Special Conveyance Allowance Enhancement as per Punjab Govt – Demand of Federal Employees

The Disable employees of the Federal Government departments are also requesting the Federal Government for Special Conveyance Allowance Enhancement as per the rates of Punjab.

Demand for Special Conveyance Allowance Enhancement as per Punjab Govt


                Punjab Government issued a Notification on 25th Oct 2022 in connection with the Increase in Special Allowance 2022 for disabled employees of the Province. Punjab Government enhanced the rates of SCA from Rs. 2000/- per month to Rs. 6000/- per month. This action of the Punjab Government really facilitated the Special Employees of the Province. Due to the increase in SCA, disabled employees’ hardships are reduced and they are working with more zeal and zest. The Special employees of the Federal Government and other provinces are still getting Rs. 2000/- as Special Conveyance Allowance. Many employees have requested to raise the voice of the concerned employees. The employees of the following setups have not yet got an increase in special conveyance allowance:

  • Federal Government
  • Sindh Government
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Government
  • Balochistan Government
  • Gilgit-Baltistan Government
  • Azad Jammu & Kashmir Government


Hardships of Special Employees

As we know disabled employees face a lot of difficulties in performing their duties. And the difficulty they face daily is conveyance issues. Even normal people face these difficulties in reaching an office. Then imagine how a disabled person will be reached their office. To minimize these difficulties Govt takes great initiative. Govt of Pakistan gave them a Special Conveyance allowance of 2000/-. As a very little amount in these hard days, the Chief Minister of Punjab increased this Special Conveyance Allowance from 2000/- to 6000/-.


Federal Government Special Employees

Now we all have Federal disabled employees requesting the Prime minister of Pakistan to increase the Special Conveyance as increased by the Punjab Chief minister. This step of the Prime Minister will really reduce the hardships in the lif of the civil servants of the Federal setup.

Provincial Government Employees Request


All the other provincial Government employees of the other provinces also request their concerned Chief Minister to ponder over the demand of their province’s disabled employees and increase their Special Conveyance Allowance too as per the Punjab Government.


A special effort by: Mr. Ali Khan


Special Conveyance Allowance Enhancement as per Punjab Govt – Demand of Federal Employees

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