Notification Relieving Invigilatory Staff for Exams Duty 2024

Directorate of Elementary & Secondary Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa issued a Notification on 17-04-2024 in connection with Relieving Invigilatory Staff for Exams Duty 2024. The details are as follows:

Relieving Invigilatory Staff for Exams Duty 2024

I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and to state that the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination for the academic year 2024 is scheduled to commence on the 18th of April 2024. In light of the significance of maintaining the integrity and smooth conduct of this examination, it is imperative that necessary arrangements are made promptly.

Therefore, you are hereby directed to ensure the immediate relief of all staff members who have been duly notified to serve as superintendents/invigilators for the upcoming SSC examination. If a duly notified to serve in any school under your jurisdiction you are requested to resolve the matter at your own level in order for the smooth completion of the examination process. Their absence from their regular duties is vital to facilitate the seamless execution of examination procures and to uphold the sanctity of the examination process.

Furthermore, you are Kindly requested that you extend this directive to all principals and Sub Divisional Education Officers (SDEOs) within your jurisdiction, emphasizing the importance of compliance and promptly relieving from their current responsibilities expediency in relieving the designated invigilator staff. It is essential that they are promptly relieved from their current responsibilities and are fully prepared to discharge their duties as invigilators for the SSC examination.


Notification Relieving Invigilatory Staff for Exams Duty 2024



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