Notification of Admissibility of Non-Practicing Allowance

Government of the Pakistan, Finance Division has issued Notification No. F.8(12)R-10/93-18 dated 06-02-2015 in connection with Admissibility of Non-Practicing Allowance.

According to this Notification, it is clarified that the Non-Practicing Allowance is only admissible to the person who has been appointed as Medical Officer for which the prescribed qualification is MBBS or equivalent to that and whom private practice is not allowed in the exigencies of the service.

This Notification has been issued in pursuance of the recommendations of the Wafaqi Mohtsib contained in its findings of the dated 8th January 2015 and the Finance Division’s O.M No. F.1(1)-Imp/83 dated 18-08-1983.



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