Notification Grant of Executive Allowance (EA 2023) BPS-17 to BPS-22

The Government of Pakistan, Finance Division issued a Notification on 01-01-2024 in connection with the Grant of Executive Allowance (EA 2023) BPS-17 to BPS-22. The details are as under:


Executive Allowance (EA 2023) BPS-17 to BPS-22

Section Officer Finance Division Government of Pakistan issues a letter with the subject of granting executive allowances to BS-17 up to BS-22 officers working in the federal secretariat act ICT field administration.


Officers Entitled to The Executive Allowance


Section officer refers to establishment division O.M.No.6-1/2023/ cash dated 04th December 2023 on the above subject. The letter says that all the officers in Basic Pay Scale 17 up to Basic Pay Scale 22 Working in the establishment division are entitled to executive allowances. The officers on special duty and officers waiting for posting are also included in the list.  According to the letter the executive allowances are subject to effect from 4th January 2023. And to be dealt with in the light of finance division O.M.F.NO.10R-3/2018-297. This office memorandum was issued on 17th February 2023.

Paras VI, VII, and VIII of the finance division of this memorandum of even-numbered dated 19th July 2023. These paras shall accordingly stand amended with effect from the first of January 2023. The officers working in private secretaries are excluded from the above-mentioned officers.


Admissibility of Executive Allowance


Furthermore, Executive Allowance is meant for the performance of duties while posted working in the federal secretariat. In this regard, the terms and conditions for admissibility of the Executive Allowance are the same. Its admissibility during any kind of leave /scholarship shall be the same as other allowances admissible across the board in the federal government.


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Grant of Executive Allowance (EA 2023) BPS-17 to BPS-22

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