Health Department and Punjab Police Jobs 2020 through PPSC

A number Health Department, Irrigations Department, Local Government & Community Development, Punjab Land Record Authority and Punjab Police Jobs 2020 have been announced through PPSC. Most of these Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs 2020 are on a permanent basis. Closing date for the online applications is 13th July 2020.


Health Department/ Punjab Police Jobs 2020 through PPSC



Specialized Health Care & Medical Education Department


Sr. No Name of Post No. of Posts BPS
1. Assistant Professor Peadiatric Urology 02-posts BPS-18
2. Assistant Professor Paediatric Dermatology 01-Post BPS-18
3. Assistant Professor Peadiatric Nephology 02-Posts BPS-18
4. Assistant Professor Peadiatric Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 01-Posts BPS-18
5. Assistant Professor Peadiatric Cardiac Anesthesia 01-Post BPS-18
6. Assistant Professor Peadiatric Cardiac Intensive Care 01-Post BPS-18
7. Assistant Professor Infectious Diseases 01-Post BPS-18
8. Assistant Professor Peadiatric Cardiac Surgery 02-Posts BPS-18
9. Assistant Professor Peadiatric Microbiology 01-Post BPS-18
10. Assistant Professor Peadiatric Endocrinology 01-Post BPS-18
11. Assistant Professor Peadiatric Cardiovascular  Surgery 01-Post BPS-18
12. Assistant Professor Pharmacology 03-Posts BPS-18
13. Assistant Professor Neurosurgery 03-Posts BPS-18
14. Assistant Professor Physiology 13-posts BPS-18
15. Assistant Professor Cardiac Anesthesia 02-Posts BPS-18
16. Senior Registrar Surgery 39-Posts BPS-18
17. Senior Registrar Radiology 18-Posts BPS-18
18. Senior Registrar Neurosurgery 14-Posts BPS-18
19. Senior Registrar Pulmonology 02-Posts BPS-18
20. Senior Registrar Radiotherapy 01-Post BPS-18
21. Senior Registrar Paediatric Haematology Oncology 02-Posts BPS-18
22. Senior Registrar Developmental Paediatrics 02-Posts BPS-18
23. Senior Registrar Paediatric Gastroenterology 02-Posts BPS-18
24. Senior Registrar Paediatric Cardiology 08-Posts BPS-18
25. Senior Registrar Paediatric Endocrinology 02-Posts BPS-18
26. Senior Registrar Paediatric Cardiovascular Surgery 01-Post  
27. Senior Registrar Nuclear Medicine 03-Posts BPS-18
28. Senior Registrar Cardiology 36-Posts BPS-18
29. Senior Registrar Neurology 02-posts BPS-18
30. Senior Registrar Paediatric Surgery 25-posts BPS-18
31. Senior Registrar Thoracic Surgery 02-Posts BPS-18
32. Senior Registrar Paediatric Cardiac Surgery 07-posts BPS-18
33. Senior Registrar Cardiac Anesthesia 02-posts BPS-18
34. Senior Registrar Paediatric Plastic &   Recons tructive Surgery 01-post BPS-18
35. Senior Registrar Paediatric Cardiac Intensive Care 02-posts BPS-18
36. Senior Registrar Paediatric Dermatology 01-post BPS-18
37. Professor of Surgery 01-post BPS-20
38. Professor of Plastic Surgery 01-post BPS-20
39. Professor of Physiology 02-posts BPS-20
40. Associate Professor Radiology 06-posts BPS-19
41. Associate Professor Infectious Diseases 01-post BPS-19
42. Associate Professor Oncology 02-posts BPS-19
43. Associate Professor Paediatric Ophthalmology 01-post BPS-19
44. Associate Professor Pathology 08-posts BPS-19
45. Associate Professor Chemical Pathology 01-post BPS-19
46. Associate Professor Orthopedic Surgery 02-posts BPS-19

Punjab Land Record Authority


Sr. No Name of Post No. of Post BPS
1. Assistant 20-Posts Salary Package

Rs.42,000/- Lump sum

Local Government & Community Development


Sr. No Name of Post No. of Post BPS
1. Accountant 97-Posts BPS-14
2. Building Inspector 200-posts BPS-14
Punjab Police Department


Sr. No Name of Post No. of Post BPS
1. Inspector Legal (Specialist Cadre) 318-posts BPs-16
Punjab Irrigation Department


Sr. No Name of Post No. of Post BPS
1. Sub Engineer (Civil) 132-posts BPs-14


Health Department and Punjab Police Jobs 2020 through PPSC

Jobs in Health Department


Jobs in Punjab Police Department

Punjab Police Jobs PPSC

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