase upto 50%
    5. Conveyance Allowance also increase minimum 50%.
    6. All adhoc merge in basic than increase 30%

  21. 1. adhoc relief must be merged in Basic scale
    2. utility allowance must be given to all government employees like Secretariat
    3. house rent allowance will be given on running basic pay scales

  22. 1- House Rent should be increased as the current HR allowance is nothing but a joke.
    2-Computer Allowance of IT Personnel should be increased upto Rs. 5000/- because since 2001 it has not been increased.
    3- Adhoc Allowances 16-17-18 should be merged in the Basic Pay. and 20% adhoc allowance should be given to all employees BPS-1 TO BPS-22 after merging.
    4-Medical Allowance should be Rs. 4000 for all Employees from BPS-1 to BPS-22.

  23. All adhoc Allounces should be merged and than increase 30% Salary of Grade 1-16 should be increased upto 30% and grade 17 and above should be increased 10%. Salries of All Govt Servants of Pakistan should be equal . Time Scale policy should be allowed to all Departments where no promotion in service. Educational increasments should be restored. Medical Allounce should be minimum 8000.The Differance of Salaries in various departments should must be addressed.

  24. AOA, Sir plz clerical staff ki upgradation ki jay. special allowance for disable person ko bhi increase kardain.. Education allowance of bhi bahal kia jay.
    Adhoc ko basic ma merge kar k 30% increase ki jay

  25. 1. first of all all the clerical staff (UDC, LDC) are upgraded from BPS 9 to 14 and 7 to 11 but the federal clerical staff did not upgraded, first off all federal clerical staff be upgraded to 14 and 11 as UDC and LDC are in 9 and 11.

    2. all the adhoc allowances be merged in basic pay and then 30% be increased.

  26. Merge all the allowance then increase 30%
    House ceiling should be for every employee of every department
    medical allowance should be 5000 at lease
    allows Utility allowance should be for all the Sindh Government employees of every department please.

  27. computer Allowance must be awarded to the Computer Teachers in all Government of Punjab Schools as awarded to all Computer Personnel in other departments of Government of Punjab.

  28. 1. All adhoc allowances be merged in basic pay.
    2. M.Phil. allowance be given to MS (18 years education) degree holders as clarified by HEC but not yet notified by Finance Division.
    3. Utility allowance be increased to 3000 PM.
    4. Income tax rate be restored to the level of what previous government notified.
    5. Medical allowance be linked with running basic pay as prices of medicines have escalated considerably.
    6. An adhoc allowance of 10% of current running basic pay be added.

  29. The increase in Pay and Allowances should be adequate to cope up with the existing price hike for all Government Employees either paid from Federal Government, Provincial Governments or from Forces exchequer. Pensioners may also be adequately accommodated in terms of fair increase so as to enable them cater to the high rise in the cost of living in all spheres of life and it is hoped that none others than buraucrates know well and they will not commit any mistake in this regard in safeguarding the interest of the Government Employees. Further, the Government at Federal and Provincial Levels be directed to pay Group Insurance Fund in terms of the Judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan to all the Retired Employees without fail at the time of their retirement as also to the employees who stood retired and/or are to retire in due course of time.

  30. Malik Ata Muhammad Utra · Edit

    Basic Pay Scales should be revised by merging Adhoc Relieves of 2016, 2017 and 2018 in current Basic Pay Scales and Also 25% Adhoc Relief 2019 should be given on revised pay scales 2019.

  31. There are some discrepancies in existing allowances. for example Risk Allowance is admissible to Nurses and Doctors in Health departments while Paramedics and supporting staff is not entitled. Processional Allowance is admissible to some cadres but others are not entitled. there should be reasonable professional and risk allowances for all technical staff.

  32. Our income tax is being deducted on running total pay.
    Why the House Rent is being given 45% on the basic pay of 2011?
    This is a clearly injustice.
    Hence it is requested that the House Rent Allowance should also be given on running & present pay scale.
    The Selection grade stenographers in Punjab not up-graded not given time scale promotion as yet.

  33. House Rent must be increased.
    convence allowance should be 10000
    Merge all adhoc relief to basic and increase 50%
    all other allowances given to Federal Employees should be given to all Government Employee

  34. Agreed with the suggestions. Every employee must be given job allowance according to his nature of work/job. The salary must be increase by merging at least 02 Adhoc Allowances and specially medical allowance & H.R allowance are required to be increased as per prevailing rates.

  35. Muhammad Tariq Nadeem · Edit

    (i) Conveyance Allowance must be increased at least 50% of the existing C.A

    (ii) Charge Allowance which is receiving at present by the Principals of Inter and Degree Colleges working in FGEI(C/G) Dte under Ministry of Defence at shame level Rs.200/- only. This allowance should be raised at least Rs.5000/-

  36. All Ad hoc allowances shud b merged and then increase the salary @60%
    Conveyance allowance must increased @100% bcz petrol prices are too much high

  37. Naseer Hussain shah Steno Education Department · Edit

    Govt. is requested restore the move over scheme of govt. employees which was discontinued w.e.f. 01.12.2001 by restoration of this all senior in service govt. employees will be able to enjoy the next grade/scale who are working on the same scale for the last many years and deprived of any kind of promotion during entire there service.

  38. I am a Ex-Technocrat and Pensioner
    I suggest increase in Medical Allowance of Pensioners. We are taking fixed medical allowance since long. It must be revise now keeping in view the rise medicine in last five years. Pension should be increased at least 30 %.
    10 % quota be kept in Pakistan Housing Scheme of Federal Government.

  39. Assalamualaikum dear friends mujhe sirf ye kehna hai k employees jis marzi qualification base pe bharti hoa ho agar us ne apni qualification improve ki hai to us ko job us k mutabik dyni chahiye ek naib qasid matric base pe bharti hoa hon ab chahye wo MBA bhi kr lyn wo naib qasid ka naib qasid he rahy ga ku baqi 17 and above walo ko knsy par lagy hoye hai k wo study krna chahye to is ko department permission k sath sath us ki university ki fees bhi dyta hai or agar koi scale 1 to scale 16 tak koi study krna chahye to usko kuch allow nhi hai ku akhir ku farq rakha hoa hai is liye k 1 to 16 walo k liye koi rule nhi hai rules banane wale kn exective/officers to unho ne to apne jaiso wale k he bary mai sochna hai na koi insan ka bacha ALLAH khofi wala bandy ko any he nhi dyty kab badly ga ye nizam is pe koi action lyne wala nhi hai hain koi jawab kisi k pass hai koi k kuch kry ga is bary mai humari salaries no doubt buhat kam hai ajj kal k mehangai k door mai minimum 35000 salary honi chahiye ye kam se kam keh raha hon jis mai employees guzara kr saky ga kisi ko 15000 dy rahy hai kisi ko 18000 ye koi maAkh hai kitne kharchy hoty hai ghar k sab ko pata hai salana increment 250 rupy lanath tumhari shaklo pe khud 10000 salana increment budget mai 10000 increase ho jati hai or baqi employees kisi ki 500 kisi ki 1000 dubara lanath ho tumhari shaklo pe.
    Mere hisab se ye hona chahiye

    BPS 1 to 4. 100%
    BPS 5 to 8. 80 %
    BPS 9 to 11. 60 %
    BPS 12 to 16. 40%
    BPS 17 & above ki 20 % hon chahiye

    Baqi allownces
    Medical min. 5000
    House rent min. 10000
    Free supply ka bhi ghur krna chahiye 100, 150 per month se kuch nhi hota kam se kam 250 monthly hona chahiye

    1. کیوں نو سے گیارہ والوں نے تمہارا کیا بگاڑا ہے ۔
      میں سکیل گیارہ میں ہوں لیکن کءی ناءب قاصد سکیل ایک کے مجھ سے ڈبل سیلری لے رہے ہیں ان کی سیلری پر پحر کٹ لگنا چاہےے کیا

    1. House rent kum sey kum 5000 say start ho taki Qabza mafia apni Makan high rate per rent per Chara ker serkari quarter per qabza ker kay na betheng. Aur Jin ghareeb mulazemeen ke zati ghar na hong wo asani say quarter hasil ker sakay. Thanks.

  40. Government should increase salary 100%
    Medical allowance minimum should be 5000
    House rent allowance minimum 10000
    Utility allowance should be given to all employees
    Convince allowance should be given to all employees minimum 6000
    Because the imflation rate is very is very difficult for employees to live in this situation.allah pity on us and blessed to our dear home land.aameen

  41. Normally house rent must be 35% of the basic pay. Page should be increases as
    Scale 1 westbury increases 5000 rupees. Scale 16 must be increases at least 18000 rupees. Servants working in 19 grade there must be increases 32000 rupees and etc.

    1. House rent should be similar in small cities. Conveyance allowance should be 7000 per month. Utility, computer and additional qualification allowance must be the part of each employee, One dearness allowance is compulsory in this budget keeping in view inflation

  42. Muhammad Naveed Qayyum · Edit

    Merge all the allowance then increase 50%
    House ceiling should be for every employee of every department
    Medical allowance should be 5000 at least
    Utility allowance should be for all the employees of every department


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