Increase Salaries in Budget 2020-21 Pakistan for Employees – Request to Govt

The Annual Budget 2020-2021 Pakistan is very important in connection with the Government Employees of Pakistan. Government employees have many demands that they want to be fulfilled including Increase Salaries in Budget 2020-21 Pakistan. They are waiting of the promises of the prime minister of Pakistan, the he made to the employees that they should wait for two years and after two years their salaries would be increased. The year 2018, 2019 gone and now it is 2020 and the employees of Pakistan have a big hope that their salaries will increase this time satisfactorily.  As I previously mentioned, that the date of announcement of Budget 2020-21 is tentatively Last week of May 2020.


Why Salaries of Govt Employees Should Increase in Budget 2020-21 Pakistan?


It is fact that due to increase in dearness every businessman, shopkeeper and other persons having different source of income, have adjusted themselves by increasing their service changes, prices of the items etc. Suppose a shopkeeper purchased an item in 20 rupees and sold it in 25 rupees at earlier. If the rate of that item increased to 25, the shopkeeper managed to sell it in 30 rupees and even in more. So the dearness did not much affect his /her life. The problem is with Govt employees. The rates of the daily use items increased but the salary of the employee remained same. He / She could not manage the same situation as his salary is fixed. He / She had to cut many necessary items; the employee reduced the food for his family, he /she shifted family to lower standard residence and many others.


Increase Salaries in Budget 2020-21 Pakistan

Updates of Increase Salary as on 10-03-2020


The Prime Minister of Pakistan in a meeting of cabinet on 10th March 2020 advised to concerned that the Finance should prepare the proposals for the equalization of salary of all the employees pay scale wise. The employees should get the salary same as per their pay scales. There should not be difference of salaries for two employees having same pay scale.

How Much Salary Should Increase?


The rates of daily use items have increased nearly 50% to 100%. So the Government should increase the salaries of the Government employees at minimum 50% of their running basic pay. There should be minimum 50% Dearness Allowance 2020 for all the Federal and Provincial Govt Employees.


Revision of Basic Pay Scales


Previously the Government revised pay scales in 2017. During 2018 and 2019 Govt did not revised the Basic Pay Scales. It is suggested that the Government should merge the adhoc relief allowances 2019, 2018 and 2017 into basic pay scales and new basic pay scales 2020 should be introduced. The above mentioned, dearness allowance should be on the current basic pay of the revised pay scales 2020.


Increase in House Rent Allowance 2020


The rates of House Rent Allowance should be on the initial basic pay of the current pay scales but the existing rates of HRA are based on the Pay Scales 2008. After 2008 basic pay scales have been revised 4 times in 2011, 2015, 2016 and 2017 but the rates of the HRA remained same. The rates of the rented houses have increased many times during this period. It is not possible to rent a house in 1500-2000 for lower scale employees. Even an employee of BPS-17 cannot rent a house in about 7000/- that he /she gets as House Rent Allowance. So employees request to Government of Pakistan that the HRA should be on the initial of the current pay scales.

Increase in Medical Allowance 2020


The medical allowance the Government employees are getting at present is very less as compared to the prices of the medicines and charges of the labs and doctors. The prices of the medicines have increased many times. Most of the Government employees are getting Rs. 1500/- per month as medical allowance that is not enough for the treatment of the employees and his /her family. It should be minimum 5000/- per month.


20% Special Allowance Federal Employees


Government granted 20% Special Allowance to Federal Govt Employees of Ministries and Divisions with effect from 1st March 2013. The employees of the attached departments of these Ministries and Divisions remained without this special allowance even at today. The case was in Islamabad High Court and then Supreme Court of Pakistan has given its decision in favour of the Federal Govt Employees.  The Government of Pakistan should grant 20% Special Allowance 2013 in the light of the decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan on 4th February 2020.


Utility Allowance for All Provincial and Federal Employees


One of the main injustices is that some employees are getting utility allowance and others are not. Government also increased utility allowance during previous months due the increase in utility expenses. These increase in rates of utility are for all Government employees. So it is humble request to the Government that this utility allowance should be for all Government Employees.


Upgradation of Clerical Staff of Federal and Other Posts


The demand of the Upgradation of the clerical staff of the Federal Government at par with the provincial government ministerial staff is very old. The discrimination was created when all the provincial governments upgraded the posts the clerical staff but the Federal Govt Clerical Staff remained deprived of it. In Provincial UDC / Senior Clerk is in BPS-14 while in Federal he is in BPS-11. In the same way, in provincial LDC / Junior Clerk is in BPS-11 while in Federal Departments he / she is in BPS-09. There should be equality for all employees of Pakistan. This is one example there are many other employees too who have different pay scales having same nomenclature.


Upgradation of Clerical Staff of Federal


Increase in Pension 2020


The pensioners are also in very pitiable condition. Government should increase their pension during the coming budget 2020-21 of  Pakistan. There should be a reasonable increase in pension as they are also unable to face the prevailing dearness in the country.

More Demands of the Employees.


Your Turn:


Increase Salaries in Budget 2020-21 Pakistan has become the Voice of Govt employees. If you think I have left /could not cover any other demand of the employees or pensioners, you can email me the same at [email protected] . There may be requirement to improve / amend the above details demands. You can also give me suggestions to amend the above said demands of the Government employees. I shall update the same here for the information of all.


Suggestions by Visitors :


Pension Increase


1- Government should to increase the minimum pension up to 20000 and remaining pension must increase at least 50%

(Mr. Fazal Bakhsh).


2- Minimum 50% Increase in Pension (Mr. Muhammad Arif)


Pensioners are the most effected community from increasing information.Therefore Increase in Pension at least 50% and issuance of Health Card to Pensioner's families  should given for survival.

Imran Khan used to say on container during Dharna that we will uplift the Poor people. He should remember the most poorer pensioners in this budget. Two years are passed to his government we can’t survive on only the promises. (Mr. Abid Hussain).


Daycare Facility for Females
It is my humble request to raise Day care facility in government offices so that females should not utilize private daycare facilities at very high cost. (Omer Karimi).
Standard Pay Package


Government should also revised the "Standard Pay Package", last time standard pay package enhanced in year 2017 and now we are in year 2020. These employees are also facing the issued as other employees. (Pir Adnan Sajid).

Regularization Contract Employees
All Federal contract employees should also be regularized as other some provisional employees got regularized especially employees under Assistance package who are not been regularized since 2012 to up till now. (Samina Kausar)
Increase in Computer Allowance
Government should also increase computer allowance as computer allowance was revised in 2004-05.(Abdul Waheed Anjum - KPO- Faisalabad)
Uniform Pay Scales
Today I was reading your proposals / suggestions in connection with increase in salaries of the Government employees for forthcoming Budget 2020-21. In the light of the promises made by IK PM of Pakistan to the employees, I would like to invite your kind attention on the following suggestions / proposals:
1. Basic Pay Scales-2017 may be divided into five categories, which detail is as under:
1. BS-1-4 = Pay Group-V @ Rs.14500-600-32500
2. BS-5-10= Pay Group-IV @ Rs.18000-1000-48000
3. BS-11-15= Pay Group-III @ Rs.21500-1600-69500
4. BS-16-18= Pay Group-II @ Rs.43800-3000-103800
5. BS-19-22= Pay Group-I @ Rs.90000-6000-180000
All the Government employees will get their emoluments equally. (Mr. Qaisar Nizami)
Science Teaching Allowance & Teaching Allowance
Rate of Science Teaching Allowance is Rs. 200/- per month since decades in the province of Sindh and other provinces. It should be increased and minimum should be Rs. 1500/- . Other teaching allowance should also be raised to minimum Rs. 1500/- (Mr. Rizwan Ali Memon)
PhD Allowance
.I have a suggestion that Phd allowance should be revised @ Rs.25,000/- per month from existing i.e Rs. 10,000/- Govt of sindh has revised @25000/- for university of Jamshoro in 2018.(Mr. Muhammad Toqir Ranjha)

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19 thoughts on “Increase Salaries in Budget 2020-21 Pakistan for Employees – Request to Govt

  1. جناب وزیر اعلی۔سیکٹری فنانس & وزیرخزانہ صاحب سے عاجزانہ التماس ھے سکیل ایک سے پانچ کی اپگریڈیشن کی
    جاۓ کیوں کہ یہ چھوٹے طبقے ملازمین کا کوئ پرسانِحال نھیں ھوتا ھے۔۔

  2. محترم جناب
    السلام و علیکم ۔
    گذارش عرض یے کہ سندھ کے ھائی اسکول ٹیچرز کو 1988 سےسائنس ٹیچنگ الائونس200 روپے دیاجارہا ہے۔تقریبن32 سال سے ریے جانے والے الائونس میں کوئی اضافہ نہیں کیاگیا۔ آپ سے التماس ہے کہ آپاس مسئلے کو آگے رکھیں آپکی بڑی مہربانی ہوگی۔ شکریہ۔
    رضوان علی میمن
    HST Tando Muhammad Khan

  3. min increase 50% for the pensioners(,earning pension less then 40000),because they are suffering hand to mouth.for all pensioners increase must be at least 20%.

  4. Syed Asad ullah shah · Edit

    I'm a federal government school teacher and I am always worried about my children when they are sick. I eat insufficient food. My children are discharged over not paying school fees. We can't buy clothes and shoes. We can't go to our parents house. My salary is nearly 30,000. I am living in Islamabad. I pay a house rent of 12000 rupees. I pay 6000 rupees as a school fees of my two kids. I pay 3000 as a utility bills.

    This 30000 can't help me in living a respectable life. I'm fed up of my life. I can't buy a taxi. I can't open a shop. Because it costs me in lakhs of money. What should I do?

  5. I am so glad to read all this and so much knowledge of our fellow friends who know everything what is going on and how the employees are being ditched. I am reminding all of you just one example when ex. CJP Saqib Nisar asked from an officer how much he take salary and when he told his, Mr. Nisar told "Tum se zyada pay to mera driver leta hey" this drama must be over now and driver in each govt/provincial deptt must get equal pay like wise all clerks must take same and all officers and APS/PS and all other the same. The proposal of my fellow brother or merging scale 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 and all other is also very great work and must be followed to remove the anomalies between all. The main reason due to which all departments are being ruined and lagging is that there is no accelerated promotion/grant of 5-10 increments type things for govt employees which is need of the hour as kabhi b gadha ya ghora barabar nahi ho sakta.There must also be a ban on so called powers of P.M to grant compensation to only one department like Pervez Ashraf gave 20% allowance only to Secretariat employees, this rubbish thing must also be curbed. Utility allowance must also be given to all at the same rate as mehangai har kissi k leay barhi hey sirf en shehzadon k leay nahi??? P.M pore mulk ka leader hey sirf Secretariat ya Federal ka nahi? Marriage grant be at least 100,000 hone chahey wo b kam az kam 3 bachon ki shadi k leay. Judiciary k apne scale or increases b khatam hona chahey, they are also govt servants and must not be given special scales and allowances at all and their pay mut also be increased by Govt and not by judiciary itself. Full fee refund honi chahyi BF & GI must also revise their policy/rates every 03 years so that govt servants must face the mehangai with grace. Old Age walon ki pension bahut kam hey ise b har saal increase hona chahey, after all they are also human and has familities too. The main thing which is so encouraging that we all knew what is going on around and has will and determination to curb these wrong things.

  6. Dear Writer,
    Many thanks for incorporating my suggestion regarding revision the Standard Pay Package for Federal PSDP contract employees.
    I have one another suggestion, there are certain projects in Federal. In there PC-1 it has been clearly mentioned that after end of the 05 years PC-1 for sustainability the contract staff would be regularized. If find appropriate please incorporate the said suggestion also into your above baseline story for the upcoming budget 2020-21

      1. Thanks to the all of galaxy world personnel. Plz tells us about the upgradation of federal Accounts Assistants. ACCOUNTANTS AND CHIEF Accountants. Plz do it for upgradation of Accounts Assistant and Accountants in the coming bugets

  7. Ch.khalid Mahmood mahota · Edit

    Pension should have been increased by 50% and pensioners medical allowance by 100% in the budget 2020-21 according to the market price.

  8. قابلِ صداحترام معززین۔آپکی تمام کاوشیں قابلِ تحسین ہیں لیکن ایک نکتہ میرا بھی ہے گر قبولِ افتند؟ہر سرکاری ملازم کو اپ گریڈ کیاگیا آپ کے احتجاج کی تصاویراخبارات میں لگتی رہیں ٹی وی میں کلپ چلتے رہے مگر ان ملازمین کی طرف کسی نے توجہ نہ دی آپ سے صرف ایک سوال کیا فوٹوگرافر ریاستِ پاکستان کے ملازم نہیں؟اکیلا کیس لڑرہا ہوں 2012سے مگر کسی نے بلانے کے باوجود ساتھ نہ دیا؟کیا اب ساتھ دیں گے؟

  9. Government should not increase a single Paisa of any employee of government sector, they are doing nothing except corruption. Look around any sector running by Government.

    In-fact Government should privatized all major sectors if they want to save Country. They are just wasting money of people of Pakistan. Secondly Government must withdraw pension form all pensioner to save country. It is a big loss of country, Instead of pension government should utilize this pension money on new jobs, should use pension budget on new jobs. They can accommodate thousands of new candidates with this pension money. They can create new job opportunities to young generation. Pakistan is not able to spend billions rupees just on pension.

  10. Dear writer,

    I have gone through your complete excellent piece of stuff regarding increase in salaries but you have missed one important class of Govt. employees who are on "Standard Pay Package", last time standard pay package enhanced in year 2017

    Notification of Standard Pay Package for the Project Staff
    Government of the Pakistan, Finance Division has issued Notification on 19-07-2017 in connection with Notification of Standard Pay Package for the Project Staff directly recruited for Development Projects Funded from PSDP.
    and now we are in year 2020, PSDP Federal contract employees are also Govt. servants and there salaries must also be increased but i have not seen a single word on this in your subject stuff.


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