Enhancement Special Allowance BPS-01 to BPS-20 @ 1.25, 1 & 0.75 of Initial Basic Pay

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Government of Punjab, Finance Department issued a Notification on 19-01-2023 in connection with Enhancement Special Allowance BPS-01 to BPS-20 @ 1.25 of Initial Basic Pay @ 1 and 0.75 times of the initial basic pay to Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service. The details are as under:

Increase Special Allowance BPS-01 to BPS-20 @ 1.25 of Initial Basic Pay


Will the Section Officer (General), Government of Punjab, Public Prosecution Department, kindly refer to his letter No.SO(G)/PPD/13-505/22-332 dated 17.01.2023 on the subject cited above. The Finance Department Punjab has granted this special allowance at the following three rates:


  • 0.75 of Initial Basic Pay
  • 1 of Initial Basic Pay
  • 1.25 of initial basic pay


Discontinuation of Special Allowance / Non-practicing Allowance


Finance Department, in pursuance of approval of Provincial Cabinet, dated 14.01.2023, conveys its concurrence regarding discontinuation of existing Special Allowance / Non-practicing Allowance, granted vide letters No.FD.PR..6-6/2006 dated 01.01.2016, 22.02.2017 & 12.01.2022, of the Punjab Prosectors (BS-17 & above) and Special Allowances-2021 & 2022 @ 25% of initial of basic pay scales, 2017 & 15% of the basic pay scale, 2017 & 15% of basic pay scale 2017 respectively to officers and officials (from BS-01 to BS-19) of Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service granted vide letters No.FD.SR.V/3-1/2021 dated 07.07.2021 & 20.07.2022 w.e.f. 01.01.2023.


Revised Rates of Special Allowance


Sr.No. Description Rate of Special Allowance per month
a. D.G/Addl. Prosecutors General / Deputy Prosecutors General. 1.25 of initial basic pay
b. District / Deputy / Assistant District Public Prosecutors. 1.0 of initial basic pay
c. Officers/ officials (Non-prosecutors) of Criminal Prosecution service. 0.75 of initial basic pay
Terms & Conditions for the New Allowance


The Special Allowance will not be admissible to:


  • Officers/ officials during extraordinary leave (EOL), study leave, long leave for more than 90 (ninety) days, or under suspension.
  • The officers/ officials on Deputation / Deputation Aboard (Training Abroad).
  • The officers/officials working outside the cadre or in Secretariat Department(s).
  • Govt officers/officers/officials who have been made OSD for a period of more than 90 (ninety) days (continued period of OSD (awaiting postings) & leave will be reckoned up to 90 days, if applicable.
  • The officers/officials who have been made OSDs on the charges of inefficiency/misconduct or indiscipline and facing disciplinary proceedings under the PEEDA Act, 2006.
  • The bereaved families of deceased officers/ officials drawing salary against OSD post(s) being performance-based allowance.
  • This special allowance shall not be treated as part of emoluments for purpose of calculation of pension/commutation and recovery of house rent etc.


  1. An audit copy may get authenticated from the Finance Department accordingly.

The employees of the Punjab Criminal Prosecution Service will get this allowance with effect from 1st January 2023.



Increase Special Allowance BPS-01 to BPS-20 @ 1.25 of Initial Basic Pay

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