Complete Detail of Premature Increment, Annual Increment and Next Above

I am sharing here the complete Detail of Premature Increment, Annual Increment and Next Above to Government Employees. It is granted to the employees on their promotion and up-gradation from lower to higher scale and promotion within same scale.


Detail of Premature Increment, Annual Increment and Next Above


Before proceeding further on the topic, let’s discuss the difference between Premature Increment and Annual Increment that is granted to the employees on various occasions.


Difference between Premature Increment and Annual Increment


Some people consider that Premature Increment and Annual Increment are same. Amount of these in a particular scale is same but these are two different things.


Annual Increment


Annual increment is the amount equal to difference of two consecutive stages in a particular pay scale. It is granted to every employee on 1st December of each year. If the employee has a service of 6 months or more in a particular scale on 1st December, he is eligible for the annual increment of that year.

The example of that is that if employee joins a particular scale on 1st June (Forenoon) or before he is eligible for the annual increment. If he joins after 1st June, he is not eligible for the annual increment.

If an employee is on extra ordinary leave (Leave without pay) upto 1st December since more than 6 months he is not eligible for Annual Increment of that year. For example if the EOL of an employee starts before 1st June and remains upto 1st December. He will not be granted annual increment. Suppose his EOL is from 1st  July 2018 to 31st December 2018 or to any month of next year. He will be eligible for the annual increment of 2018 as he has completed 6 months service in that year.

On the basis of disciplinary cases annual increment of an employee can be withdrawn.


Premature Increment


It is different from Annual Increment. Its amount in a particular scale is equal to the annual increment as it is also the difference of two consecutive stages of a particular pay scale. Instead of granting on 1st December, it can be granted at any time of the year on the promotion, upgradation or re-appointment of an employee.  Some conditions of this increment are as under:


Premature Increment on Promotion


If an employee is promoted from lower to higher scale or his/her promotion in the same scale, premature increment is granted to the employee.


Premature Increment on Up-gradation of the Post


This Increment on the upgradation of post is also granted but it is not granted in all the provinces of Pakistan upto August 2019. May be in later stage it will be implemented all over Pakistan.


Premature Increment on re-appointment


Let’s an employee applies through proper channel and is reappointed to another post in the same department or other. He is eligible for this increment. I have already published an article regarding Premature Increment on re-appointment from lower to higher scale.


When Premature Increment is not granted?


Some people believe that this increment is compulsory on promotion, up-gradation or re-appointment. No it is not so. In some cases it is not granted to the employee on his promotion, up-gradation or re-appointment. Example is as under:

Suppose an employee of BPS-05 at his /her 2nd stage (Rs.9430/-) according to revised pay scale chart 2017, is upgraded to BPS-10 then his pay will be fixed at his 1st stage of BPS-10 (Rs. 10180/-). He is not eligible for the premature increment as the difference of the two stages of BPS-05 and BPS-10 in this case is more than the annual increment of BPS-10 (10180 – 9430 = 750/-). In this case difference is 750/- and Annual Increment of BPS-10 is 670/- .


Completer Detail of Premature Increment



Next Above on Promotion, Re-Appointment and Upgradation


There is another term “Next Above”. It is the right of an employee to get Next Above on his /her Promotion, Re-Appointment or Upgradation. It may or may not be equal to Annual Increment or Premature Increment.

  •             For example an employee of BPS-05 at 11th Stage (Rs.13210) of his pay scale is promoted to BPS-07, then Rs. 13300/- will be his /her next above stage and his pay will be fixed Rs. 13810/- by adding one premature increment Rs. 510/- to 13300/-.
  •             Suppose an employee of BPS-05 at his/her 11th Stage is promoted in the same scale. i.e from BPS-05 to BPS-05 (In particular cases). Then 13630/- will be his next above and after adding premature increment Rs. 420/-. His pay will be fixed Rs. 14050/-. It means on promotion within same scale an employee gets two increments. One is Next Above and other Premature Increment. You can also get help from the earlier published article ” How to Fix Pay” that will really guide you in this regard.


Detail of Premature Increment


I tried my best to cover the Complete Detail of Premature Increment to the employees. However further amendment / correction/suggestion in this article is most welcomed.

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43 thoughts on “Complete Detail of Premature Increment, Annual Increment and Next Above

  1. Assalam o Alaikum Sir,
    I joined as sst in BPS 15 on 08-05- 1988. l was appointed as SS in BB-17 on direct selection basis and joined on 31-12-1989 in BS-17.
    May my joining in BS-17
    Falls in re-appoitment category as I applied through proper channel and my non gazetted service was also for length of service. Was I entitled for a premature increment? May I claim it now? I have been retired on 30-06-2012.

  2. Sir kya pre mature increment class 4 employees ko har 10 Saal baad move up par allow hai, misaal k tor par koi employee 2010 main appoint hua aur 2020 main wo federal government k rules k mutabiq 10 Saal k baad bps-1 say bps-2 main promote hua to usay premature increment milay hi?

  3. I am employee of Sindh Govt and currently I promoted in same scale B 16 my current basic pay is Rs 41710 ,will you please tell me what is my next basic pay after fixation

  4. Muhammad Asif Khan · Edit

    A superintendent BPS-17 was promoted to the post of Assistant Controller BPS-17 on 28-07-2020, it is same scale promotion, according to rule he is allowed one advance increment and one premature increment on promotion. He did not avail the option of fixation after 1st December 2020. as his fixation in BPS-17 (as Assistant Controller was made w.e.f 28-07-2020).
    Now the question is that whether he is eligible for annual increment on 1st December 2020 or not, if answer is yes then any notification please.

  5. We have appointed on contract basis in WASA FDA fsd on 11-04-2015 and our services are regularized on 20-09-2017.
    Please guide us we are eligible for annual increment 2017 or not.

  6. I reached the maximum of bs 18 on dated 01-12-1997 and recieved no annual increment for the year 1998 and 1999. On dated 08- 06- 2000, i got selection grade in bs 18 but no premature increment is given. In 15-02-2013 i was regularized in bs 18 and no advance or premature increment get. In 28- 07- 2017 i am promoted to bs 19 a d again recieve no premature increment a d no annual increment kindly guide me in this regard

  7. Is through proper channel apply is compulsory for reappointed to higher post in the same office / department for continuation of svc?

    If yes then any solution if a person not applied proper channel to get his svc count?

  8. Is through proper channel apply is compulsory for re appointment to a higher scale in same office / department for continuation of service?

  9. dear sir
    i was appointed as untrained PTC teacher BPS-7 in KPK Kohat on 19/04/87. i passed my FA in 1987 and BA in 1989. Passed PTC on 2/4/92 and was placed in BPS-9 on the base of FA.
    am i eligible for premature increment?

  10. Please share notification for premature increment on promtion from bs-14 to bs-15, punjab govt education department or civil employees

  11. I m fed govt employees i was stenotypist in BPS-12 wef 13-1-1990 to 3-5-1994 than i was promoted in selection grade 14 on 4-5-1994. Sir my question is basucally post of stenotypist (BPS-12) is matric based and i m intermediate passed, can i get qualification pay equell two incremet

  12. AoA

    Sir, Im working in a Federal Govt. Department. My Particulars are as under:

    Date of joining in BPS-8 on contract basis: 15-11-199
    Date of regular in BPS-8 (1540-88-2860): 01-04-2000
    Date of promotion in BPS-11 (1725-116-3465): 16-05-2001

    Sir, at the time of promotion my basic pay in BPS-8 was 1628 and I was not granted premature increment. Plz guide that premature mature should had been granted or not.

    apki bot nawazish ho gi.


      1. Sir my basic pay in BPS-8 was Rs. 1628 and was adjusted in BPS 11 on initial stage i.e. Rs.1725 the increment of BPS-11 was Rs. 125. So, the difference between BPS-8 pay and BPS-11 pay was 1725-1628= Rs.97 which was less than increment of BPS-11 i.e.Rs.125.

          1. Condition of three year service has been relaxed on reappointment/ upgradation on 11/2/2020 I file a case and win

  13. if someone promoted in Nov.2016 from BS-17 to BS-18, he will get premature increment, my question is this, will he get annual increment in Dec. 2016 for BS-18…? (Punjab Govt and Regular Service)

  14. agar contract 02/04/12 ha aor regular 14/07/16 ho to 2016 k 6 month contract k Jo 13 July tak ho jaty Han un ki waja say 2016 ki increment personal allowance ma add ho gi kya

  15. Joining on contract in 2012agar 14/07/2016 ko regular order Huy to 1 Jan say 13 July take 6 month ki waja say agar basic ni to 2016 ki increment Personal allowance ma shamal ho gi k ni

  16. Sir. Iam a federal case is as follow:
    1: Upgraded to BPS-19 on increment was awarded
    2: Govt announced premature increment for TSU and my case for pre-mature increment has been sent to concerned quarters.
    3: Mean time i am promoted in same scale(BPS-19)
    4.Also my annual increment is due on 01.12.2019.
    How many increments will be awrded to me as on 1.12.2019 .if i m not wrong these will be 4 increments
    a. Upgradation increment.
    b. 2 increments on promotion in same scale
    C. Annual increment.
    Kindly advise. Regards, mian faiz

  17. thank you for this post i got same problem of upgradation and one advance increment kindly can you share me letter / clarificaiton of fedral govt abt this

  18. Iam working in education department as ct post bps 15.Before this i was spst bps 14. when i have promoted to bps 15 the account section dose not given a premature increment to me.thay said u r not eligible for premature becouse u have already taken a premature increment 1.5 year ago .Kindly inform me that i m eligible for this or not. Thanks


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