Shahbaz Sharif Demanded 20% Increase in Salaries of All Employees

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During the post-budget speech Mr. Shahbaz Sharif Demanded 20% Increase in Salaries for All Employees. He also added that the minimum wage rates for the workers should be Rs. 25000/- per month.


20% Increase in Salaries of All Employees (Shahbaz Demanded)


On 17th June 2021 Mr. Shahbaz Sharif, the opposition leader said that the dearness in the country is at the hike in history. The laborers and the employees are affected by it the most. They are unable to feed their children. They are unable to give them health facilities. The parents have to decide only one option, food or health at a time. The prices of the daily items increased nearly to 30%.

                Keeping in view the above facts the following government should amend the Budget 2021-22.

  • Salaries of all the employees @ 20% increase
  • The Minimum monthly wage rates should be Rs. 25000/- for the workers.


Facts of Increasing Pay

If we look into the fact, he said right. As the Government announced on 10% increase in salaries as per Budget Speech 2021-22 Federal. In the same way, Federal Govt announced only 20,000/- per month as wage rates. Three years ago the wage rates were about 15000/-. Now the government raised it to Rs. 20,000/- per month but the prices of the items enhanced many folds.

                Prices of main items rose nearly to 100% in three years i.e sugar, oil (ghee) and flour. The salaries raised during this period are 40% approximately. In this situation the demand is right and Government should take this demand seriously. As per Punjab Salary Increase Chart 2021-22, the employees of Punjab got 10% Adhoc Relief Allowance and 25% Special Allowance on initial basic pay.



Shahbaz Sharif Demanded 20% Increase in Salaries of All Employees

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