Notification Revised Basic Pay Scales 2022 AJK

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Finance Department Azad Jammu & Kashmir issued a Notification on 16-08-2022 in connection with Revised Basic Pay Scales 2022 AJK.  AJ&K Government also issued the orders for Adhoc Relief Allowance 2022 @ 15% of running basic pay of 2017 pay scales.

Revised Basic Pay Scales 2022 AJK and Allowances


The President Azad Jammu and Kashmir has been pleased to sanction the revision of Basic Pay scales & Allowances with effect from 1st July 2022 for the employees of Azad Government of the state of Jammu & Kashmir, as detailed in the following paragraphs:-


Revision of basic Pay Scales:


The basic pay scales-2022 shall replace the basic pay scales-2017. These scales will take effect from 01-07-2022 as contained in Annexure-I to this Office Memorandum.


Pay Scale Chart 2022 AJK





Annexure-I consists of the Initial Basic Pay and Maximum Basic Pay of 2017 Pay Scales and 2022 new pay scales. These stages are for the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-22.  You can check the full final revised pay scales 2022 chart for pay fixation purposes. The rates of Annual Increment have also been shown. The employees get an annual increment on 1st December each year.


Fixation of Pay of the existing employees:


i) The Basic Pay of an employee in service on 30-06-2022 shall be fixed in the Basic Pay Scales-2022 on point to point basis i.e. at the sage corresponding to that occupied by him/her above the minimum of Basic Pay Scales-2017;

ii) In case of Personal Pay being drawn by an employee as part of his/her basic pay beyond the maximum of his/her pay scale on 30-06-2022, he/she shall continue to draw such pay in the Basic Pay scales-2022 at the revised rates.


Fixation of Pay on promotion:


In cases of promotion from a lower to higher posts/scale before the introduction of these scales, the pay of the employees concerned in the revised pay scale may be fixed. And they will so enhance that it would not be less than the pay that would have been admissible to him if his promotion to the higher post/scale had taken place after the introduction of these scales.


Annual increment:


The Annual increment shall continue to be admissible, subject to the existing conditions, on 1st December each year.



Ceased to Exist Allowance


After the revision of basic pay scales 2022, the following Adhoc Relief Allowances, the Finance Department ceased to exist:


  • ARA-2016 @ 10% (Frozen)
  • Adhoc Relief Allowance 2017 @ 10% (Running Basic Pay of 2017 Pay Scales)
  • Adhoc Relief Allowance 2018 @ 10% (Running Basic Pay of 2017 Pay Scales)
  • ARA- 2019 @ 5% (BPS-17-22) 10% (BPS-01-16)
  • ARA-2022 @ 10% of Running Basic Pay of 2017 Pay Scales


Adhoc Relief Allowance 2022 AJ&K


The employees of AJ&K will also get Adhoc relief Allowance 2022 @ 15% on the Basic Pay that they were drawing on 30-06-2022.  They will get this allowance with effect from 1st July 2022.


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Special Thanks: Mr. Noman Anjum Qureshi


Notification Revised Basic Pay Scales 2022 AJK


Notification Revised Basic Pay Scales 2022 AJ&K


Notification Revised Basic Pay Scales 2022 AJK and Special Allowance




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