Budget 2019-20 Pakistan Updates – Date of Announcement of Budget

I am sharing the Budget 2019-20 Pakistan Updates for the information of the employees and other concerned. The updates are based on the Daily Dunya newspaper dated 03-05-2019.

Budget 2019-20 Pakistan Updates

               As government has already announced the date of announcement of Budget 2019-20 Pakistan, however according this newspaper there may be (not final) change in date of announcement of the Budget 2019-20 as already announced in Budget Call circular. In this connection the same is under discussion and when it will be finalized will be announced. If this 22 or 24th May date is not final then it may be 8th June 2019. (Let’s wait for the confirmation from the Government side.)

Concern of the Employees Regarding Budget 2019-20 Pakistan

Whether budget is announced on 24th May or 8th June, there is no concern of the employees on the date. The main concern of the employees is that there should be reasonable increase in salaries of the employees in Budget 2019-20 and pension for the pensioners.

Budget 2019-20 Pakistan Updates

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