Pay Protection on Appointment through Proper Channel

I have already discussed about the disadvantage of not applying through proper channel. Here we are discussing about the topic Pay Protection on Appointment through Proper Channel. Detail is as under:

Protection of Pay On appointment, through proper channel, from one department (having regular / pensionable services) to other or one government (Federal, Provincial or District), to other government the pay of the employee is protected and fixed as per following procedure:

Pay Protection on Appointment through Proper Channel

Detail of Pay Protection on Appointment through proper channel is as under:

Appointment in Same Pay Scale

On appointment in the same pay scale the employee will retain the same pay and period of previous service during the current increment would also count for annual increment.

Appointment from Lower to Higher Pay Scale

In an Office of a Federal Government

In case of appointment from lower to higher pay scale, the pay will be fixed just like case of regular promotion i.e. after allowing premature increment after next stage on appointment in a office of a Federal Government.

Provincial or District Government of Province Punjab

If the appointment is in an office of the Provincial or District Government of Province Punjab then fixation would be made at next stage and premature increment would not be allowed.

Appointment from Higher to Lower Pay Scale

If such appointment is made from higher to lower pay scale, the pay will be fixed at immediate lower stage and difference between previous and new pay will be granted as Personal Pay which would be absorbed in the pay on earning of increment or other enhancement in the pay.

Pay Protection for Contract Employees

The protection of pay is also admissible to contract employees, who apply, through proper channel, in terms of S & GAD OM Wing #DS (O & M) 5-3/2004/Contract (MF), dated 2nd August, 2007. All above detail is with reference to DDO Handbook Chapter Fixation of Pay/Pay & Service Verification.


Pay Protection on Appointment through Proper Channel


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181 thoughts on “Pay Protection on Appointment through Proper Channel

  1. Assalamualaikum,
    I want some information regarding pay protection and counting of service,

    I was in BS 11 at ministry of defence then I applied for provicnal job of bps 14 though proper channel after obtaining NOC from department.
    But due to late in recruitment process I have been promoted to bps-16 in parent department in federal after some time I got oppointment of bps-14
    Now Can I go through proper channel from higher scale(federal) to lower scale(provincal) ?
    If yes thwn should U claim pay protection and counting of previous service of?

    Request for rule regulations which support my case scenario

  2. Hafiz Muhammad Junaid · Edit

    Assalamualaikum Admin

    Kindly guide me mera promotion federal department me through proper channel federal department me hy hogaya hy bps 2 to bps 9 please mujhe mery service and pay protection k lye koe orders, reference or prceceedin provide karden Please

    Allah apko jaza ee Khair ata kre

      1. Meri appointment through proper channel fpsc commission de kr sindh govt bps 14 sy bps 17 federal government mn hui h aur meri pay fixation Karny waly ny mere DRA 2021 2022 aur adhoc relief 2022 mjhy previous scale bps 14 k hi mil rhy hn.

  3. I was serving in 15 scale post in education department Khyber pakhtunkhwa, later on , I applied, without NOC, and got selected on 16 scale post in the same department,

    What is the options for me to get pay protection, should I apply for ex post facto NOC???

    Kindly let me know

  4. A.O.A Sir.
    I was appointed as Stenographer B.S-16 at District and Sessions Court Rawalpindi on 18.12.2010 and thereafter, i applied through proper channel to District and Sessions court, Chiniot in the year 2015. Kindly inform about the rule/ law according to which my pay will be protected because I have applied through proper channel and after fulfilling all the legal formalities I was transfered through proper channel.
    I shall be highly obliged.

  5. Assalamualaikum,
    I want some information regarding pay protection and counting of service,

    I was in BS 17 on contract basis at Pakistan railways then I applied ministry of defence though Fpsc (proper channel) after obtaining NOC for BS 18 post.
    Can I claim pay protection and counting of previous service of BS -17.

    Request for rule regulations which support my case scenario.

  6. I m working in provincial dept in BPS-16 from last 10 years and selected in federal government through FPSC in Bps17. I submitted NOC from my provincial dept when FPSC demanded documents.
    Can I claim pay protection by joining Federal from Provincial organization

  7. Aslam o Alikum
    Sir mai september 2015 main Lab attendant BPS-01 punjab government se through proper chanel Lab Attendant-II SPS-01 mai appoint hwa. Mai ne same date main new organization main join kiya. kya meri pay fix hogi ya nai. Or kya mujhy increment lgay ga ya nahi. Dpno department main job regular hy.

    Basic pay
    Last pay pechly department ki 01.07.2015 ko 7185/-
    pay in new department ki budget shamil hony se pehly 6120 or budget shamil hony ky bad 7950/- April 2016 ko thi

  8. arif ali raza
    sir, i was selected Data Entry Operator (DEO) in Excise & Taxation Department, Punjab on 2007 on Contract Basis. In 2009, i was made regular/permanent and my basic pay fixed at initial state and difference Rs. 825/- fixed as personal pay.
    In 2011, i moved to Special Branch, Punjab Police THROUGH PROPER CHANNEL UNDER LIEN RULE on Contract Basis. My basic pay fixed at same as i was get in Excise & Taxation Department, Punjab as well as Personal Allowance as per my Last Pay Certificate.
    Now during Audit, i was informed that BOTH Social Security Benefit Allowance and Personal Allowance CANNOT admissible at the same time according to notification by Finance Department order No. SR-II/9-214/2013 DATED 02.04.2014 and i refund the amount of PERSONAL ALLOWANCE, which i received against Personal Allowance. please clarify me as department forced me to refund the amount….
    whether Personal Allowance is not admissible during Contract Period ?????

  9. Assalamualaikum sir. Ma through proper channal 8 scale se 12 scale ma promote hua.
    8 scale ma basic 15400 thi
    29 Oct 2019 se 12 scale ma join kia
    12 scale ma meri basic 17120 lagi
    Kya yeh fixation thek lagi. Kio mjhy annual increments dono department se ni mila.
    Aik ne kaha ap Des se pehly chaly gye thy or doosry department ne kaha abi 6 mnth ni huye
    Hala k ma through proper chanel gya tha

    1. To get the annual increment you have to use the option, in the option, you have to give a certificate that you will get an annual increment on 1st Dec 2019 in the previous scale and your pay will be fixed on 2nd December in the new pay scale.

    2. Served in BS-14 in Federal Deptt in permanent capacity and joined Supreme Court in BS-14 (Contract).
      Will pay be protected?
      Rule may also be provided.

      1. In some departments, the departments don’t allow applying in the same pay scale and hence the pay protection is questionable. SOme departments allow only pay protection from lower to higher pay scales.

  10. AOA sir ap k help ki waja sy mujy department ny mujy 2/12/2018 sy option de mn bps 12 sy through proper bps 14 mn same department mn 27/11/2018 ko slect howa
    basic pay bps 12(21960)
    after fixation 23370

    running basic 26880 sir

    option k bad basic kia bany g

  11. sir ap help ki waja sy department ny mujy 2 december 18 sy option de he bps 12 sy bps 14 mn 27/11/18 ko through proper appoint howa thha
    basic bps 12 (21960)
    after fixation (23370)
    now (26880)
    ab option k bad basic kia hogi plz reply

    1. 21960 pay on 30-11-2018
      22920 Annual Increment BPS-12 01-12-2018
      23370 Next Above BPS-14 02-12-2018
      24540 Premature Increment BPS-14 02-12-2018
      25710 01-12-2019 Annual Increment
      26880 01-12-2020 Annual Increment
      28050 01-12-2021 Annual Increment

  12. When I was applying for a University job (BPS-18) I applied as private person. So couldn’t apply ‘through proper channel’s. In June I got a KPPSC job (BPS 17) and in December got appointment letter of the University. I had to resign but got full pay (as wasn’t regular employee when I applied for university service). Now one increment I earned, University says it’s not permissible for I did not apply through proper channel.
    جبکہ ایسا ممکن نہیں تھا اس وقت میری وہ سروس نہیں تھی۔
    وہ کہتے ہیں کہ انکریمنٹ نہیں بنتا جبکہ میرا مؤقف ہے کہ میرا کیس بنتا ہے کیونکہ تھرو پراپر چینل میرا بنتا نہیں تھا۔
    What’s your say on this pls?

  13. Assalam O Alaikum.
    Sir, I was re-appointed in Punjab, Pakistan through proper channel from BS-16 (regular) to BS-17(contract) with pay protected on 27-8-2012. My pay on 26-8-2012 in BS-16 was 26800. Sir, what should be my pay on 27-8-2012 in BS-17 ?

  14. Dear sir
    I am appointed in 2014 as pst and reappointed In 2016 as pst BP’s and department is same service book and medical is from 2014 what is my innitial appointment plz guide mesmail

  15. Aslam O Alikum,
    I was working as a sub-inspector in Police Department as a regular employee and now selected as an educator Bps 15 in Education on a contract basis. I am eligible for pay protection or not.

  16. Dear Sir,
    Kindly guide me regarding the appointment through proper channel from Government (KPK) to Autonomous Body (KPK) in same pay scale. In this case my pay is protected or not? If you have any notification about the pay protection for the employee appointed through proper channel from kpk government department to kpk autonomous body in same scale, please share with me on this email id ” [email protected]


  17. Dear Admin,

    I’m working as Subject Specialist BS-17 as REGULAR employee at School Education Department on PAY STAGE 1.

    SHALL I GET PAY PROTECTION upon my joining the same BS-17 scale at Higher Education Department on Regular basis???

    And does the pay protection mean only the basic pay or the Adhoc Relief Allowances such like AR-2016 and onwards as well???

    Kind response is awaited please. Thanks.

      1. Your kind response is highly appreciated.

        So, applying through proper channel grants the employees both SERVICE PROTECTION & PAY PROTECTION.

        For further information, it is requested that the procedure to apply for PAY PROTECTION may please be explained.
        Shall I have to apply for PAY PROTECTION to my new department? And my appointing authority/Secretary HED, for example, will ORDER my pay protection?

        And shall I have to apply for the pay protection before revising my pay slip or can it be proceeded after taking one or two salaries as well?

        And finally, shall I be given December/Annual increment too 8f I join in September???

        Kind response is awaited again please. Thanks in advance!

        1. If you join in Sep u cannot get the annual increment of that year unless you use option. Pay protection baad main bhi ho sakti hay. Pehlay aap new scale ki pay lay saktay hain aour saath hi pay protection and counting of previous service ka process bhi start ker dain.

  18. AoA
    Respected one, i have served if fedral department in BS-9 on regular vacancy from september 19 to january 20, laterly through proper channel join another fedral department in BS-11 on contract basis where i am getting lum sum salary from onwards now i have been selected in provincial department in BS-9 on regular seat without NOC, kindly guide me how may salary will be fixed can can i join provincial department from higher but contractual to lower scal which is regular.
    Jazak Allah

  19. Aoa Sir,
    I have been offered an appointment as Junior Auditor in Commercial Audit Islamabad and an offer letter was issued on 01-07-2021 with 15 days joining time.
    I was previously serving in Military Lands & Cantonments Deptt w.e.f 08-11-2017. After receiving the offer letter I applied for NOC (applied for post without NOC) which was granted on 27-07-2021 with ex-post facto and on the same day Deptt relieved me from service.
    I have submitted a joining report on 28-07-2021 with relieving orders etc (13 days late) and the Director General has asked for joining time extension rules (not accepting verbal explanations).
    It is requested to kindly share joining time extension rules/ notification/letter for new appointment from Govt and please also elaborate (14) days for joining is just a practice or these days are given under rules.
    I’ll be very thankful to you.

  20. Sir,I was a teacher as PST in BPS 09,I applied for ASI BPS 09 in an other department through proper channel.Now i have been selectet as a ASI.Senior clerk said that you have to submit new service book rather than old one on which i have six years service…..please guide how can i get all benefits by appling through proper channel

  21. R/sir
    If I apply for NOC at the time of interview will I be able to have pay protection ?
    An official letter in this regard would be appreciated.

  22. Sir, i want apply for below scale, kindly guide me how I can get NOC for this purpose, because below scale job is in my native area and financial impact is also …………

  23. hello i am a federal employee now, i selected on job and i was applied through proper channel kindly send me the notification about premature increment if i am admissible for this ,
    Jazaak ALLAH

  24. 24 جون 2010 بی پی ایس 12 میں بھرتی ہوا میرے ساتھ ایک بندہ بی پی ایس 10 میں ہوا اور ایک بی پی ایس 14 میں ہوا
    بی پی ایس 10 والا 4’5 سال کے بعد 12میں پروموٹ ہوا
    پروموٹ کے بعد basic pay میرے ساتھ برابر ہوئی
    میں 27/11/2018 کو تھرو پراپر بی پی ایس 14 میں گیا
    2018 تک ہم تینوں کا آٹھواں اسٹیج تھا
    2018 کا سالانہ انکریمنٹ مجھے نہیں مل سکا
    پے فکسیشن کے بعد میری basic pay 21960 کے بعد 23370 بنا جو (7 ) اسٹیج پر لے آے
    2021 میں جو میرے ساتھ بھرتی ہوے
    بی پی ایس 14 والا بندہ 29220 basic pay کے ساتھ 12 اسٹیج پر ہے
    بی پی ایس 12 میں پروموٹ ہونے والا بندا 24840 basic pay کے ساتھ 12اسٹیج پر ھے
    اور میں 25710 basic pay کے ساتھ 8 اسٹیج پر ہوں

  25. Sir
    I was appointed as Headmaster in Bps 17 I join it for 4 months then I was selected as Subject specialist bps 17 I joined that one now what ll b my seniority date both are same department same cader same scale but the adds of public service comission are separate.

  26. I am permanent employee of University of Balochistan. On December, 2017 my salary of Assistant professor BPS-20 i.e. Rs. 132,230/- and on 10th August, 2018. I was appointed as the Associate Professor in the University of Balochistan in the same BPS-20 but at the time of fixation of my salary I was not granted one premature increment by the Account Section of the University of Balochistan by taking this plea that I was appointed as fresh candidate against the post of Associate Professor whereas one additional increment can be granted in case of promotion not in case of fresh appointment.

    In December 2018 & 2019 I was granted regular increment against the title of personal pay. In this regard by keeping in view my past career history I may request you kindly guide me whether I was entitle for one additional increment at the time I was appointed as Associate Professor in BPS-20 in which I was already serving since 2009.

      1. Aslam o alikum
        Sir, I am permanent emlpyee of Federal government department. I was appointed in the year of 2001 in BPS-1 then I was reappointed in BPS-5 in the year of 2007 through proper channel after getting NOC, but my was not fixed after allowing premature incrementby the admin and Account department.
        Kindly send se rule/ policy regarding appointment from lower to higher scale by granting premature increment.

  27. Sir if parent department dont issue me NOC for applying through proper channel because they say they have no replacement on my post. Then how i can apply for the new job because for new job they asked NOC and apply through proper channel. They also given advance copy option for NOC. what should i do?

  28. Admin I have question about Pay protection I am come Higher scale to lower scale as per rule my difference become personal pay. ma ye pochna kya sary allowance personal pay dal ka calculate ho gay

  29. Dear Madam,
    I m regular employee and i need to apply through proper channel for a higher post but my department refuses me to grant NOC with condition that i already got 5 NOCs and can’t obtain more than 3. Is there any rule for number of NOCs. plz guide.

  30. Sir,

    I joined Civil Aviation Authority CAA as HR Assistant (SG-05) before joining CAA I was serving in Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) as Senior Observer (BPS-09). I applied and joined CAA through proper channel. But in CAA starting basic pay of HR Assistant is lower than the running basic pay I was drawing at the time of relieving from PMD as Senior Observer. Now how can I protect my basic pay of previous department.

    Kindly guide me in this regard.

    Thank you.

  31. Muhammad Umar Mehmood · Edit

    I applied through proper channel in Special Education Department for the post of BPS 16 , before this i was in School education Department in BPS 15
    In BPS i have basic pay 26700 but in 16 Scale i was granted initial stage 0 and start basic pay just 18900
    So how i get pay protection and increment.

  32. Assalam u alaikum, I have served for 6 years as Demonstrator (BPS-16) at FG college of Ministry of Defence. Now I have been selected through proper channel as a Lecturer (BPS-17) to serve. FG colleges of Ministry of Education. I joined as a lecturer on 4th August 2017. My GPF, leave accounts and job history have been transferred to AGPR. But I have not got annual increment of 2017 yet. When I asked my present institute about increment then I am directed to get revised LPC with annual Increment 2017 from Old institute as I served there for 7 months. But when I contact CMA of Ministry of Defence then it is directed me to get increment from new institute as my case has been transferred by old institute through proper chanel, and according to SOP new institute is responsible for Increment.
    Kindly tell me that which one is right. If there is rule(SOP) to get increment from new institute then plz send me do that I can show mydepartment.
    Reply me on [email protected]
    I am waiting…

    1. According to my knowledge the LPC you received in August 2017 is enough. But when you send pay fixation just have to submit the option certificate too along with pay fixation proform mentioning that ”
      To avoid financial loss, my pay may be fixed in BPS-17 on 2nd December 2017 after granting an annual increment in BPS-16 on 1st December 2017, instead of fixing my pay on 4th August 2017″.

  33. Muhammad Amir Shehzad · Edit


    Sir mghy information chaey k main Punjab main bs 11 main job kr rha hu to kia main federal main BS 9 k leay noc ly sakta hu ya ni q k koi aisa rule to ni ha k higer sy lower post k leay noc apply na kr skta ho kindly guide me urgent my contact no. is 0333.5140540

  34. AoA!
    I was appointed from federal govt. to Provincial Govt. from lower scale to higher scale. Admittedly after looking above rules, the pay protection is not allowed to me but i was appointed in the month of October then the annual increment would also not be given to me?

  35. sir i was working on contract basis and i have for same post through proper channel and again selected after selection we were regularized by kp govt . will my previous service be counted and pay be protected.

  36. Appointment from Higher to Lower Pay Scale

    If such appointment is made from higher to lower pay scale, the pay will be fixed at immediate lower stage and difference between previous and new pay will be granted as Personal Pay which would be absorbed in the pay on earning of increment or other enhancement in the pay.
    Plz is rule ka reference send kr den.

  37. Sir I worked in a public university in sps scale for approximate six years then I got selected in bps 19 as assistant professor on temporary likely to become permanent basis in same public university ….I was there for 1 year and three months …..when I got selected as assistant professor in bps 18 in Punjab government …I applied through proper channel…… protection notification say that persons working in autonomous body ,having adopted BPS pay scale and applying through proper channel will get pay protection….kindly guide as I fall on the rule …how my pay will be protected as I moved from bps 19 in autonomous body to bps 18 in Punjab government….

  38. I served 15 years in BS-17 and then selected in BS-18 on contract basis. After 5 years contract service, my service could not regularized so I returned back in same regular service in BS-17.
    Kindly tell me, how I can regularized my contract service for retirement benefits.

    1. Aap ki wapsi pay 5 years contract period ki increment bps 17 ki add ho kar protect Hogi, See policies or estacode 2019 Punjab. Subject ur working in punjab

  39. Sir, i have been appointed as deo bps 12 through proper channel after serving 6 years as Ldcbps 9.. Am i eligible for pre mature increment..??? Plz share any letter in this regard which i could use as reference in AGPR

  40. Dear AOA
    Hope you are fine at there,
    I started my job as Librarian in Bs-12 in Federal Govt (Pak Army Edu Core) and worked 7 years. After that I applied through proper channel & Got Bs-16 job in Distt Judiciary punjab Govt. When I left the last job my Basic pay was Rs. 19080 and my current post basic pay is Rs. 18910.
    Now I am facing a pay protection problem by Distt account office.
    Distt account office saying revised your appointment order. How I can claim pay protection plz guide me in this regards.
    plz send me solution on this email address plz
    [email protected]


  42. if an individual is working in bps 19 as assistant processor at a university, and he is selected in a provincial govt college in the same scale bps 19 but as associate processor , will he get premature increment?

    will it make any difference whether he joins college before or after 1st december?

      1. dear sir, i read a case posted by you that if there is reappointment in the same but on a position of higher responsibility, then premature increment is granted. the example given was the appointment of ldc on the post of udc in the same scale. in my case the scale remains the same, but the designation changes from assistant professor to associate professor.
        kindly guide

          1. thnx alot dear sir, you are doing an immense service to the employees

            it would greatly help in applying for the above mentioned two increments, if the exact notification of the finance department is attached here.

        1. Aslam O Alaikum.
          I am selected in District Judiciary in BPS13 in regular basis now.
          Previously I have served more than 10 years in Punjab Police on regular basis DAO is fixing my pay on initial stage not in next stage. Plz give some letter copy or reference of any letter.

  43. Hello Sir,
    I would like know about that when an employee was appointed from Federal Government to Sindh Govenrment in upper grade then he also be admissible for grant of premature increment?

  44. I m a permanent employee in pspcl of je scale. Now i m also selected in je/ss post in pspcl. But the form for the post was filled by me before joining pspcl, however, i have itimated to my authority at the time of joining at my current post. Am i eligible for pay protection?

  45. I was a constable of kolkata police from 2006 to 2018 and on April 2018 I joined as a clerk of school through question is now am I eligible for pay protection and service continuation?

  46. I was working as SST bps-16. my basic pay was 31070 according to basic pay scale chart 2017. now i have been appointed as Headmaster bps- 17 on 15/05/2019. what will be my basic pay. am i elligible for pre mature increment or not. kindly guide me.

  47. Syed fakheem naqvi · Edit

    I was working as assistant professor in BPS 19 in national textile universsity a federal chartered autonomous body and my basuc was 21620 on April 2011. I APPLIED THROUGH PROPER CHANNEL. through ppsc. In april 2011 i joined bps 18 asstt prof in higher education department.
    My initial pay in bps 18 was 12910. The very first stage.
    Kindly guide me.
    I was in Bps 19…..i applied through proper channel
    ……..i got selected in bps 18 in college cadre on regular basis…kindly guide….the notufication says that if these three condions fulfill then i am eligible

  48. Syed fakheem naqvi · Edit

    I was working as assistant professor in BPS 19 in national textile universsity a federal chartered autonomous body and my basuc was 21620 on April 2011. I APPLIED THROUGH PROPER CHANNEL. through ppsc. In april 2011 i joined bps 18 asstt prof in higher education department.
    My initial pay in bps 18 was 12910. The very first stage.
    Kindly guide me.
    I was in Bps 19…..i applied through proper channel
    ……..i got selected in bps 18 in college cadre on regular basis…kindly guide….the notufication says that if these three condions fulfill then i am el8gible

  49. I have come through proper channel to a federal job from from provincial one. Both are permanent and in the same grade but my pay in previous job was larger than that in current one. I need the reference to quote to write application for pay protection i.e. the rule mentioning that one will have the previous pay. What is the name of the book?

  50. i am working in sindh govt in bps 17 and now going to join bps 16 (from higher grade to lower grase)
    my current basic is 33000 and net 60k but in bps 16 basic is 18k and net 34 as per revised pay. so can u tell me in brief how my pay would revise or protected ?

  51. I was appointed tugt on 20 Sep 2007 and regularized on 1 July 2008, is there any authority available that I could get pay protection, as I have not been granted annual increments.

  52. I was in agriculture department in BPS 14 and leaved this department 3.10.1995. Further I was appointed in education department and joined the deptt on 4.10.1995. I have not applied through proper channel . Am I eligible for pay protection?

  53. Sir, i was working in delhi government since 2010 on contractual basis. Now I got selected in central government as regular on same pay scale. Am I eligible for pay protection.

  54. SIr i am appointed as stenotypist on 27/12/2017 and was udc before that now whehter i will get annual increment and premature increment or not? please guide me and give the rule reference.

  55. Sir,
    i ask you 1 question about the post of Assistant Admin Officer which is lying in bps 16 could any information regarding this post is updated as bps 17 or not?

  56. Mera sawal yae hy k main aik autonomous institutions Cadet college main bps17 m Librarian tha phr main commission k through proper channel as a lecturer bps17 seletect howa mujhy sirf pay protection m 2 increments diy gy meri 5.saal ki service count nhn ki gi ur meri pay 65000 hazr thi ur as lecturer m 40 ly raha tha include increment k. Kia m claim kr sakta hon

  57. Aoa mam.. If one was serving in bps in lower grade and joined sps in higher.. It will apply or not.. Their is huge difference between basic pay..

  58. Assalam o alikum: Sir mein City District Governmen Rawalpindi mein scale 4 sy through proper channel punjab k hi 2srey department mein aya scale 11 mein regular sy contract paar aya hn mery liye kia rule ha??? reply must please

  59. AOA mam,
    I was selected through proper channel in Federal govt in bps 17 from( bps4 ) provincial govt. I got initial pay of bps 17. My length of service included in my federal govt service. Should I apply for pay protection?

  60. I served in police department as a clerk-BPS 11 and throuh proper channel I joined PST 12 in education department. I receive previous service benefits but I have no pay protection order. Kia DEO sy pay protection order issu krny k zarorat hogi

  61. I served as A-4 Lecturer on contact basis on development side at fixed pay of Rs. 30000 from 2002 to 2005 in a federal college. In 2005, i was appointed as Lecturer BPS-17 through FPSC in the same college. There was no gap between the two services. The finance department refused to protect my services on contract basis since the appointment was not in BPS. Am i eligible for the pay protection?

  62. AOA
    I joined health department on 26/3/2005 on contract basis. Later on in 2009 regularised by Punjab government. But district account office deducted all increments and other allowances from 2005 to 2008 from our salaries and they started new initial pay (bps 17).Later on a personal pay allowance was added with pay(fixed 3370).I was promoted in bps 18 as SMO in 29.6.2015.Now district account office have deducted that fixed personal allowance and also started recovery for 3years.Can I eligible for pay protection.

  63. Dear Sir/madam
    I applied in BPS 17 in autonomous organization under the administrative control of Government of Punjab Higher Education Department (Punjab Govt rules followed) after obtaining NOC from previous Federal Govt Organization. The organization offered contract under contract policy 2004. I applied for pay protection but the office regretted my application due to following 2 reasons

    1. It is mentioned in your contract to not claim any pay protection. In this regard is is submitted that the I am recruited as per contract policy 2004.

    2. Your previous scale (special pay scale) not compatible with national pay scale. In this regard it is submitted that I was worked in Federal Govt Strategic Organization and I was in SPS – 5

    Please help me and guide me what I can do now


  64. Hlo sir . I am serving in punjab police . Selected as an audit inspector in co-operative societies punjab govt. I have no objection certificate from police deprtmnt for appaearing for that exam… what is rule for pay protection …

  65. Sir,

    I served contract basis as Research Officer(BPS-17) from 26.02.2011 to 08.10.2014 and earned three(03) annual increments. I appointed as Assistant Controller of Exam(BPS-17) on regular basis dated 09.10.2014 in same organization. Kindly guide me that my pay may be protected? and what about earned three(03) annual increments?

  66. Respected Sir,
    I was a permanent employee in a Federal Department on BPS-16,, I applied through proper channel to a Govt. university. I got selected in University on BPS-17. At the time of my joining in Govt University, I submitted my LPC, relieveing letter and my service book from my previous govt department. It is worth mentioning here that this new job in a Govt sector University is on contract basis as it is an HEC Project for three will and after three years, it will be regularized. Now the University is not protecting my pay saying as it is a project initially so your pay will be protected when your service will be regularized and permanent. It is matter of servious concern for my entire service career. If during my services in this University before mine being permanent here, got selected in some other Govt department then what will the case of my perious Govt services as two of my interviews are expected in FPSC as I have passed the written test. The university concerns are saying pay is not protected during contract services. I am really in a fix and worried if my previous regular Govt services are not included into my this new job in this govt sector university. It would be of a great loss for my entire professional career. Please will help me out.. i would be really grateful to you.
    Profound Regards

  67. Sir in need your confirmation comments in the light of above narration,
    through proper channel i got a job in Provincial University in bps-16 (autonomous body) and earlier i was in Federal Govt. Deptt in BPS-9. i am eligible for next stage only not for pre-mature increment at the time of pay fixation?

  68. Engr. Muhammad Mubeen · Edit

    Dear Admin,
    Please clarify that pay protection includes only fixation of basic pay or it also includes your previous allowances other than basic pay? For example, Adhoc relief allowance, Special compensation allowance etc.

      1. Engr. Muhammad Mubeen · Edit

        Can you please share some ruling or notification regarding this? It will be very helpful for me as i have to put up my application for pay protection.

    1. Engr. Muhammad mubeen sb have u received any notification regarding pay protection i.e all allownce will be same or not and service will be countable or not.if u received plz share with me


  70. Please let me the the basic rule/notification regarding pay protection of employees upon their appointment in the same scale in another Department of KPK Government. If possible, a scan copy of the said rule/notification may please be posted on the website so that I can easily take its print out.

  71. sir have any notification for pay protect ,from regular to contract ( low stage to upper) i.e grade 5 regular to grade 12 on contract.
    accounts office says there is contract to contract policy mention in all notifications not for regular to contract.
    i have appointed through proper channel without any gape or interval in my service

  72. Ahmad Zeeshan Bhatti · Edit

    Dear Sir,

    I believe this is letter from Punjab Government. I am working in Federal Government so any such letter would greatly help me.

  73. AoA… plz tell me is there any rule for applying through proper channel in same scale, federal govt to federal govt.??? I yes, then kindly specify.

  74. Respected Sir…

    Plz tell me if there is any rule. I was working in BS-14 in federal govt dept, after 2.5 years i got selected in BS-16 in same department. As i went to BS-16 without proper channel therefore I have to resign previous job. So i resigned and on the very next i joined next assignment in BS-16.

    Now kindly help me if there is any way to assemble my previous service of 2.5 years with current length of job.

  75. Sir.aoa .
    I served 15yrs fronter corps balochistan from Oct 2001 to July 2017 in bps 9,than I joined education departmnt dera gaze khan panjab through proper channel in bps 14 as ese I am appointed higher post.plse guide me how I secure my pay and rendered service plse tell me methed sir plse

  76. I have worked with BISP from 2014 to 2018 as field supervisor and now i hoined PMAD as senior auditor. Can I protect my previous pay as i was a contractual employee of Bisp. Please guide

  77. I have joined in bs-7 in 2008 in federal department. In 2014 i was selected for bs-17 though proper chanel. My servicr years were counted in lenght of service. kindly guide me about can i avail for the said rule and the procedure also.

  78. Qurban Ali Klasson · Edit

    Respected sir before 31-7-17 I was crop reporter on 11 BPS regular 31-7-17 I have joined education department as a educator bps 9 on contract basis through proper channel and 1-1-18 ko 14 bps ho giya hy DEO education ny pay fixation ka order bhe kr diye han kiya contract k iss period me meri pay fixation nahi ho Sakti please help and oblige me

  79. Dear Admin,
    I have served 8 years in federal department and applied for higher post in federal department after getting departmental NOC . Now I am appointed in higher post . Please guide me how can I secure my Pay and rendered service, thanks.

    1. Dear Rizwan u should have no breakage of service, get LPC, Gazetted History/Service Book, Joining Relieving Report, NOC (Through proper channel letter and apply for the pay protection and previous service counting.

  80. Salaam.Iwas a regular PST teacher. At that time my pay was Rs.16500.(Bps14).In 2014 I was appointed as SST (Bps 16)payer.10000.on adhoc,my new salery is less than previously. Now my service has been regularised. Can I take my previous pay +premature increment.

  81. Aoa,
    1. I have joined a federal government department from a provincial one i.e. Sindh High Court on higher grade, Please guide me what is the appropriate procedure to apply for pay protection?
    As the department is asking for service continuation from parent department which will surely make it difficult to get pay protection as it takes a lot of time and energy for service continuation.

    It is once again clearly being mentioned that I have been appointed through proper channel, it means NOC, LPC, Relieving Order, Leave Account, and Service book have been issued to me from parent department.
    2. Which form is recommended to submit for initiate the salary, FO-01 or FO-02?
    I have been issued Personal Number once I joined provincial government department but does service book necessary to apply to start of the salary via FO-01 or FO-02

  82. Salam to all.
    I am serving in federal government in Islamabad Police as DEO (BPS-12) since 2009. Received an interview letter from FBR Sargodha for the post of LDC (BPS-09). Not applied through proper channel but want to join FBR Sargodha if selected.
    Any chance for pay protection and saving of 8 years service? Please guide

  83. Dear admin.
    M working in health kpk as doctor bps 17 regular 2.5 years. Applied for the post of senior registrar bps 18 in autonomous institutue through proper channel. In these institute there is new act called mti act 2015. There is uncertinity about the job security and pension issues. Now department is not releving me asking for resign. What bout my legal position and options.wht bou lien

  84. Please share DS(O&M)5/3/2004/CONTRACT(MF) dated 02.08.2007 Notification of Punjab Government regarding pay protection of contract employees

  85. respected Sir.

    I served six years service in federal govt as LDC in BPS 07 from 2009 to 2015. I have joined through proper channel federal Department in bps 15 through proper channel. my new department has count my service for pension purpose only. My Basic Pay in 2015 of BPS-07 was 9980 and my initial basic of BPS 15 was 10985. am I eligible for premature increment. i shall be very thankful to your kind consideration.

  86. Dear Admin
    I joined govt organization on 01 Sept 2010 through proper channel. Annual increment for that year was not granted to me. Please confirm if i am eligible to get annual increment and also share signed copy of notification, please.

  87. Alamgir Khan Barkzai · Edit

    I served in autonomous body (Public Sector University) as Lecturer BPS 17, from 17 March 1985 to 25 May 1999, then I joined, through proper channel, Provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Higher Education Department as Assistant Professor BPS 18. University also transferred share of my Pension Contribution to Government Deptt. Unfortunately, the Finance Deptt refused to protect my previous pay and fixed my pay in initial stage of BPS 18. Can now I get my pay protection? Help please, as I almost lost 10 Annual increments which I previously earned in BPS 17.

      1. Muhammad shoaib khan · Edit

        Sir I joined wapda 2011
        Scale bps 14
        Now we qualify the test for bps 16 in wapda
        In this same post is my promotion post but I can apply through proper chanal .
        So after selection my previous service count in bps 16 or 14.?

          1. salam Sir,
            i am working on post lab asst BPS 7 from 2013 on permanent base in edu deppt. i applied for the post of pst BPS 12 in same deppt and appointed for adhoc 1 year contract. my salary in lab asst is about 24000. but pst salary is about less then my lab asst salary. now can my service be count and can my salary be merged in pst post. plz me need guide. many friend said to not join the pst if your salary did not merged.

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