Detail of Extra Ordinary Leave (Leave Without Pay)

I am sharing here the detail of Extra Ordinary Leave (Leave Without Pay) for the information of the employees. There are major two leaves without pay. One for 2 years maximum and other is for maximum 5 years. Summary is as under:

Ground on Which Extra Ordinary Leave May be Granted:

This leave may be granted on any ground.

Maximum Period of Leave Without Pay

Maximum Period of Leave Without Pay is five years at one time but the employee must have continuous service of minimum 10 years and if he has less than 10 years service but more than 5 years service he/she may be granted 2 years EOL.

EOL to Permanent Employee or Temporary Employee

EOL (Leave Without Pay) may be granted to a regular as well as temporary employee. Further details is available at the copy of the ESTA CODE page attached below.

Extracted from: ESTA CODE

I have already discussed about the Paternity Leave that is only granted to the Punjab Government Employees for a period of only once for one week in the whole service.


Leave Without Pay


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60 thoughts on “Detail of Extra Ordinary Leave (Leave Without Pay)

  1. Does EOL effect on seniority???? if so then minimum how many days may not effect on seniority and if effected that which placed it will take in seniority on the basis of EOL days?

    1. 19. Extra Ordinary leave.- (1) Extra-ordinary leave may be granted on any ground upto a
      maximum of five years at a time provided the civil servant to whom such leave is granted has
      been in Leave continuous service for a period of not less than ten years, and in case if a civil
      servant has not completed ten years of continuous service extraordinary leave for a maximum
      period of two years may be granted at the discretion of the competent authority.
      Provided that the maximum period of five years shall be reduced by the period of leave on full
      pay or half pay, if granted in combination with the extra-ordinary leave.
      (2) Extra-ordinary leave may be granted retrospectively in lieu of absence without leave.
      (3) All extra-ordinary leave shall be without pay.

  2. My sis applied EOL for 2 year in march 2022 ,pay was stopped but application regretted by competent authority in july 22 and department sent in 3 nov 22 and they said to join duties otherwise disciplinary action will be taken against E&d rules.. now please guide what will be as I have availed 8 month leaves.

  3. Respected Sir!
    I am serving in Federal Department as a LDC and i have completed 15 years service. Sir i have applied Ex- Pakistan leave 02 years with out Pay for study purpose but, unfortunately my application regretted by higher authority. Sir please tell us another option in which allow the same by competent authority.

    Sir my mail is [email protected]

  4. Rule just says 2 years EOL for employees with less than 10 years of continuous service. Why do you think that continuous service has to be more than 5 years to avail 2 years EOL?

      1. The only line which refers to “5 years” words: “provided that maximum period of five years shall be reduced by the period of leave on full pay or half pay if granted in combination with the EOL.” This is regarding those employees who have min 10 years service and are availing EOL in combination with full pay or half pay leave in which case the total duration of leave cannot exceed 5 years even after combining leave on full or half pay.
        Can you please confirm where in the Leave Rules it says we need minimum 5 years of service to avail 2 years EOL? Thank you.

  5. EOL 2 years without pay and allowance avail kr li hai. kiya ye EOL two years service mein count ho gi ya nahi ? Please reply immediately. Thanks

  6. A.o.A.M ne EOL p apply kia hai ,,,.r mn 3 mnth se relieve hon duty sey,,,r salary b stop hai,,,3 and half mnth ho gay mri leave approve ni hui….mjh ab kia krna chahy?? Kia koi method resignation ka hai is mn?? Ya leave allow krwana lazmi hai?? R agr mre institute wale mri absent bhej dein to mjh kia krna chahy…..plzz mjh guide kr dein.

      1. Thanx for this rply …but if my leave will not approved….then any chances of resignation and what will b the process of resignation???

      2. R ye b bta dein plzz k agr mre hospital wale absent bhej dete hn ,,,,to kia mri leave mn koi problem hoga???mjh kia krna hoga usk bad??

  7. I’m on Ex Pakistan leave for two months which is ending now. I want one year EOL as my wife and kids here need my attention. I shall apply for EOL from abroad but what if department refuse my application?

  8. Hi there,

    I am a BPS 17 officer working in a public sector university. The length of my service is more than 8 years. I want to get 2 years’ leave either on half pay or extraordinary leave (without pay).

    What is the best way (solid reason) to apply for such leave so that it won’t be rejected by the competent authority?

    I can get approval from the Director of my office but what if the Vice-Chancellor of the University refuses the leave or something like that.

    Please guide the best possible reason and the category of leave for which I could apply.

    Many thanks

  9. I want yo take leave without pay kindaly guide me about the procedure i am working as j/c in education department punjab dis. Rahim yar khan and also want to going abroad because of some reason kindly guide

  10. I am working on the preparation of the seniority list in my organization. There are no clear statutes about the calculation of seniority. Can we deduct the EOL period from the total length of Service ?. (for the purposes of seniority only).

  11. Subject: The process of Re joining Before the expiry of EOL without pay.
    As my Department (Education, Gilgit Baltistan)pleased to sanctioned me EOL for two Years (5th September 2019 to 5th September 2021) for the completion of my higher Education from abroad. But currently to the pandemic situation we are not allowed to return to University by Government of P.R China.
    So I wish to re join my duty in the same Department.
    May I know the process as per rule to rejoin and who has the authority to provide me permission to do so.

  12. I want EOL for 2 years for going abroad with my husband he is serving in PAF n going abroad officially can I take leave on this base?

  13. As on 31st Dec 2018, The Earned Leave balance of ‘A’, a central Government employee is 200 days he was on Extraordinary leave (EOL ) on personal reasons for a period of 55 days from 01.03.2019 to 24.04.2019. The EL balance as on 01.07.2019 in his Leave account will be?

  14. One govt Officer availed leaves of 35 days in last 04 months but not on continuous basis but one day and on two days basis. Total leaves were 35 days in 04 months.
    After about 10 months, it was conveyed to officer by department head (who is totally biased and have hate against concerned officer) that your 35 days accumulated leaves have been granted by the competent authority as “Leave without pay” and Rs. 90000/- will be deducted from your salary in installments at the rate of ten thousand per month. Is this legal?
    Can Officer appeal against this high handedness? while officer did not request any leave on without pay basis, he took all leave as CL or Earned leave as he had 200 hundred leaves in his balance. Please some one reply and guide how to handle this unfair treatment. Officer is lady and her boss is very cruel against her due to one or another reason.

  15. Sir, Kindly explain me that to get 2 years extraOrdinary leave ,is there a condition of being in continues service for minimum of 5 years?
    Because i have got 2 years EOl just after 1.5 years..
    So kindly explain this to me sir

  16. I have spent 3 years on regular post (Primery School Teacher). Afterthat Now I am on Adhoc post from 2 years in same Education Dept.
    Can I get 2 years Without Pay Leave for Mphil?
    What is the rule Can I get EOL for 2 years?

  17. I am a govt employee and was suspended for eight months later on I was reinstated but the intervening period was unsettled in the review meeting the intervening period was treated on extraordinary leave whilst I was exonerated by the inquiry committee and during suspension I was also performed the duty. What can I do now?

  18. Dr. Muhammad Hussnain Babar · Edit

    i have avail 3 months Extra ordinary leave without pay, when i was promoted in next grade i was on 3rd position and total 8 people was promoted. i was promoted on acting charge basis while my 5 junior was promoted on regular basis. the 3 month EOL without pay will affect my seiority or not?

  19. i am a maharashtra state govt,employee.completed service of 7 years.for foreign travel can i get leave without pay for 3 years?

  20. I have 1 year service, and was granted EOL for 02 years in 2014. I applied for extension of EOL in 2016 as my training was pending. My new SO is saying no extension application record is available in my file. Now these 3 years gap period will have what implication on my service/joining if considered as absence without leave ?

  21. What effect it would have on seniority and promotion of an employee if he avails EOL of a few months during regular service.. How much extraordinary leave is permissible without affecting seniority?

  22. If he has more than 5 years service but less then 10 year then he may be granted EOL for 2 year? Are you sure about this? because there is no such provision in revised leave rules.

    1. Yes, I am also unable to witness any such provision. I guess there is no minimum service period condition to avail extraordinary leave for upto 02 years. (05 years service requirement as mentioned seems misleading- no such provisions found in leave rules)

  23. AoA,
    I have availed four years study leave for my PhD which is near to end. My PhD is still in progress and I am need of more 4-6 months leave.
    What legal options I have in hand? kindly reply here or through my email


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