Enhancement Computer Allowance Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 15000/- Per Month KPK

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The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Establishment Department (Establishment Wing) issued a letter on 25-10-2022 in connection with Enhancement Computer Allowance Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 15000/- Per Month KPK for Computer Operators.

Enhancement Computer Allowance Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 15000/- Per Month KPK


It is the age of technology and Technology has become a part of daily life. Computers and laptops are playing a key role in every field of life. In each department, it is a basic need. It is also a basic need for every employee.


Allowance for Computer Operator


Computer operators have a very important role in the foundation of every government department. In this age, when Computer is necessary for every task. The burden somehow falls upon the computer operators. They have to complete many tasks of a different types. Computer Operators have encountered problems concerning Technology. They need to complete the tasks on time. Sometimes they have to work day to night.

 The allowance for Computer Operator in KPK has been Rs 1500/-. It is absolutely not suitable for this modern age. Especially,  in such situations when the country is in inflation situations.  When the prices for household things, gadgets, machinery, and services are very high. This amount of 1500 has no value. This event doesn’t meet the requirements of a computer operator.


Increase in Allowance


  Due to present needs and so much importance of computers in this age, the IT Association demands KPK Government an increase in Computer Allowance.  The KPK Government is working as the needs of the Modern age. The government of KPK always seems to focus on the fulfill the needs of employees and fulfilling their requirements.  As the IT Association successfully cleared their point of view, the government of kpk agreed to accept their demands. Establishment Department, KPK Government recommends the proposal to increase the Computer Allowance for computer operators. This enhancement of Computer Allowance is a good initiative by the Government.

The government of KPK should Computer Allowance from Rs.1500 per month to Rs.15000 Per month. The Establishment Department requested to Finance department consider the request of the IT association on a priority basis.


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Enhancement Computer Allowance Rs. 1500- to Rs. 15000- Per Month KPK



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One thought on “Enhancement Computer Allowance Rs. 1500/- to Rs. 15000/- Per Month KPK

  1. KP Computer Operators · Edit

    Its just a recommendation letter,
    Finance Department is not in a mood to do so…

    Better Strategy should be that other Provinces should also do struggle for it and try to build up pressure.

    FEDERAL: PDM Govt will do it with little pressure and effort, bcz the Union of Federal Employees is more powerful, and also PDM want to gain Popularity (by giving incentives to Govt Employees in “Current Scenario”) ….

    SINDH: Sindh Govt is usually more proactive in this case, PPP would do it more easily then any other party, bcz Elections are near… and past practices also show that PPP give more relief to their Provincial Employees….

    PUNJAB: Punjab Govt is also proactive in giving incentives to their employees… ITSA and APCA can build pressure, as election is near…

    KP: Very unlikely to implement in KP, PTI Provincial leadership is already stating that Federal Govt is with holding KP Money…. and also the past 10 years of PTI in KP clearly indicates that they are not in any mood to give relief to Govt Employees…. in KP Computer allowance will only increase if other Provinces do so… or through High Court / Case….


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